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What our customers think:

This is one of the best orders I've made on FB! Both of my cats love it. It hasn't torn and I've let them have it for a couple days now. Looks cool too. Great deal, would recommend!


Let's just say I have a bad history of buying things online and this has been a breath of fresh air. For starters I got an email with a tracking number within an hour of ordering, then they also responded when I asked them to keep me updated on the shipping process, which was something I could have easily done myself but wanted to see if they would be willing to do it too. It took two weeks to get my order which is better than most FB sellers, and after 6 days of having the toy it hasn't ripped. Thumbs up to these guys.


Felix loves to use his as a pillow :) Shipping took 12 days to New York, got email with tracking number soon after ordering.