Polina Posts XI: Race & Politics


Regarding a few things about race and politics, juxtapositions in this and direct and indirect. When demographics are mentioned they are usually done so in the Civic Nationalist stance. That there is no reason for concern because the coming generations will be American. This applies to many place just swap out american for another. This is a commentary on something I think may have gone unnoticed.

There is of course the contradiction of this in the fact of Identity politics. Inherently a manifestation of Race overtaking Culture. These minority interest groups however are considered to be symptoms of a condition in a society. That there is a societal injustice or imbalance against them and thus they arise. They are afforded existence on this belief. It has been entertained with the intent of fixing said injustice. But now we have come to the larger issue. For example:
It is said whites do not need an identity politics group because they are the dominant race of the society as they made it and the system is their system, built by them and that because of this, there is an inherent favoritism of them built into it. Systematic Racism. That it also manifests outside the political structure itself into all aspects of society and thus Institutionalized Racism.
Let’s take this as total fact for the moment.
Let’s say this position of the left is true. Absolute truth.
Is this not simply a very round about way of saying Race plays part in politics if not directly then indirectly?

If a system built by a race favors said race, even unintentionally, by simple way of it being made by them, does it not then follow that race, in fact, has a hand in the creation of political systems and the politics there-in? The question is currently one of “does race have anything to do with politics?” For the sake of my own tangent, I say this is wrong
The question is wrong.

The question is instead, does race have relation to politics directly or indirectly?
To which, the left has given it’s own answer.
To which the right (somewhere in there) that believes race plays part in politics, would likely agree with.

The left just takes a very long time along a detour through social constructs and culture to arrive at the same answer. Thaat it does so indirectly even when not done directly. In a sense this gives the perspective that, instead of undoing the concept of Race, the left has instead, composed a new one. One that is inherent in all actions and indirectly affects everything is some way be it socially or otherwise.
So the question has to be asked.

What is the real difference?

To answer one has to go to a zero null start point. The blank slate builds the society. Does he build a society with, or without, racial components worked in indirectly?


This question is within their context, that is, provided the person has no nature but is socially built. If what came before us could be called this “nature” of some form, then did he not build this racially tinted society, blankly?
Is the argument one that man has moved past this and can now build a society without that?
But if it is so subtle that everything he does is tinted in it, how can he?
How does this play out then when all you have done is create the same concept as a non-concept in your quest to erase said concept?

My point is, what has the left actually said with it’s thinking besides the same things it denounces, albeit through a detour of culture? And if this racial tint is so inherent that it works even when one is aware and working to not do so, could be said this is just “natural”? And then there is the promise of the construction of a new, tolerant society that exists post-current. Yet, it is flawed.
It still requires man before his “post-racial” form to build it.
And, indeed, one can see this in history.
Attempts have been made.
And they always fail.

Because when man would seem to have lost his race the most, one race finds it again. The Arabs know who. They attempted this, back in the old ages when the Europeans were waging campaigns to push them from Europe. The black africans would not stand for it. They found themselves and asserted as much. But I guess if historical precedence really meant anything to the left, they might have figured out by now why communism keeps ending up “not communism”

The left says race has no connection to politics yet says the very system in which one lives is Systematically and Institutionally Racial and via indirect and unintended means and there can be no fixing this without deconstructing it and building a new one.
No such system is name or laid out.
Their dialectic and rhetoric indicate race is inherent in systems of politics no matter what one does and thus follows through the minority interest groups and identity politics because they are not native to the system but the whites are and thus it favors them.

Yet the system cannot be made “not racist” and instead must be destroyed. Yet, so inherent is the racial aspect, it cannot be avoided. So through culture and Social Constructs the left redefines race rather than erasing it and, looking at the final product, ends up with something that is inherently for all intents and purposes, exactly the same as what it started with. It just avoids the word biological and explains biological inclinations via culture and society, yet says, it must be present in all action. “Race” in this sense can never be eliminated because everything one does with be influenced by it no matter what even attempts to erase it. Hence the compromise on race against whites. Having come up dry it seems the only hope is the idea that if they’re gone, something will change. Anyone who knows history outside of what a college with teach about WHITE PEOPLE GOT UP ONE DAY AND FUCKING BUTT RECKED THE WORLD knows that hope is total bullshit and the opposite will occur. Like, it’s already happened. We have examples of this. Happening. Present tense.

