Polina Posts XXVI: The Hubris of Pathological Charity


You have, through specialized and controlled breeding, created a wheat variant that can grow just about anywhere under almost any conditions.

“Finally”, the social scientist says through a sigh of relief, “Now that they do not need to spend every moment of every day stressed for basic needs, they can truly begin to blossom.”

No longer under the threat of having to live every day one moment at a time, the task is set to hand.

Ich bin der Geist der stets verneint!
Mephistopheles is ever present.

Everyone thinks they’re doing good when doing good.
No one in such…”charity”, ever stop and thinks, “What if I’m wrong?”.
For that reason hell is paved with their actions.

They did not blossom, they did not change. For you taught them that just beyond the waters lies a land so well progressed, it spent money like nothing and worked to take care of them and eliminated an entire daily stress.

The man who solves world hunger burns in unknown hells, for he sends the world down a path of genesis without God.

Without a rebirth.

By this man societies now question practicing self-extinction and unleash hordes from that land because everybody wants to talk about the moral crisis and the next great humanitarian need.

No one wants to talk about the consequences of eliminating hunger from the fastest reproducing place on the planet.

No one wants to talk about men’s folly when they gather the “international community” and command the nations of the world like they were God at the end times, directing all their blind morality and unthinking empathy. Rallying a force unthinking and unseeing. Pretending to know “that power which would do evil constantly and constantly does good.”

Seek to do good like you are God and you will do evil like you are the devil.

Not all good creates good. The necessary evil is greater than the unnecessary good. The man who forgets that burns in unknown hells.

The man who thinks Jesus speaks of physical pains, physical hunger and thirst and not a desire for faith wrapped in a metaphor.
Two men. One man.

P.S. This is why Catholics will burn in hell
Namer of the Papist Namer of the Jew, out.

GN’s notes: Bold emphasis in this is mine, I’m quite sure that’s an original quote by Polina and I think it’s perfect.

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Polina Posts VII: Social Constructs


Oh, about that. “blank is a construct” means nothing. In what they mean by construct, anything beyond tribes of blood relation pretty much is.

Example; private property am just construct I kill you now you no make property private hahahaha now wat

That you are equal to me and deserve respect in so far as on a basis of biology is also a construct. “human” “””””rights”””””

The UN can’t save you now.

In our postmodern culture which is TV dominated, image sensitive and morally vacuous, personality is everything and character is increasingly irrelevant.

Let’s deconstruct societal constructs.

“Female” Construct. Deconstruct it.

“Women” Construct. Deconstruct it.

“women’s rights” Whoa, hold on there buddy


Maybe it’s a mental disease caused by an overflow of information the brain can’t process fast enough.

dude like, look at all that stuff like what is it even you don’t know I know I don’t know like what even dude HOW DO YOU KNOW DUDE HOW

We must reserve the right to use tasers on the retards.

This is only true if marxists know marxism which they almost never do

I like this one. It makes so much sense.

>Niggers are not committing “crime” they are just being niggers.

dude it’s crime >”Dude like, who MADE It crime?”


“Dude who WROTE the law?”



and that’s how I learned that rape is not a crime.

You made those laws therefore they are illegitimate

We have not had an “academia” since at least the 50s. We just have a bunch of hippies people were too weak willed to shoot. If gender does not exist on what basis does feminism make it’s claim to a collective identity? If it is a societal one, one must also then acknowledge the racial aspect even if it’s societal. Therefore the browner they are the more they exist.

I half joke but this is where it’s going anyway.


Going back to earlier, Jewish Communists invented hate crimes and therefore cannot invoke it as it is illegitimate. Africa never had law and therefore no crime so therefore no crime can be invoked as having happened by them as it is a white invention. Therefore they are not subject to law nor it’s protections. Post-modernism says enough to fill libraries without saying a single god damned thing of value




I win.

Now dissolve your borders, they don’t exist either.

He commits crime because he cannot perceive of the existence of anyone outside of himself.

If the media form one driving force of the Postmodern condition, multinational capitalism and globalization is another. Fredric Jameson has related Modernism and Postmodernism to the second and third phases of capitalism. The first phase of capitalism of the 18th -19th centuries, called Market Capitalism, witnessed the early technological development such as that of the steam-driven motor, and corresponded to the Realist phase. Early 20th century, with the development of electrical and internal combustion motors, witnessed Monopoly Capitalism and Modernism. The Postmodern era corresponds to the age of nuclear and electronic technologies and Consumer Capitalism, where the emphasis is on marketing, selling and consumption rather than production.

