About Us

“Hello and welcome to Gone Nova. Thanks for checking us out!” - Kaitlyn White

At Gone Nova, we look to provide the same safe quality buying experience for you, our customers, that would be expected of a big brand. We consider customer satisfaction to be of paramount importance and follow strict guidelines every employee agrees to. We manufacture in China but are located in Bronxville NY where the majority of our team resides. Aside from NY, we have team members in Ohio and several in China. In the future, as our team grows, we are looking to move our entire system to the US. Sadly we did not have the private funding to start our journey based solely in the US but are planning to achieve this in the coming months. 

We have a solid team that wants to improve customers experience so please help us out by sharing any feedback, complaints, or thoughts on how we can improve. We look forward to growing a successful American business and are excited to be part of the industry.