Thomas Wictor: Obama’s Damage

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Boy oh boy. Remember we said that after Obama left office, we’d find out the damage he did? It’s much worse than I imagined. Under Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, the Department of Justice pushed the states to pass new laws. The goal was to make it impossible to hold repeat offenders in jail before trial. Continue reading “Thomas Wictor: Obama’s Damage”

Polina Posts XXVII: Progressive Women’s Sufferage

-Progressives fought for women’s suffrage to purify the elections using supposedly purer female voters.-

Step back a bit.

The world would be more peaceful if it was run by women Diversity yes.

There you go. Not a fucking thing has changed. Any alterations are semantic.

What did Teddy love to do with Progressivism? Use the military to achieve American goals abroad.
Who keeps calling for fucking war with other countries governments? People think this has changed or that these people aren’t true progressives. All you need to do is dig past the surface bullshit and it’s all still there. At most the wording has changed. Everything else is still the same. All of this is also pretty much review. But I was back at the page and fuck you. Black labour, Green labour, Brown labour.

Tater Tot: Irish Baby

damn I love these things

Polina Posts: XXIV: Response to When The Nazis Come Marching In

When the Nazis Come Marching In

I never feared the First Amendment until white supremacists came to my hometown.

Also from Foreign Policy*. Do you understand what is going on yet?

For the Framers, the thinking went, free speech was just speech, nothing more and nothing less. The best way to deal with the most appalling speakers would be to ignore them, in the hope that they would go away or drown trying to be heard. That they wouldn’t survive the marketplace of ideas. It’s the same reason we tried to ignore Donald Trump for so long or at least failed to take him seriously. Or so I wrote in 2015. We tried to ignore Steve Bannon and Milo Yiannopoulos. We tried to ignore Ann Coulter and Richard Spencer. We ignored them for so long and for so hard that they now get to ignore us. And these days, people who used to feel free to shout and threaten are emboldened to punch, body-slam, and stab.

Imagine believing that these people were ignored. Imagine believing that ignoring them caused this. Don’t because she doesn’t either

That is what has become of free speech in this country. That is why I was contemplating breaking up with it. I don’t think I’m alone, either. There are a lot of people out there who feel that they ignored racist, xenophobic, sexist white supremacists at their own peril, for months and years, when they should have been punching back. And now, a lot of people in my town are not quite sure what to do.

“Punch a Nazi” apparently did not happen.

-Many progressives are sick and tired because they have found that their attempts to protect free speech-

Has not happens since the 60s.
She goes on to do exactly what many predicted they would do. Remember the self-referencing image? It never existed but someone said it did and now it references itself as proof of existence. Every time a news story that isn’t accurate has been posted by MSM only to be shyly corrected later, is this very concept.
Like the Bernie guy in portland.
He’s still a “White supremacist” but now they mention, without the full details, he attended Free Speech rallies.

I see the lines behind everything and it is driving me back into insanity.

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Polina Posts X: Immigration & Intergration


-The Virginia neighborhood of Fairfax County ranks with parts of those other cities as having the highest percentage of children from immigrants in its public schools, with 78 percent of students coming from immigrant households, according to a report that the Center for Immigration Studies is releasing Thursday.-

Over three quarters, god damn

-Miami-Dade County in Florida has four areas where at least 80 percent of students are from immigrant-led homes. In one of those, a part of Hialeah City, a staggering 93 percent of students belong to immigrant households.-

-“The biggest issue for me is: Can the level of immigration be so high that it overwhelms the assimilation process?”-

Imagine you alone are surrounded by something vs you are surrounding something that is alone.

-President Clinton, launching his race initiative in 1997, highlighted the surrounding Fairfax County as a model for integration. He sent his race commission to Bailey’s Elementary School, in the heart of Culmore, to study diversity and integration. At the time Mr. Clinton highlighted the region, Fairfax’s public school system was 64 percent white, 14 percent Asian, 11 percent black and 10 percent Hispanic.