“They may be total shit and genocide may be occurring and they may have degenerated into ruins of an advanced civilization in just what like 20-30 years? but at least they aren’t racist in Africa anymore. so it’s allllllll good”

If Africa is the test bed for replacing an inherently racist system with a new system the test has bombed so hard they are back in huts.
Nah bruh.
[Note, Polina links to the start of the thread this is sourced from at this point]

South Africa’s Black run system ended up with it’s parties actually just being it’s different ethnic groups of the nation. The Zulu who hold the most power use it to oppress the other tribal ethnic groups. This formed naturally as they had a pre-established connection with each other and quickly consolidated into parties based on ethnicity. Now they get nothing done because they bicker and call each other racist all day in the government and racial discrimination and ethnic discrimination are rampant and ten times worse. Non-zulu are oppressed, Colored are oppressed, white are oppressed and the white people voted for it all to happen so they could make a new system and that’s what they got and it’s so much worse. So all the problems got ten K times worse it’s just that now it harms a group the left hates so it’s okay.

See that part?

now it harms a group the left hates so it’s okay.

That’s all it’s about.
Don’t do that.

GN’s Commentary:

For those who don’t get the last part, I want to make it explicit: The things that were happening before in South Africa before the end of Apartheid are still happening. Now they’re happening worse,and now it’s hurting white people too. That makes it ok to the left. That is how monstrous this all is. It’s not even a zero sum game, it’s a negative sum. They want everyone to lose. Then at least almost everyone will be equally miserable.

Today there are miserable people, and non miserable people. People are being lifted out of grinding poverty at a rate never before seen, it’s thousands per year, or so I’m told. That’s incredible, and great. Yet that’s not what the left is looking for, they don’t care about that. All that they care about is that there are people with more than them.

As Jordan B peterson has said, most Socialists aren’t motivated by compassion for the poor, they’re motivated by hatred for the rich. It’s evil, and they can and will pull everyone down into misery just as long as the people they hate are down there with them.

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Polina Posts X: Immigration & Intergration


-The Virginia neighborhood of Fairfax County ranks with parts of those other cities as having the highest percentage of children from immigrants in its public schools, with 78 percent of students coming from immigrant households, according to a report that the Center for Immigration Studies is releasing Thursday.-

Over three quarters, god damn

-Miami-Dade County in Florida has four areas where at least 80 percent of students are from immigrant-led homes. In one of those, a part of Hialeah City, a staggering 93 percent of students belong to immigrant households.-

-“The biggest issue for me is: Can the level of immigration be so high that it overwhelms the assimilation process?”-

Imagine you alone are surrounded by something vs you are surrounding something that is alone.

-President Clinton, launching his race initiative in 1997, highlighted the surrounding Fairfax County as a model for integration. He sent his race commission to Bailey’s Elementary School, in the heart of Culmore, to study diversity and integration. At the time Mr. Clinton highlighted the region, Fairfax’s public school system was 64 percent white, 14 percent Asian, 11 percent black and 10 percent Hispanic.

Twenty years later, whites are 40 percent of the student population, while Hispanics have more than doubled to 24 percent, Asians have risen to 19 percent and blacks have held nearly steady at 10 percent. Five percent identify as multiracial.-

 “at least we have tacos”
-Culmore and surrounding areas have long been a breeding ground for ethnic gangs, with MS-13 in particular using it as a foothold in the region.-
We went from “Of course they will learn English it’s what the schools teach.” to “Demanding they speak english is racist.”
-Although not a one-to-one correlation, immigrant population serves as an indicator of some costly special circumstances, such as a higher percentage of students who are struggling to learn English.-
-In the Annandale region, 72 percent of students speak a foreign language at home, according to the report.
Most of those are speaking Spanish, but a large number speak Vietnamese and nearly 10 percent speak Kru, a West African language.
All told, 21 languages are spoken at immigrant homes in Annandale.-
oh god my fucking ears
-One Loudoun County, Virginia, region reported 23 languages spoken at homes, with Spanish, Vietnamese and Telegu topping the list.-
I’ve never even heard of this
-The biggest polyglot nationally was part of Alameda County, California, which had 27 languages spoken at homes. Spanish, Korean and Chinese were the most common.-
-Mr. Camarota’s study suggests it’s not just immigrants who are speaking other languages at home. In parts of Texas, only half of the students are from immigrant-led homes, but as much as 90 percent of the households speak languages other than English at home.-
What in the fuck did Texas just out California us?


