Polina Posts XVIII: Response to Andrew Sullivan


(Article that Polina is responding to)

Sullivan Economic pressure can be the backdrop to real cultural anxiety and make it much worse. And I think the trouble is that people have not fully grappled with the enormous changes that happened in this country over the last 50 years. This is going to be the first white-majority country to become the first white-minority country in the history of the world. The kind of mass immigration we’ve had a lot of it done illegally of the last 30 years, has been extraordinary. We’re now at the highest point of foreign-born population in the united states that we’ve ever been in and I’m one of them. I’m an immigrant. I came here in 1984. but I still count as an immigrant. I’m a citizen of the United states. But of course, that has changed dramatically the racial composition of this country. We’re not allowed to talk about this. But this is what people clearly are responding to. You can call it racism in a way. But you can also say that it’s simply an instinct, that they don’t want their entire society to be radically changed overnight or over a couple decades. The America that they grew up with is not the America that they see winning. And I think combined with the rather aggressive more than rather, extremely aggressive attempts by the sort of social justice crowd, to implicate anybody with this discomfort as utter racists and bigots and fascists, has only entrenched their sense of cultural isolation and siege and made the resilience of the support for Trump even greater.

There’s a problem I’m not sure he understands in this.
Because they see resistance to immigration as racist, immigrants thus bring out the racism “hiding in the shadows” that can then be attacked directly. They know it’s destabilizing, that’s why they do it. It’s not that they don’t understand this is tearing the social fabric apart, it’s that they see this as a sort of societal cleansing. For them, More Immigrants = More Tolerance and More Ousting of Racists and thus More Acceptance and Cohesion.

They think whites prevent a perfect society free of discrimination and a society of total cohesion.
But this is old. Whites are the new Jews.

Consider the Following: What did the old Neo-Nazi in Sweden think giving housing to Refugees would do?
He donated housing because he thought it would either make his country come to hate them or scare out the Jews, like elsewhere.

Fun fact: There’s a Jewish anti-zionist theory that Israel is doing all of these things to make Jews all gather in Israel.

Immigration as a weapon is not a new idea. Just one not talked much about outside these sorts of circles. A lot of people don’t seem to understand that, without clearly drawn lines in place and an assurance that there’s an order by which everyone must follow, everyone starts to feel discriminated against. No one feels anything is fair and everyone becomes worried that situations that should be basic for security and society are not under control at all. Tension begins to manifest.

We’re in a bad, bad dynamic here. And I think it’s perfectly legitimate to argue that in order for the wave of immigrants that we’ve had over the past couple of decade to be properly integrated and assimilated into this country, we could do with a pause. We could do with stronger enforcement against illegal immigration and we could do with, I think, a decline of legal immigration. That is simply a matter of digesting this kind of social change. It can’t be done overnight without a backlash, a huge backlash. That’s what we’re dealing with. And I think we have to be realistic about that, to understand that combined with that is also an enormous revolution since the 1960s in the role of women, in the rights of homosexuals, in the sexual revolution, in the way which Christianity has become essentially a minority practice in this country in a  way that was never understood or conceived of before.

All these things come together to make people feel really under siege. Now you can criticize that. Yo can lambaste it. But it’s very human. It may not be defensible but it’s very understandable. And I think we should not so much condemn people as try and understand it and try and adjust out policies to make sure it doesn’t have the kind of awful effects that it just had in electing this hideous buffoon to the presidency.

He’s right about how this should be handled.
“Yes, you can argue this and that moral argument, but that doesn’t change anything, does it?”

They of course, do not care because that reaction is exactly what they want drawn out. For them, society defines nature of people, not the other way around. If that wont change, they want to get rid of the people’s nature.

When everyone is everyone no one is anyone. So what are you really replacing? People with people. So what’s the difference?
Peoples become things. If it’s not doing what you want, just replace it. There’s nothing innately special about anyone.
So, you get mass immigration when you get loss of identity.

He operates on the idea that they just don’t know the reality of what’s happening and what’s coming. The problem is they don’t care.

Krasny Racism is real. And it can indeed metastasize. What should be done about it then?

Sullivan I’m not sure whether politics can shift what’s going on within people’s souls and minds. I think that what you have, more than simply permanent racism although I’m not denying that it exists, of course and that it’s widespread in many ways. but it’s a response to the sense of the otherness taking over what they believed was their America. Now I don’t have any problems with that. I think America is a multicultural, multiracial wonder in many ways. But I am worried, given what we know about human nature, given our tribal instincts, given our instinctive in-group and out-group feelings, that if we rush this process too fast, if we do not allow people some space and time to digest this and to understand it, we’re going to provoke a reaction, which is leading across the world to reactionary politics in the ascendant. You see it in Britain. You see it in France. You are seeing it in Germany as well, where mass immigration is turning otherwise rather moderate and liberal and centrist countries into countries that are polarized between the far-right and the aggressive left. And that’s not good for anybody. And I believe in arresting that, addressing that. I mean take Britain.

Krasny Was that a slip there, Andrew? A little Freudian slip, when you said “arresting”.

When you were an isolationist Anglo-Saxon nation but you let in other Europeans and a Zionist wrote a poem. So now you never were.