Twenty years later, whites are 40 percent of the student population, while Hispanics have more than doubled to 24 percent, Asians have risen to 19 percent and blacks have held nearly steady at 10 percent. Five percent identify as multiracial.-

 “at least we have tacos”
-Culmore and surrounding areas have long been a breeding ground for ethnic gangs, with MS-13 in particular using it as a foothold in the region.-
We went from “Of course they will learn English it’s what the schools teach.” to “Demanding they speak english is racist.”
-Although not a one-to-one correlation, immigrant population serves as an indicator of some costly special circumstances, such as a higher percentage of students who are struggling to learn English.-
-In the Annandale region, 72 percent of students speak a foreign language at home, according to the report.
Most of those are speaking Spanish, but a large number speak Vietnamese and nearly 10 percent speak Kru, a West African language.
All told, 21 languages are spoken at immigrant homes in Annandale.-
oh god my fucking ears
-One Loudoun County, Virginia, region reported 23 languages spoken at homes, with Spanish, Vietnamese and Telegu topping the list.-
I’ve never even heard of this
-The biggest polyglot nationally was part of Alameda County, California, which had 27 languages spoken at homes. Spanish, Korean and Chinese were the most common.-
-Mr. Camarota’s study suggests it’s not just immigrants who are speaking other languages at home. In parts of Texas, only half of the students are from immigrant-led homes, but as much as 90 percent of the households speak languages other than English at home.-
What in the fuck did Texas just out California us?


-The challenge for schools, Mr. Camarota said, is that even as the number of children of immigrants rises, the tax bases don’t grow as quickly because immigrant families tend to have lower incomes than native-born families.-

-He said that raises a number of policy questions, including whether the government should do a better job picking immigrants should impose stricter limits on the number arriving or offer more assistance to school systems  grappling with the challenge of assimilation.-



“but there are poor americans therefore your complaints about poor immigrants are silly haha”


“they’re already destitute so whats a few more destitute if it’s better being destitute here than there?”

wish I had hit one of these people instead of that old homeless woman.

“yes immigrants may be on welfare but so are many americans hahaha

Nothing. It’s fucking meaningless bullshit meant to clog up an argument. The only outcome is argument for more welfare because welfare dependents exist. Oh right that’s their policy.

“I’m not arguing we somehow not educate these kids. They make up almost a quarter of the kids in America. How these kids do is extremely important for the future of the country,” he said. “The question is: Does it make sense to keep adding to this population and creating new strains and challenges for schools? The debate over immigration — nobody even talks about that.”-

-Analysts say the surge of immigrants is a result of changes in U.S. policies dating back decades, which put a higher priority on family ties, created a random lottery to admit tens of thousands of people a year and largely turned the other eye on illegal immigration.

Family unit for the immigrants.
empowered single woman for you

-President Trump has suggested shifting the system to place a bigger priority on merit-based immigration, which could attract better-educated and wealthier immigrants -Immigrant rights groups have bristled at that suggestion-

That means it’s good.

-saying a strength of the U.S. system is the ability to bring extended families.

That’s bullshit

-After Mr. Trump mentioned his merit-based plans in his address to Congress last month, Greg Chen, advocacy director at the American Immigration Lawyers Association, said it was “merely code to exclude those who seek to join family members in the United States.”-

And if it is? So the fuck what?

Explain this immigration policy where it must be kept loose and open because of some future possibility that someone might at some point consider maybe going to the united states for like, I dunno to see Juan for a day or two maybe you know if the weather is nice.

I’m sorry does our national existence inconvenience you?

What a fucking shame that is for you.

-“There is a wealth of research proving that immigrants improve the economy through purchasing power and their participation in the labor force. Immigration is good for our economy and our nation,” he said

Nope not this time. You fucking nullified that argument when you and the news outlets started bitch about how such a flood of labor into mexico would harm it’s economy, wages, resources and workforce. After the deportations started. Get a new fucking argument you made that one known for the bullshit it was yourselves.

-Mr. Camarota’s data did not distinguish between families whose parents are in the U.S. legally versus those in the country without authorization. Under Supreme Court precedent, children are guaranteed a public education no matter what their status.-

Brilliant fucking idea.