-The challenge for schools, Mr. Camarota said, is that even as the number of children of immigrants rises, the tax bases don’t grow as quickly because immigrant families tend to have lower incomes than native-born families.-

-He said that raises a number of policy questions, including whether the government should do a better job picking immigrants should impose stricter limits on the number arriving or offer more assistance to school systems  grappling with the challenge of assimilation.-



“but there are poor americans therefore your complaints about poor immigrants are silly haha”


“they’re already destitute so whats a few more destitute if it’s better being destitute here than there?”

wish I had hit one of these people instead of that old homeless woman.

“yes immigrants may be on welfare but so are many americans hahaha

Nothing. It’s fucking meaningless bullshit meant to clog up an argument. The only outcome is argument for more welfare because welfare dependents exist. Oh right that’s their policy.

“I’m not arguing we somehow not educate these kids. They make up almost a quarter of the kids in America. How these kids do is extremely important for the future of the country,” he said. “The question is: Does it make sense to keep adding to this population and creating new strains and challenges for schools? The debate over immigration — nobody even talks about that.”-

-Analysts say the surge of immigrants is a result of changes in U.S. policies dating back decades, which put a higher priority on family ties, created a random lottery to admit tens of thousands of people a year and largely turned the other eye on illegal immigration.

Family unit for the immigrants.
empowered single woman for you

-President Trump has suggested shifting the system to place a bigger priority on merit-based immigration, which could attract better-educated and wealthier immigrants -Immigrant rights groups have bristled at that suggestion-

That means it’s good.

-saying a strength of the U.S. system is the ability to bring extended families.

That’s bullshit

-After Mr. Trump mentioned his merit-based plans in his address to Congress last month, Greg Chen, advocacy director at the American Immigration Lawyers Association, said it was “merely code to exclude those who seek to join family members in the United States.”-

And if it is? So the fuck what?

Explain this immigration policy where it must be kept loose and open because of some future possibility that someone might at some point consider maybe going to the united states for like, I dunno to see Juan for a day or two maybe you know if the weather is nice.

I’m sorry does our national existence inconvenience you?

What a fucking shame that is for you.

-“There is a wealth of research proving that immigrants improve the economy through purchasing power and their participation in the labor force. Immigration is good for our economy and our nation,” he said

Nope not this time. You fucking nullified that argument when you and the news outlets started bitch about how such a flood of labor into mexico would harm it’s economy, wages, resources and workforce. After the deportations started. Get a new fucking argument you made that one known for the bullshit it was yourselves.

-Mr. Camarota’s data did not distinguish between families whose parents are in the U.S. legally versus those in the country without authorization. Under Supreme Court precedent, children are guaranteed a public education no matter what their status.-

Brilliant fucking idea.

Polina Posts IX: And Now A Lesson On Media


And now a lesson on media. Does Trump actually have the power to enact a temporary halt on immigration? We’ve done it multiple times before, multiple multiple times before. The legal work isn’t even arguing that the president cannot do this. It is arguing that HE cannot do this. Him. Specifically. Because he is “bigoted”. That is what the legal work is submitting and it’s basis for 1st Amendment claims. It is bypassing the law itself and how it is written and thus enforced, and using personal criticism as a means to subvert the law. If you believed this was part of checks and balances you are a fucking idiot.

And here is an important lesson children; if you heard “checks and balances” and thought, well I know what those two words mean so I know what that statement means, you’re part of this problem. The Semantic Problem. You have no fucking idea what that actually means. You just know the words used and assumed the definition and then, somehow, APPLIED THIS TO AREAS YOU HAVE NO IDEA IF IT EVEN APPLIES TO IN SITUATIONS YOU HAVE NO IDEA IF IT APPLIES TO LET ALONE HOW IT APPLIES. We have a serious problem with this and hence, why we have problems in amendments about free speech, firearms and church and state. People read the names and then think, well I get that. Free Speech. Of course.

You don’t.
You have no fucking clue.
You know you have no fucking clue too. But you FEEL it is the right way it should be.

So you make it a meme and this is how marxists intend to use language to craft reality DO YOU SEE WHERE I AM GOING WITH THIS ISSUE

Rather than our language and legal terminology rising from the reality of the situations as they manifest, you are making them instead, all about how you feel something is or should be and thus, crafting an outcome via precedence and misnomers. Our law will no longer be about dealing with situations it will be about enabling them.

Think of this. What do you think the legal precedence is going to be if you can dismiss a law based on PERCEIVED bigotry? Based in a past statement. The statement is not even being represented truthfully.

Do you have the slightest fucking clue as to how little this is a mother fucking game you are playing?

WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH MEDIA DIRECTLY? Alright lets touch this. He knows what he can and cannot do. He says the constant court clogging over nothing makes us look weak.

Because we are divided politically to the extent we have judges pulling cases they know have no legal basis. So, keeping in mind what I said about semantics and about knowing and thinking one knows what things really are. This is how media represents this. And many will believe it because, they don’t actually know jack shit.

This is how you can portray acting in line with the law as betraying the law. You know. Exactly what they’re doing. And we reach this again
Rule number fucking one of the playbook:
Accuse others of what you are guilty of.

Look at what it took to de-tangle the bullshit in this thread. Do you think the average person has the time or care to learn this? This is how you render a society controllable and manipulate it. Make it a giant pain in the ass to do anything other than submit. And that is why Peace through Submission is the definition. If you saw this going down every single day, you’d be angry too. Thankfully I am already mentally damaged and just hold grudges.

 Hell hath no end for it is eternal.

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Polina Posts VIII: Voting, Democrats, and Globalism


I feel it’s kind of important to repeat something. LA county (9Mil+ Pop) in general election saw 2 mil total votes. 3 quarters dem, one quarter rep.
Out of over 9 million.

It interests me because you get a sense of just how easy it would be to totally flip places with a concentrated effort among the apathy. If nobody really participates you could easily control outcomes with enough money and influence. Participation is pretty important.
It is the entire point after all
11.45% of LA registered voters participated.
I mean, look at that. How hard would it really be? Recent vote on that.

-People here seem more political than in the past — they go to a lot of protests and town halls, and they fill their social media accounts with anti-GOP screeds. But less than 12% of eligible voters showed up.-

Bitching is a pleasurable use of time to many. Reading about this crap usually isn’t. I get pleasure from both. Articles about this note that, while it is just local elections which is always lower, not even in the highly politicized times of today can the urge to participate be stirred.

So I’m wondering is it possible this is the purpose of teaching Civics as non-participation in but agitation against the state? Instead of voting and participating, people think they’re involved by not being involved at all. They think they change things on streets.
You bleed the voter pool out into distraction and useless activity and encourage them not to participate. After that, what’s left could be easily overcome with some effort and persuasion.

Back to the articles the obvious answer of course is that local election issues here had little if anything to do with Trump. But that’s not the full case this time. They still made it all about him through media to try and stir the vote.
It failed.

 -And after millions of dollars were spent making Trump the issue on everything from land use decisions to fixing potholes, Angelenos stayed home. That could mean trouble for Democrats nationwide.-

The Dems already had a problem with this. Their attention for more local races has always been fairly low. Hence why the party is so

weak right now especially. They were clearly hoping that he would revitalize voters to get involved.
Now they don’t seem to know what to do.

A reminder:
This isn’t about a nation wide election nor some place where there’s often a balance. This is Los Angeles county. Southern California. 11.45% TOTAL registered voters. I’d be shitting my pants.

-The question for Democrats: If these core groups in L.A. didn’t show up on Tuesday, will their counterparts elsewhere show up for the 2018 midterm? Perhaps there’s a cosmetic solution to this problem — better messaging, for instance — but perhaps not.-

This is of course, symptomatic of a larger issue facing the party. It stands for nothing. It only stands in opposition. Most of what it has have been reduced to meaningless platitudes and what remains still falls flat on the juxtaposition with Globalism.
As it turns out mass immigration does not help the poor nor the environment and the issue of resource replenishment.

So far it seems that the biggest problem right now is that, democrats did not adopt Globalism as much as Globalism adopted them. What remains cares more about Globalist principles and will sacrifice Democrat ones to maintain them. Where one begins and other ends anymore is already difficult enough to discern.

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Comments Worth Reading I: Degeneracy

I don’t necessarily agree with everything here, but it’s extremely thought provoking. I’ve added linebreaks to make it easier to read.


