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-The Virginia neighborhood of Fairfax County ranks with parts of those other cities as having the highest percentage of children from immigrants in its public schools, with 78 percent of students coming from immigrant households, according to a report that the Center for Immigration Studies is releasing Thursday.-

Over three quarters, god damn

-Miami-Dade County in Florida has four areas where at least 80 percent of students are from immigrant-led homes. In one of those, a part of Hialeah City, a staggering 93 percent of students belong to immigrant households.-

-“The biggest issue for me is: Can the level of immigration be so high that it overwhelms the assimilation process?”-

Imagine you alone are surrounded by something vs you are surrounding something that is alone.

-President Clinton, launching his race initiative in 1997, highlighted the surrounding Fairfax County as a model for integration. He sent his race commission to Bailey’s Elementary School, in the heart of Culmore, to study diversity and integration. At the time Mr. Clinton highlighted the region, Fairfax’s public school system was 64 percent white, 14 percent Asian, 11 percent black and 10 percent Hispanic.

Twenty years later, whites are 40 percent of the student population, while Hispanics have more than doubled to 24 percent, Asians have risen to 19 percent and blacks have held nearly steady at 10 percent. Five percent identify as multiracial.-

 “at least we have tacos”
-Culmore and surrounding areas have long been a breeding ground for ethnic gangs, with MS-13 in particular using it as a foothold in the region.-
We went from “Of course they will learn English it’s what the schools teach.” to “Demanding they speak english is racist.”
-Although not a one-to-one correlation, immigrant population serves as an indicator of some costly special circumstances, such as a higher percentage of students who are struggling to learn English.-
-In the Annandale region, 72 percent of students speak a foreign language at home, according to the report.
Most of those are speaking Spanish, but a large number speak Vietnamese and nearly 10 percent speak Kru, a West African language.
All told, 21 languages are spoken at immigrant homes in Annandale.-
oh god my fucking ears
-One Loudoun County, Virginia, region reported 23 languages spoken at homes, with Spanish, Vietnamese and Telegu topping the list.-
I’ve never even heard of this
-The biggest polyglot nationally was part of Alameda County, California, which had 27 languages spoken at homes. Spanish, Korean and Chinese were the most common.-
-Mr. Camarota’s study suggests it’s not just immigrants who are speaking other languages at home. In parts of Texas, only half of the students are from immigrant-led homes, but as much as 90 percent of the households speak languages other than English at home.-
What in the fuck did Texas just out California us?


-The challenge for schools, Mr. Camarota said, is that even as the number of children of immigrants rises, the tax bases don’t grow as quickly because immigrant families tend to have lower incomes than native-born families.-

-He said that raises a number of policy questions, including whether the government should do a better job picking immigrants should impose stricter limits on the number arriving or offer more assistance to school systems  grappling with the challenge of assimilation.-



“but there are poor americans therefore your complaints about poor immigrants are silly haha”


“they’re already destitute so whats a few more destitute if it’s better being destitute here than there?”

wish I had hit one of these people instead of that old homeless woman.

“yes immigrants may be on welfare but so are many americans hahaha

Nothing. It’s fucking meaningless bullshit meant to clog up an argument. The only outcome is argument for more welfare because welfare dependents exist. Oh right that’s their policy.

“I’m not arguing we somehow not educate these kids. They make up almost a quarter of the kids in America. How these kids do is extremely important for the future of the country,” he said. “The question is: Does it make sense to keep adding to this population and creating new strains and challenges for schools? The debate over immigration — nobody even talks about that.”-

-Analysts say the surge of immigrants is a result of changes in U.S. policies dating back decades, which put a higher priority on family ties, created a random lottery to admit tens of thousands of people a year and largely turned the other eye on illegal immigration.

Family unit for the immigrants.
empowered single woman for you

-President Trump has suggested shifting the system to place a bigger priority on merit-based immigration, which could attract better-educated and wealthier immigrants -Immigrant rights groups have bristled at that suggestion-

That means it’s good.

-saying a strength of the U.S. system is the ability to bring extended families.

That’s bullshit

-After Mr. Trump mentioned his merit-based plans in his address to Congress last month, Greg Chen, advocacy director at the American Immigration Lawyers Association, said it was “merely code to exclude those who seek to join family members in the United States.”-

And if it is? So the fuck what?

Explain this immigration policy where it must be kept loose and open because of some future possibility that someone might at some point consider maybe going to the united states for like, I dunno to see Juan for a day or two maybe you know if the weather is nice.

I’m sorry does our national existence inconvenience you?

What a fucking shame that is for you.

-“There is a wealth of research proving that immigrants improve the economy through purchasing power and their participation in the labor force. Immigration is good for our economy and our nation,” he said

Nope not this time. You fucking nullified that argument when you and the news outlets started bitch about how such a flood of labor into mexico would harm it’s economy, wages, resources and workforce. After the deportations started. Get a new fucking argument you made that one known for the bullshit it was yourselves.

-Mr. Camarota’s data did not distinguish between families whose parents are in the U.S. legally versus those in the country without authorization. Under Supreme Court precedent, children are guaranteed a public education no matter what their status.-

Brilliant fucking idea.

@TheRealPolina Posts I: Borders I

Written by The TheRealPolina in response to: https://twitter.com/CNN/status/835297645589573633, compiled and copyedited for easier reading by Darkfutures/GoneNovaAU
In the age where media has taken on the mantle of the Sentinels of Facts, CNN ponders if committing a crime is a crime. The gist of it is that, since their crime is not directly harming another, law should ignore their crime.
Basically, the usual Progressive policy towards crime when they can’t find a way to deal with the fact that some people just can’t stop.
“How can we get them to stop committing a crime?”
“Fuck it, we’ll just decriminalize it.”
Special brand of fucking stupid.
Meanwhile, the consequences of this non-border have compounded for over 4 fucking decades. The indirect effect is very clearly felt by an ever growing amount of people. Except Mr. Diversity in his 99.9% white neighborhood. To him, saying Mexicans stand outside home depot and moving van rentals is shocking and insane. He doesn’t even know what those things are.
It has been around half a century. Everything you still don’t know, still don’t have and still don’t care to have, like legality, is weighed with this. Yet, here we are.

Two generations at least have born from first gens. TRIPLE GENERATIONAL TIME FRAME.


Some of those first gens even started businesses, many had families. In the most open state to all of this. Yet still decades after arrival no matter whether they had businesses or families, they still had refused to try for citizenship. Yes, only now will you be arrested for this here. Before this, Reagan, Bush and Obama provided special protections. Courts went easy on people had they shown the will.
California got sick of it in the 90s. but our gov and reps betrayed us and declared that not wanting to pay the social costs through taxes of a foreign nations citizens was unconstitutional. Representations without Taxation. And no, no one actually checks to see if they pay “land tax” as if even if they did, it would not excuse dodging everything else while also bleeding us of enough money that it formed an entire section of their countries economy.

I don’t care what commie bullshit the state taught you, you are not owed anything. Your land was not stolen. You failed to maintain control over the tribes and they began hurting people. Even after the war you were paid for the land. If we had wanted simply land, we could have easily taken it given how far into Mexico the war had to be fought.

Entitled and arrogant. You are lucky the reprisal managed to happen early enough for the punishment to just be sending you home. If this was a test to see who could and could not become a citizen, it probably would have just been better to test it beforehand.

That a country cannot even be allowed the discrimination of who may and may not enter it, must have been a dream for global enterprise here. Money flows so much easier when no borders exist.