Polina Posts IX: And Now A Lesson On Media


And now a lesson on media. Does Trump actually have the power to enact a temporary halt on immigration? We’ve done it multiple times before, multiple multiple times before. The legal work isn’t even arguing that the president cannot do this. It is arguing that HE cannot do this. Him. Specifically. Because he is “bigoted”. That is what the legal work is submitting and it’s basis for 1st Amendment claims. It is bypassing the law itself and how it is written and thus enforced, and using personal criticism as a means to subvert the law. If you believed this was part of checks and balances you are a fucking idiot.

And here is an important lesson children; if you heard “checks and balances” and thought, well I know what those two words mean so I know what that statement means, you’re part of this problem. The Semantic Problem. You have no fucking idea what that actually means. You just know the words used and assumed the definition and then, somehow, APPLIED THIS TO AREAS YOU HAVE NO IDEA IF IT EVEN APPLIES TO IN SITUATIONS YOU HAVE NO IDEA IF IT APPLIES TO LET ALONE HOW IT APPLIES. We have a serious problem with this and hence, why we have problems in amendments about free speech, firearms and church and state. People read the names and then think, well I get that. Free Speech. Of course.

You don’t.
You have no fucking clue.
You know you have no fucking clue too. But you FEEL it is the right way it should be.

So you make it a meme and this is how marxists intend to use language to craft reality DO YOU SEE WHERE I AM GOING WITH THIS ISSUE

Rather than our language and legal terminology rising from the reality of the situations as they manifest, you are making them instead, all about how you feel something is or should be and thus, crafting an outcome via precedence and misnomers. Our law will no longer be about dealing with situations it will be about enabling them.

Think of this. What do you think the legal precedence is going to be if you can dismiss a law based on PERCEIVED bigotry? Based in a past statement. The statement is not even being represented truthfully.

Do you have the slightest fucking clue as to how little this is a mother fucking game you are playing?

WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH MEDIA DIRECTLY? Alright lets touch this. He knows what he can and cannot do. He says the constant court clogging over nothing makes us look weak.

Because we are divided politically to the extent we have judges pulling cases they know have no legal basis. So, keeping in mind what I said about semantics and about knowing and thinking one knows what things really are. This is how media represents this. And many will believe it because, they don’t actually know jack shit.

This is how you can portray acting in line with the law as betraying the law. You know. Exactly what they’re doing. And we reach this again
Rule number fucking one of the playbook:
Accuse others of what you are guilty of.

Look at what it took to de-tangle the bullshit in this thread. Do you think the average person has the time or care to learn this? This is how you render a society controllable and manipulate it. Make it a giant pain in the ass to do anything other than submit. And that is why Peace through Submission is the definition. If you saw this going down every single day, you’d be angry too. Thankfully I am already mentally damaged and just hold grudges.

 Hell hath no end for it is eternal.

Polina Boilerplate

Polina Posts VIII: Voting, Democrats, and Globalism


I feel it’s kind of important to repeat something. LA county (9Mil+ Pop) in general election saw 2 mil total votes. 3 quarters dem, one quarter rep.
Out of over 9 million.

It interests me because you get a sense of just how easy it would be to totally flip places with a concentrated effort among the apathy. If nobody really participates you could easily control outcomes with enough money and influence. Participation is pretty important.
It is the entire point after all
11.45% of LA registered voters participated.
I mean, look at that. How hard would it really be? Recent vote on that.

-People here seem more political than in the past — they go to a lot of protests and town halls, and they fill their social media accounts with anti-GOP screeds. But less than 12% of eligible voters showed up.-

Bitching is a pleasurable use of time to many. Reading about this crap usually isn’t. I get pleasure from both. Articles about this note that, while it is just local elections which is always lower, not even in the highly politicized times of today can the urge to participate be stirred.

So I’m wondering is it possible this is the purpose of teaching Civics as non-participation in but agitation against the state? Instead of voting and participating, people think they’re involved by not being involved at all. They think they change things on streets.
You bleed the voter pool out into distraction and useless activity and encourage them not to participate. After that, what’s left could be easily overcome with some effort and persuasion.