Now don’t pin anything on me, but I’ll take a stab at it, and I’m gonna try to use as clear an example as possible: How did we see and treat homosexuals a few generations back (or look at the Westboro Baptist church for a more recent example)
Well, look at how we treat peadophiles today, and you have your answer

and there is a problem
You see, (today) we accept homosexuality because it’s done between people that can give informed consent something we will NEVER accept in peadophelia since informed consent is not present
BUT (and here’s the trouble)
WHAT is homosexuality? -> Sexual attraction to the same sex
WHAT is Peadophelia? -> Sexual attraction to pre-adolescent children(/Minors)

Now, pay heed, we are not talking about child rapists here There is not so much a push for ‘legalization’ of peadophelia, but like homosexuality, some people are starting to wonder if it is a legitimate sexual preference (instead of the mental illness we also accused homosexuals of just a few generations ago)
For an ideology of SJWs hell-bent on ‘protecting the oppressed’ it’s no surprise the dialog about peadophiles starts there because let’s face it, they are the most persecuted group of people currently around

But as you stated, society is obsessed with the ‘evil’ that is peadophelia, like the church was with heretics, the Nazis with Jews and the Westboro Baptists with gays

bahBah Black sheepbahBah Black sheep

I disagree, You’re not looking five -100steps ahead of that.

  • You begin with pederasty (already done)
  • You downplay boy/male rape for decades (already done)-Men can’t be raped, they achieve erection, orgasm
  • You pretend boys can’t be raped, they love their sex with 35 year old hot teachers. (already done)
  • Produce studies which say children are sexualized much earlier than we expected (*Already done)
  • Make a huge scene that children can differentiate between their sex/gender within years of their birth (already done)
  • Celebrate 6 year old “Trans” (already done)
  • Tear up male and female relationships (already done)
  • Make men scared of sex with females, make rape anything, make women cold, vain, fat, and unappealing (already done)
  • Begin with really fucked up porn I can’t believe people watch already…Usually see Asian chic, bestiality, two girls one cup,
    Newsflash, I am THE ONLY PERSON I know that’s not looked into that dumb sick twisted nasty video.
  • Slowly leak pederasty/pedo porn in the inter-webs, to the main web, make it 16 and tight to begin with, young and along, then suddenly there is 8 year old in under a decade (already done)

Since men aren’t marrying, and still fail to realize how important women are to civilize them, they will continue to be mass manipulated, yes much like women, NOW the STATE AND CORP will now make their fetishes for them vis via men’s perverted need to watch porn daily…This here will make it possible. (Already Done)

Porn is not a freedom issue, much like democracy it’s a slavery issue. It does so much harm top the male mind, psyche, and autonomy, I’m really surprised how much porn is still consumed. Men will become impotent, and hyper sexualized with degenerate turn ons, this will turn the little relationships left to the gutter, women will not tolerate that sort of perversion more than a few decades. Leak outrageous pedo stories, that are made to make us all revolt in anguish and disgust, but continually leak them out over the years, in the attempt to make it appear that 10% of the pop are pedo’s instead of less than a percent-(already done)

Mass migrate 70 percent PLUS young migrant brown savage men into your countries, wherein FORTY PERCENT ADMIT WITH NO PROBLEM AT FUCKING ALL,,,THEY GANG RAPE, INCLUDING SIX YEAR OLDs. If you don’t think we are a pedo culture and pan sexualism within 2 decades, you’re not as smart as the one’s manipulating you. This is NOT an attack, this is a call to fucking wake up, stfu about you’re dumb ass white guilt, stop believing you’re country will be the same with darker people, start loving the god damn freedoms people died for by the millions so THEIR PEOPLE, NOT JUAN, NOT MUHAMMAD, could enjoy those damn freedoms, and money, and be sane, rational thinkers like the good god damn best people who lived on this earth were, whites from 1-2 centuries ago. Don’t act like the trash whites of today, act like it’s 1881 aka like your betters. Right is Right, Left is for losers that’ need the state.