The dehumanized, globalized world, wipes out individual and national identities, in favour of multinational marketing. Postmodernism, in its denial of an objective truth or reality, forcefully advocates the theory of constructivism—the anti-essentialist argument that everything is ideologically constructed. Postmodernism finds the media to be a great deal responsible for “constructing” our identities and everyday realities Constructivism invariably leads to relativism. Our identities are constructed and transformed every moment in relation to our social environment. Therefore there is scope for multiple and diverse identities, multiple truths, moral codes and views of reality.

Not only did that not happen it sounds fucking awful anyway

-The understanding that an objective truth does not exist-

The what now

You cant understand the truth if the truth does not exist.

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Polina Posts VI: The Ethnic Stock of the US

If only you knew just how bad things really are. Welcome to part A of why I’m concerned about the Ethnic Stock of the US. Because doubt remains and we know no where near enough to just hope “everyone is the same.” Current trends say, no. Why do people in science say so then? Imagine what would happen in society otherwise. The route avoiding dealing with the issue by it not being an issue was gone long before we were born. Our work averts the greatest horrors and sufferings by aiding in maintenance while it is worked out.

Now you understand.

This is why so many of us are fine with certain powers being what they are in other parts of the world. If it changes it must be from the people. This view follows even the cultural views of societies. A people do not accept a government that shares no history with them. The USSR exported Communism, We are exporting Democracy. These views are based in the “Society defines the man. The man has no nature and thus does not create the society.” This is why they cling to these things. Because their very life view depends on it. And it has already failed horribly.

To accept the opposite also means, there will never be a world wide workers revolution. If it is not of the people, it will not be maintained by the people. The American revolution would not have been what it was if the colonists were, say, the Natives. This view you likely have. You do not even need the ethnic component here. The cultural one backs it.

The current view is that you can trigger a political break in any society to cause rapid social change that, without revolution,  would never occur. From there, they will adapt naturally. This has not happened. Only when it comes from them has it been maintained.

You know damn well why.
This is not abandonment of hope. It is an understanding of what must be done, and that it can be done but many look away. We know. So we cannot. It is an understanding of a place and a role that must be filled. It is the embracing of hope that it can be saved. The country, indeed the whole west will not survive such a total population replacement. This is fact, even by cultural admission. They lost control of the country. We have to get it back.
They lost control to the point the borders don’t even exist. For the sake of the country, a plot in the world for ours, and any future gen, this should be obvious.

@TheRealPolina Posts II – Historical Realities Race and The West

Originally written by @TheRealPolina, compiled here for prosperity.
I was playing video games but it turns out all social inhibition has vanished and I want to use this for the opportunity it is.
Let’s review a few things. In the most confrontational and (admittedly a difficult thing for me) blunt terms possible. Reading too much makes you verbose. Don’t do it, it’s fucking awful just read my tweets and you can see that.

Historical realities. In terms of general and broad strokes to keep things more brief, the Europeans win history. Other places had stages of civilization but all fell short or stagnated. Meanwhile the Europeans oversaw the era that took the world from “ye olde” to “holy shit I can access the world through lightning magic, a box, and all in a single fucking room. I don’t care what fucking bullshit you come up with you can see ten million tiddies with a few keystrokes and clicks. Oh and access to the largest container of free knowledge and information ever known. Yea, it’s kind of fucking important the West not become something other than the West.

And then there’s the oft response to such a perspective. That it was all exploitation of other civilizations.
They all have mass transit and a global trade market to negotiate. If you still fail, no, racism didn’t do it. You’re shit at this. You can know everything they know, how to do it, and how to use it. Learning from them vs being too stubborn and pigheaded to know an opportunity when one presents itself is why the Japanese went from irradiated and flattened paper buildings to JAPAN. And sandy hot shit hole #56898902349235 is still sandy hot shit hole.

And I swear to god the entire reason the mixed are always so fucking radical and agitated is because it’s like it’s up to us to either make you see this or drag your fucking asses forward or backwards depending on which side we chose to hate. We always hate one side.
Obama was just a dumb nigger.

The Mexicans are entitled and arrogant for, really, zero fucking reason other than being chihuahuas compensating with all bark, no bite. Your own country doesn’t want you as an in-group runs the entire thing and uses you to benefit itself and you come here and, at it’s behest, bark until a bloodless coup had to take place and the sun himself send you the fuck back.
That it hasn’t (yet) come to genocide is amazing.
When I say “yet”, I’m dead fucking serious.
By the way I chose the Early Settler Heretics side if you can’t tell. The family is old. Old old. What’s that mean?
I won’t let centuries of suffering to cut out a place in this world and secure an existence in it, die. You on the other hand, I will.