Back to the articles the obvious answer of course is that local election issues here had little if anything to do with Trump. But that’s not the full case this time. They still made it all about him through media to try and stir the vote.
It failed.

 -And after millions of dollars were spent making Trump the issue on everything from land use decisions to fixing potholes, Angelenos stayed home. That could mean trouble for Democrats nationwide.-

The Dems already had a problem with this. Their attention for more local races has always been fairly low. Hence why the party is so

weak right now especially. They were clearly hoping that he would revitalize voters to get involved.
Now they don’t seem to know what to do.

A reminder:
This isn’t about a nation wide election nor some place where there’s often a balance. This is Los Angeles county. Southern California. 11.45% TOTAL registered voters. I’d be shitting my pants.

-The question for Democrats: If these core groups in L.A. didn’t show up on Tuesday, will their counterparts elsewhere show up for the 2018 midterm? Perhaps there’s a cosmetic solution to this problem — better messaging, for instance — but perhaps not.-

This is of course, symptomatic of a larger issue facing the party. It stands for nothing. It only stands in opposition. Most of what it has have been reduced to meaningless platitudes and what remains still falls flat on the juxtaposition with Globalism.
As it turns out mass immigration does not help the poor nor the environment and the issue of resource replenishment.

So far it seems that the biggest problem right now is that, democrats did not adopt Globalism as much as Globalism adopted them. What remains cares more about Globalist principles and will sacrifice Democrat ones to maintain them. Where one begins and other ends anymore is already difficult enough to discern.

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@TheRealPolina Posts V: Resentment for the Poor

Outside flight of capital another reason a high tax rate might not be so great, nor progressive tax policies; Resentment. Said reason was covered when that woman wrote about resentment for the poor (lower class, US) in the middle class (working class, US).

I can attest this exists and it can grow deathly bitter.

Add on to that that the demographic of that class is demonized and hated in society while the people they detest are praised and taken care of, at their expense, while they see no help themselves, one wonders the point.

Why try and struggle at it on your own while the government takes from you when you could just let the government take care of you. Emergency services for illegals kids turned into a whole care system. The argument then was that the kids shouldn’t suffer because of their parents. A few decades later and you could guess what happened even if you didn’t already know. Send them back as well.

When we have hit the point that “university is a must for all” is an issue and “scholarships for illegals is an investment” becomes the idea while they won’t even invest in the people who are already here and actually their own; All while the state threatens to secede over.

FOREIGN. NATIONALS. IN THE COUNTRY ILLEGALLY. who’s lives you pay for while they bleed that pay out of the nation to their own, you begin to start thinking of who rules over you.

The moment you see your own government as foreign interested and illegitimate, you give yourself permission to do almost anything against it. When people around you you care about start to suffer but the state does not care and demands you care for people not even of you, you stop empathizing on a base level with them even as people.

Suddenly any pain removing them may cause to them seems trivial. After-all, had the laws been followed in the first place the issue wouldn’t even exist. Had thought been measured and not just pursuing ideology expecting reality to adjust, the consequences of ignoring it wouldn’t exist. A refusal to respect basic laws and mannerisms of Nations interacting does not make for much empathy.

Media can publish all the “bloo bloo bloo” stories they want. Plaster whole pages with sad little kids.

You wore me out through lies.

Polina Post Boilerplate. Source

@TheRealPolina Posts IV: Washington Post vs Mass Immigration

Polina Post boilerplate. Source

In which we discuss the Washington Post’s article about the consequences of mass immigration. And that it is acknowledged…for Mexico

Their arrival — along with a surge of undocumented immigrants leaving the United States voluntarily —promises to transform Mexican society in the same way their departure did. Trump, who made immigration enforcement a centerpiece of his campaign, has been clear that he views illegal immigrants as potential security threats and competitors to Americans for jobs. This week, he told journalists at a private lunch that he might be open to a comprehensive immigration overhaul that includes a path to legal status for those who had not committed crimes. But Trump did not mention such a plan in his remarks to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, emphasizing his deportation initiatives instead. About 500 deported Mexicans, including some who had been picked up when Obama was in office, are arriving here daily.