They will start with boys, making sex with boys seem okay, making it appear as if boys can’t be raped, and all welcomes to sex is a boys top fantasy. Which we all know, they have already started with boys (which btw the Elite like to sexually rape boys more than girls anyway) Whilst they leak more and more and more sick ass pedo porn,-child porn is at epidemic proportions. See Twitter gate too, it’s out in the damn open now, young six year old girls being raped on fucking Twitter. Let’s just put it this way, I couldn’t make myself do it.
I watched a view videos about the debacle and them explaining the graphic nature of the damn kiddie porn throughout Twitter, these grown men were crying, I had no desire to look..I literally rather have a bat to my head. But it’s call desensitization, and it’s a pysop. Make x appear like a much bigger problem than it is, kind of like white crime vs. black crime, yea blacks commit 6-27x more crime, but lets act per capita retarded suddenly when we know race is being brought up. Then claim frat boys rape as much as black men…Um newsflash, not even fucking close.
Black men rape so much, they rape 9xs more than white men, and they rape white women far, far, far more than they do black women. Especially stranger rape. Somehow we’re so dumb we think probability in action matters ZERO with race, crime, gender etc. yet it matters on the flipping whole-we are being “judge as a group”, we are nasty collectivists commies, instaed of saying X is causing pederasty, or gang rape, we will say “society” and even stoop to the bowels of disgusting vile shit, and say the least likely to do x-does x most, or all of x, whatever, ….white fucking men… White men should grow a pair and knock a few bitches around.
Right now Americans think 20 percent of people are gay, it’s 3 percent, or that 37 percent of Americans are black…UMM it’s 12-13 percent. Let’s remember too, kiddie porn is welcomed, but say Muslims are terrible people, you’re the terrible person and will be banned.. OH and btw, I’m pretty sure 90 percent of Muslims are terrible people. . Girls are riskier to sell out, girls are far more protected, hence the establishment selling them out under the radar, and the immediate hush hush about Muslim grooming gangs, rape, molestation, attacks.
If you noticed a trend, it was girls, MOSTLY GIRLS that were quickly downplayed, not reported, rapists let go, supposedly afraid of being called “Racist”. Or whatever weak ass white people wanted to make an excuse for that day. Muslims sexual emergencies and being such a beta coward, being afraid of being labeled racist- as if racism is not just in-group preferences, aka fight or flight, good god our race has plummeted to the depths of hell. Aboriginals are better people than white people today.
[Note, this isn’t true, Australian Aboriginal rites of passage rituals often include ritual molestation.]
Essentially Muslim sexual emergencies have became more important that 11 year kids being fucking raped. If you’ don’t realize we are half way to the most degenerate culture the world has ever seen, then again you’re clueless to why this is happening. Like let’s say Muslim rapists getting no time in jail or four hours community service. Muslims rape men and boys as much as girls and women, we just never talk about this shit, because white people today suck donkey balls. You see, boys who’s been molested in any damn way, have about 80 percent chance at being a predator, while girls are at 40 percent ish. These problems the sociopaths in our gov and corp are laid out for us have a plethora of evil reasons behind them, irregardless of what are weak or close mind wishes to believe.

Polina Posts VII: Social Constructs


Oh, about that. “blank is a construct” means nothing. In what they mean by construct, anything beyond tribes of blood relation pretty much is.

Example; private property am just construct I kill you now you no make property private hahahaha now wat

That you are equal to me and deserve respect in so far as on a basis of biology is also a construct. “human” “””””rights”””””

The UN can’t save you now.

In our postmodern culture which is TV dominated, image sensitive and morally vacuous, personality is everything and character is increasingly irrelevant.

Let’s deconstruct societal constructs.

“Female” Construct. Deconstruct it.

“Women” Construct. Deconstruct it.

“women’s rights” Whoa, hold on there buddy


Maybe it’s a mental disease caused by an overflow of information the brain can’t process fast enough.

dude like, look at all that stuff like what is it even you don’t know I know I don’t know like what even dude HOW DO YOU KNOW DUDE HOW

We must reserve the right to use tasers on the retards.

This is only true if marxists know marxism which they almost never do

I like this one. It makes so much sense.

>Niggers are not committing “crime” they are just being niggers.

dude it’s crime >”Dude like, who MADE It crime?”


“Dude who WROTE the law?”



and that’s how I learned that rape is not a crime.

You made those laws therefore they are illegitimate

We have not had an “academia” since at least the 50s. We just have a bunch of hippies people were too weak willed to shoot. If gender does not exist on what basis does feminism make it’s claim to a collective identity? If it is a societal one, one must also then acknowledge the racial aspect even if it’s societal. Therefore the browner they are the more they exist.

I half joke but this is where it’s going anyway.


Going back to earlier, Jewish Communists invented hate crimes and therefore cannot invoke it as it is illegitimate. Africa never had law and therefore no crime so therefore no crime can be invoked as having happened by them as it is a white invention. Therefore they are not subject to law nor it’s protections. Post-modernism says enough to fill libraries without saying a single god damned thing of value




I win.

Now dissolve your borders, they don’t exist either.

He commits crime because he cannot perceive of the existence of anyone outside of himself.

If the media form one driving force of the Postmodern condition, multinational capitalism and globalization is another. Fredric Jameson has related Modernism and Postmodernism to the second and third phases of capitalism. The first phase of capitalism of the 18th -19th centuries, called Market Capitalism, witnessed the early technological development such as that of the steam-driven motor, and corresponded to the Realist phase. Early 20th century, with the development of electrical and internal combustion motors, witnessed Monopoly Capitalism and Modernism. The Postmodern era corresponds to the age of nuclear and electronic technologies and Consumer Capitalism, where the emphasis is on marketing, selling and consumption rather than production.