Marx being a jew or not doesn’t matter here. Why? Because name me another peoples that could succeeded so fucking much in history that they develop the perspective that everything is constant linear progress towards a utopia.
I will wait.
No I wont because no one can. Number unknown~

Everything in Africa sans the Arabs and East African Blacks, is a failed peoples. Literally the richest most fertile soil in the entire fucking world. The very thing that creates the basis for a transition from hunter gatherer to agricultural society. And what? A king in the west kingdom of “Da Homie” who DRESSED LIKE A FUCKING PIMP AND SOLD HIS PEOPLE INTO SLAVERY. The entire history of Africa sans those parts of it is just one very long meme. The Rastafarians worship the last emperor of Abyssinia, the east African empire. A black civilization. Worshiping Egypt as black is a sad proxy for west africans. The Sub-Saharan are in the process of reverting from a modern civilization to a tribal one. With full intent of doing so. As in they know full well what they’re doing, reverting to African mysticism as truth because science was whitey and we learn nuffin from em. Let them turn the land back into what they left it as when the euros arrived.
We’re past hospice tier life support. the coroner is just waiting for the last beep to zip it up. Already in the fucking bag. This modern civ was granted to them and like the other and like the king of the zulu said “you were given progress beyond measure and you burned it down like a bunch of ignorant niggers.”
Almost every other place and every other peoples can be said to be making some amount of effort at this. That place is god forsaken.
Because it is fueled on pure, short sighted emotion. I don’t give a fuck what jewish neet you quote about CAPITA LLLLLLLLLLISM THIS or “I GOT FUCKING CONQUERED LIKE A BITCH” THAT.

You’re destroying an entire paradise in your midst and every comfort it affords because, and I cannot state this enough, “I’m black” That’s it. No, you are not some hyper advanced proletariat. You’re black. And so it must burn.
The outcome of this is all of it is rendered ruins of a once functioning society. That is a fact no matter what perspective you apply. That you cannot see this is the very reason you are everything you are. Human used to have a meaning outside of a loose biological definition. Go look up the etymology of it. You’ll know why they were considered sub-human. Part of me honestly wonders if the definition was not altered just to lower the standard because the lowers could not manage the standard.

What else?
Yes, It was almost always jews. Even when jews were persecuted. ESPECIALLY when jews were persecuted. If you didn’t see that commie shit (russian revolution and subsequent pogroms and religious suppr.) earlier, spoiler alert: it was jews. Persecuting Jews. And not as hard as they did everyone the fuck else. Why are jews associated with banks, investment funds, and the backing of world governments and funding of wars?
“Court Jew”
Mystery fucking solved. (it’s because they did).
The best thing that happened to europe was the collapse of the total monarchies. Either into constitutional republics or constitutional monarchies.  If you think otherwise you ignore the lesson of history and I think lowly of you. By lowly I mean probably too many chromosomes. Or a jew.
How to get the clearest picture of “the mysterous jews~” without all the reading of texts? Read Israeli articles and works on Judaism. They lack the societal filters western jewry has. Also they have nukes so they don’t give a fuck because “TRY IT NEGER NEGER AGAIN”
“Was Hitler right?” As right as anyone that noticed a growing global buisness interest, the subverting of nations and buying up of land. For some reason out of everything that for the rest of the world is so much more impact, the point of jews ends everything. Which is interesting to me because much of the left claims to care about exactly all of those things. While continually laying the ground work for it.
Also, Soros has literally become the Eternal, International, Elder of Zion Jew in every single god damned way. As if he saw the texts as fucking handbooks.