In which we note problems we have faced from this, that we were called racist and xenophobic for daring to note, but is okay for them to note.

In which we note that these things being negatives are said to be lies. But only to us.

In which we note how money drained from us directly is sent directly to Mexico and is so large it pulls in more for them than even Oil.

In which we note how previous admins abided and even aided this process for illegals.

In which we note, the famed and quickly forgotten “braindrain”, may be in balance.

In which, the government that dedicated millions to forestalling mexican deportation, “suddenly cares”.

In which we note how mass immigration is a burden on society no matter what because it is “mass”.

In which we note, had the border been protected in the first place, this would not be an issue. This is called having foresight. In which we come to understand WHY there must be a wall and tight security. Because our border will not be respected of their own will.

In which we learn why foresight is necessary in preventing such situations from reoccurring. Because people believe there are no consequences.

In which we learn that the United States educating foreign nationals at it’s own cost, is fucking abnormal.


In which the deported learn to appreciate what they abused. In which Mexico learns of illegal entitlement.

“but I’m entitled to it by exista—”

Welcome to the difference between European philosophy, American philosophy, and everyone else. Welcome to the realities of life and the world. Everything is earned or earned and secured for the next generation. You are owed nothing.

Welcome to bureaucracy, the result of government being given too much control. Welcome to learning that the world is not the United States.


In which we learn, why the coddling socialist ways of the previous generations, must die. They are the effete dreams of insulated academics.

Struggle and hardship build what complacency and naivety give away. It secures from exploitation what was made by those who came before.

@TheRealPolina Posts III: Borders II Self-interest masked as a caring attitude for others

The following is written by @therealpolina, and compiled by GoneNovaAU/Dark Futures for easier reading. Any added emphasis is mine.

Or does “Alt Right” mean “White People Will Not Give Up Our Power to Define What Is and What Isn’t American”?

As opposed to what? The masses of foreign nationals who willingly violated the border that is the majority of illegals? The same people low enough to have brought their children or had children once inside the country hoping to use them either as a legal loophole for claiming benefits through, or an empathetic argument in order to remain?

As opposed to what? The citizen has no right to determine who is a citizen and who is not but the non-citizen should. Fallacious self-importance built off horrible historical meta-narratives. Unless you wish to apply this to all. But that makes your statements about whites hypocritical from your own perspective. Unless it’s just dishonest bargaining in a bid to tie up and halt any argument with a non-point. Hypocrisy or intentional stalling in non-argument?

Unless you’re arguing for a reconquesta your statements have no purpose. Even if you are you’re arguing it, that only holds up within a specific time frame that you have decided arbitrarily. A view harder to maintain in the face of modern identities, unless you wish to argue the very recent creation of the countries south of the US are not just that or because of the mixed race of so many that they get precedence.

And again, as opposed to what exactly? People who did not know of the Enlightenment? The European philosophies upon which the country is based? People who had little advanced concept of a state?  People who did not conquer and build a US themselves? I’m a mixed. An early settlers family, heretics from Europe, and a recent immigrant family from Mexico. You want precedence by chronological snobbery and cherry picking? Then I claim superior precedence. And you do not want to go that route.

Strange argument. Arguing against ethnicity as a decider while arguing for ethnicity as a decider.

Sum total null.

Arguing against citizenship as a decider while arguing for foreign citizenship as a decider.


If the borders do not exist then the country is rendered but a suggestion afforded by the indifference or kindness of others. And the more my indifference and kindness run out, the less I care about “the exceptions”. Not our fault peoples parents thought so little of them as to use them as legal and emotional heft for their benefit. You want an argument of shortsightedness? Arguing against the definitions of the country while claiming to be trying to gain citizenship, you know, while trying to render it totally null as meaning anything. Self-interest masked as a caring attitude for others, the empathetic argument, is the most disgusting and dubious of positions.