The dehumanized, globalized world, wipes out individual and national identities, in favour of multinational marketing. Postmodernism, in its denial of an objective truth or reality, forcefully advocates the theory of constructivism—the anti-essentialist argument that everything is ideologically constructed. Postmodernism finds the media to be a great deal responsible for “constructing” our identities and everyday realities Constructivism invariably leads to relativism. Our identities are constructed and transformed every moment in relation to our social environment. Therefore there is scope for multiple and diverse identities, multiple truths, moral codes and views of reality.

Not only did that not happen it sounds fucking awful anyway

-The understanding that an objective truth does not exist-

The what now

You cant understand the truth if the truth does not exist.

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Polina Posts VI: The Ethnic Stock of the US

If only you knew just how bad things really are. Welcome to part A of why I’m concerned about the Ethnic Stock of the US. Because doubt remains and we know no where near enough to just hope “everyone is the same.” Current trends say, no. Why do people in science say so then? Imagine what would happen in society otherwise. The route avoiding dealing with the issue by it not being an issue was gone long before we were born. Our work averts the greatest horrors and sufferings by aiding in maintenance while it is worked out.

Now you understand.

This is why so many of us are fine with certain powers being what they are in other parts of the world. If it changes it must be from the people. This view follows even the cultural views of societies. A people do not accept a government that shares no history with them. The USSR exported Communism, We are exporting Democracy. These views are based in the “Society defines the man. The man has no nature and thus does not create the society.” This is why they cling to these things. Because their very life view depends on it. And it has already failed horribly.

To accept the opposite also means, there will never be a world wide workers revolution. If it is not of the people, it will not be maintained by the people. The American revolution would not have been what it was if the colonists were, say, the Natives. This view you likely have. You do not even need the ethnic component here. The cultural one backs it.

The current view is that you can trigger a political break in any society to cause rapid social change that, without revolution,  would never occur. From there, they will adapt naturally. This has not happened. Only when it comes from them has it been maintained.

You know damn well why.
This is not abandonment of hope. It is an understanding of what must be done, and that it can be done but many look away. We know. So we cannot. It is an understanding of a place and a role that must be filled. It is the embracing of hope that it can be saved. The country, indeed the whole west will not survive such a total population replacement. This is fact, even by cultural admission. They lost control of the country. We have to get it back.
They lost control to the point the borders don’t even exist. For the sake of the country, a plot in the world for ours, and any future gen, this should be obvious.

That’s Scientific Racism!

Human Bio-Diversity (HBD) is an extremely contentious topic. Anyone even close to the progressive end of the political spectrum will immediately accuse you of “scientific racism” (or perhaps scientific sexism), or just straight racism if you start to bring it up. This is of course, ridiculous, but I have a theory as to why they believe this.

The progressive vehemently believes in spite of all the evidence that everyone is absolutely equal at birth, they are blank slates and that any difference is the result of environmental factors like culture. This is absolutely not the case for a wide variety of factors including height, intelligence, propensity for violence, skin colour, eye colour, vulnerable locations on the body, etc. Thus under the mantra of the blank slate, inequality is the result of prejudice that pushes people into less than optimal positions, which is of course wrong because it is denying them the freedom of their totally unbound, unrestricted state of birth. This does of course give progressives an enormous amount of power, whenever there is any perceived inequality they can sound the horns of racism, misogyny, ableism, sexism, or any other kind of ‘ism’ prejudice. This has been extremely powerful over the past decades, but recently the heavy abuse has made it far less effective,

Their reaction against any implication of human biodiversity that is more than skin deep is, I believe, twofold. First, it would deprive them of their power over both individuals, corporations, and even their own governments. The second is a little more complicated. They believe in tabula rasa, the blank slate, and that the only acceptable position that logically follows is the Progressive Doctrine. It is then understandable how they believe that if human biodiversity is true, that the only possible position one could hold is of of the Ku-Klux Klan. They have been told this over and over of course.

But it is ridiculous. Acceptance of HBD does not entail KKK membership. Slavery advocacy does not logically follow from HBD. As HBD-chick states;

there is nothing — absolutely nothing — about hbd that precludes left-wingers from acknowledging its existence. you can … still be all for the proletarian revolution and redistribution of wealth or even just be a mainstream democrat…

…what you can’t be if you understand hbd is be a progressive

Acceptance of HBD does not make one a slavery advocate. It does not undo the 2000 years of moral advancement that Western Civilization has made. Non-progressive Christians ended the slave trade and slavery, and were freeing slaves (including manumission) since the days of the early church.