Clearly there is nothing to see at all. Communism and Socialism are the wet dreams of the worst of Capitalism. Because almost no one seems to know what they really are except the people defining them. Lower the national defenses and default the nation to open it’s borders to my purchasing power for socialism. The old definition of Human needs to return because there are a lot of sub human mother fuckers running around like they’re not.
Puppets aren’t people. Nothing human dies if I kill you. There’s no soul to send to the beyond.
I maybe be “part golem”. But there are way too many god damned golems running around.
Israelis that accuse people of just using Palestinians as justification of antisemitism to destroy the Jewish state are
What/ You think I’m gunna say wrong or silly?
Internet skills of niggers. Like it would be anything else anyway outside of other muslims no one gives a fuck about dirty semi-jewish sand niggers. The lowest of the low though? Munich, when white supremecists aided black november even though they knew it would kill their own in the process for them to do so. You don’t give a fuck about your people if you get them fucking killed, you can’t guarantee they wont be killed in the process or that they “were the elements that needed to go too anyway” You chose Semite sand negro jihad in your own nation over the safety of your own. Disgusting fucking degenerate. Enemy of my enemy only works when the world still operates on political reprisal and grudge wars. Outside that you enable your own end. Like the dumb fuck swede nazi that thought helping more muslims come in would make swedes REICC. They aren’t REICCing they aren’t going to Reich and they never will because the FUCKING MUTT OF THE SAME PLACE IS MORE “TIME TO START KILLING” than even a quarter of the natives left. I hope the Finnish murder everything there and make it great again.

Oh, right. Race exists. No, le ringy dingy plus sized THICC, did not argue genetics was the sole determiner of intelligence. It, in fact, didn’t argue much. It was a base surface level look at IQ distribution in pops and why it might be there. It argued both genetic and environmental.  The statement most people are fucking idiots was not controversial until those people got colors. Even taken at face value each line extends into high range achievement anyway. The exceptional are exceptional was not controversial either. “But am I an idiot?” I don’t know are you, you dumb mother fucker? If so why aren’t you succeeding and working at improvment? Oh right because nothing is your fault it’s the result of societal exploitation, welp better not strive for anything nor work to improve entire peoples in anyway that could be done. Guess I’ll just…ferment. Yell at whitey and (((whitey))) from me lawn. “ASHKENAZI? MORE LIKE JUST ‘ASH’.”
Now the worst of all sins that must be leveled clearly because of those around for the sake of honesty. I’m a loser fucking semi-neet with psychotic depression and really, not much else worth any mention. If by what could clearly only be divine will or cosmic humor, I fall in love and it’s returned,or vice versa,nothing ain’t stopping nothing. That or genetically engineered cat girls for domestic ownership. But as long as leftists remain any such thing would be violation of countless laws I’m sure. I mean fucking them.

@TheRealPolina Posts I: Borders I

Written by The TheRealPolina in response to: https://twitter.com/CNN/status/835297645589573633, compiled and copyedited for easier reading by Darkfutures/GoneNovaAU
In the age where media has taken on the mantle of the Sentinels of Facts, CNN ponders if committing a crime is a crime. The gist of it is that, since their crime is not directly harming another, law should ignore their crime.
Basically, the usual Progressive policy towards crime when they can’t find a way to deal with the fact that some people just can’t stop.
“How can we get them to stop committing a crime?”
“Fuck it, we’ll just decriminalize it.”
Special brand of fucking stupid.
Meanwhile, the consequences of this non-border have compounded for over 4 fucking decades. The indirect effect is very clearly felt by an ever growing amount of people. Except Mr. Diversity in his 99.9% white neighborhood. To him, saying Mexicans stand outside home depot and moving van rentals is shocking and insane. He doesn’t even know what those things are.
It has been around half a century. Everything you still don’t know, still don’t have and still don’t care to have, like legality, is weighed with this. Yet, here we are.

Two generations at least have born from first gens. TRIPLE GENERATIONAL TIME FRAME.


Some of those first gens even started businesses, many had families. In the most open state to all of this. Yet still decades after arrival no matter whether they had businesses or families, they still had refused to try for citizenship. Yes, only now will you be arrested for this here. Before this, Reagan, Bush and Obama provided special protections. Courts went easy on people had they shown the will.
California got sick of it in the 90s. but our gov and reps betrayed us and declared that not wanting to pay the social costs through taxes of a foreign nations citizens was unconstitutional. Representations without Taxation. And no, no one actually checks to see if they pay “land tax” as if even if they did, it would not excuse dodging everything else while also bleeding us of enough money that it formed an entire section of their countries economy.

I don’t care what commie bullshit the state taught you, you are not owed anything. Your land was not stolen. You failed to maintain control over the tribes and they began hurting people. Even after the war you were paid for the land. If we had wanted simply land, we could have easily taken it given how far into Mexico the war had to be fought.

Entitled and arrogant. You are lucky the reprisal managed to happen early enough for the punishment to just be sending you home. If this was a test to see who could and could not become a citizen, it probably would have just been better to test it beforehand.

That a country cannot even be allowed the discrimination of who may and may not enter it, must have been a dream for global enterprise here. Money flows so much easier when no borders exist.