Don’t let others tell you what you believe.

@TheRealPolina Posts V: Resentment for the Poor

Outside flight of capital another reason a high tax rate might not be so great, nor progressive tax policies; Resentment. Said reason was covered when that woman wrote about resentment for the poor (lower class, US) in the middle class (working class, US).

I can attest this exists and it can grow deathly bitter.

Add on to that that the demographic of that class is demonized and hated in society while the people they detest are praised and taken care of, at their expense, while they see no help themselves, one wonders the point.

Why try and struggle at it on your own while the government takes from you when you could just let the government take care of you. Emergency services for illegals kids turned into a whole care system. The argument then was that the kids shouldn’t suffer because of their parents. A few decades later and you could guess what happened even if you didn’t already know. Send them back as well.

When we have hit the point that “university is a must for all” is an issue and “scholarships for illegals is an investment” becomes the idea while they won’t even invest in the people who are already here and actually their own; All while the state threatens to secede over.

FOREIGN. NATIONALS. IN THE COUNTRY ILLEGALLY. who’s lives you pay for while they bleed that pay out of the nation to their own, you begin to start thinking of who rules over you.

The moment you see your own government as foreign interested and illegitimate, you give yourself permission to do almost anything against it. When people around you you care about start to suffer but the state does not care and demands you care for people not even of you, you stop empathizing on a base level with them even as people.

Suddenly any pain removing them may cause to them seems trivial. After-all, had the laws been followed in the first place the issue wouldn’t even exist. Had thought been measured and not just pursuing ideology expecting reality to adjust, the consequences of ignoring it wouldn’t exist. A refusal to respect basic laws and mannerisms of Nations interacting does not make for much empathy.

Media can publish all the “bloo bloo bloo” stories they want. Plaster whole pages with sad little kids.

You wore me out through lies.

Polina Post Boilerplate. Source

@TheRealPolina Posts IV: Washington Post vs Mass Immigration

Polina Post boilerplate. Source

In which we discuss the Washington Post’s article about the consequences of mass immigration. And that it is acknowledged…for Mexico

Their arrival — along with a surge of undocumented immigrants leaving the United States voluntarily —promises to transform Mexican society in the same way their departure did. Trump, who made immigration enforcement a centerpiece of his campaign, has been clear that he views illegal immigrants as potential security threats and competitors to Americans for jobs. This week, he told journalists at a private lunch that he might be open to a comprehensive immigration overhaul that includes a path to legal status for those who had not committed crimes. But Trump did not mention such a plan in his remarks to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, emphasizing his deportation initiatives instead. About 500 deported Mexicans, including some who had been picked up when Obama was in office, are arriving here daily.

In which we note problems we have faced from this, that we were called racist and xenophobic for daring to note, but is okay for them to note.

In which we note that these things being negatives are said to be lies. But only to us.

In which we note how money drained from us directly is sent directly to Mexico and is so large it pulls in more for them than even Oil.

In which we note how previous admins abided and even aided this process for illegals.

In which we note, the famed and quickly forgotten “braindrain”, may be in balance.

In which, the government that dedicated millions to forestalling mexican deportation, “suddenly cares”.

In which we note how mass immigration is a burden on society no matter what because it is “mass”.

In which we note, had the border been protected in the first place, this would not be an issue. This is called having foresight. In which we come to understand WHY there must be a wall and tight security. Because our border will not be respected of their own will.

In which we learn why foresight is necessary in preventing such situations from reoccurring. Because people believe there are no consequences.

In which we learn that the United States educating foreign nationals at it’s own cost, is fucking abnormal.


In which the deported learn to appreciate what they abused. In which Mexico learns of illegal entitlement.

“but I’m entitled to it by exista—”

Welcome to the difference between European philosophy, American philosophy, and everyone else. Welcome to the realities of life and the world. Everything is earned or earned and secured for the next generation. You are owed nothing.

Welcome to bureaucracy, the result of government being given too much control. Welcome to learning that the world is not the United States.


In which we learn, why the coddling socialist ways of the previous generations, must die. They are the effete dreams of insulated academics.

Struggle and hardship build what complacency and naivety give away. It secures from exploitation what was made by those who came before.