We should reduce it. I don’t see any reason why that isn’t a complete legitimate argument, that we should have a pause, that we should attempt to assimilate and integrate those immigrants who are already here, myself included. The last time we reached something like 14.9, 15 percent of the population foreign-born was in the 1920s. And that resulted in a very draconian anti-immigration law in 1924. That was liberalized in 1965 dramatically. And I think to avoid a kind of draconian shutdown we should make sure that the laws are enforced and that we should perhaps reduce the amount of legal immigrants we take every year, to keep the society together, to allow the possibility for this experiment in multiculturalism, an unprecedented experiment, I might add, in the history of the world — to succeed.

People don’t realize that multiracial societies and multicultural societies are very rare in history. Almost never happened before. There were cities and ports in which it happened. There were empires in which it occurred. But no actual country defined itself as a multicultural society. And it’s a very difficult thing for human beings to grapple with. And that’s what we need to understand, if not agree with.

That would probably be because empires are inherently multi-cultural and the Nation-State is inherently not.

Krasny [asking about the forces driving support for Trump] — You say that more than anything else it’s … a love of the past.

Sullivan — Yes, it is. A love of the past over the present is sort of a conservative instinct. This is a real loathing of the present and a sort of very profound belief that if we just go back to a very distant past we can somehow, to coin a phrase, make America great again. That is a pure reactionary slogan. And reactionism is very powerful in the human soul, especially when it’s combined with exactly these social, cultural, and racial changes that are happening in our society and many others.

Krasny — We’ve seen a pattern all along, as you’ve pointed out in your writing, even in places like Japan and Poland, let alone throughout Europe with Brexit and so forth. But a shift back in France, with Le Pen being defeated?

“Even in place like Japan and Poland” What the hell did they think these places were like?

Sullivan — Well, you can see it as that. You can see it as a reprieve, and I would. But the forces underlying this are not going away. And the forces of this — that the economy is separating out a lot of people into two zones: college-educated and non-college-educated. And the non-college-educated, people who rely often on physical labor for their work and their livelihood, are really in the losing end of our current economy. At the same time, those who are college-educated, who are smart, have unprecedented access to wealth and they have managed to create in certain cities, including San Francisco to some extent, as well as New York, Washington, London, a sort of multicultural vibe in which very low-paid immigrants serve this very wealthy cognitive elite. And increasingly those places become their own bubbles. They don’t even understand the people that are outside of it.

We call it the world city and you don’t want to know what we call what comes next.

And increasingly those who are in the heartland also don’t understand these people, but they know that they’re elites. And they know that the elites in this country have been, at the very least, incompetent over the last 25 years. And they believe their country is being taken away from them. And that is a powerful recipe for reactionary politics. And we need to understand that. And I don’t see any of those trends diminishing. I see them actually accelerating. I see the decline of the non-college-educated in the economy becoming worse and worse, aided and abetted by globalization and by technology and automation. I also see the influx of mass immigration in many countries intensifying, the demographics in each of those countries becoming different. I mean, for example, the most common baby boy’s name in Britain right now is Mohammed. That’s a real shift in what England means. And there’s going to be a reaction to it.

>The next King will be a Sultan.

Sullivan [on extremes of conservative support for the free market] — What the right is beginning to understand is; the market is not the ultimate authority, that we don’t just live in an economy, we live in a country, and that politics always has to take precedence over economics. And that’s always been a sort of tension within the right over the last 30 years. On the one hand, they have traditional values. On the other hand, they’re in favor of free-market capitalism that erodes those values more quickly than any other force we’ve known in human history. They’re in favor of a more homogeneous, coherent society and yet the needs for imported cheap labor have overruled and been allowed to completely trample any sense of the notion of a country with borders or a country that’s dedicated to its own citizens more than to those abroad.

He describes the Neo-Con contradictions and also lays out the conflict on the right playing out.

-we don’t just live in an economy, we live in a country, and that politics always has to take precedence over economics.–On the one hand, they have traditional values. On the other hand, they’re in favor of free-market capitalism that erodes those values more quickly than any other force we’ve known in human history.–They’re in favor of a more homogeneous, coherent society and yet the needs for imported cheap labor have overruled and been allowed to completely trample any sense of the notion of a country with borders or  a country that’s dedicated to its own citizens more than to those abroad.-

Sullivan [lamenting the intolerant left] — The intolerance and loathing and hatred of vast numbers of people who are generalized across the country — anybody outside the cities. The way in which I hear in Manhattan or in DC or in these liberal elite centers the contempt and what I can only call bigotry toward large numbers of people throughout the country. The idea that some poor, struggling, white, working-class man has to be reminded by an upper-middle class college student that he is in fact privileged is an assault. [Sullivan expresses understanding at those who are angry at] the over-reach and smugness and self-righteousness and near bigotry of many on the left toward, for example, ordinary religious people or people that want to see their country stay roughly as it was when they grew up. … The reaction to it is incredibly powerful force here. It’s cultural. …


Studies that have come out … that look into the motives of voters in the last election are coming to the conclusion that, yes, it’s cultural anxiety that is really fueling this; a sense of beleaguerment, a sense of being held in contempt by those who are running the country. And they put Trump up. Really, he was a murder weapon. He was a way to say, “We don’t care how completely moronic this person is because we are issuing a signal of distress. … If 46 percent of the country vote for such a person, it is our duty and responsibility to understand that 46 percent and to engage, not condemn.

Not happening and never will.

Sullivan [distinguishing the hard left from the moderate left] — I’m talking about the hard left here that controls Berkeley, that controls most campuses in this country and that tends to dominate the elite. … The discourse seems to be driven increasingly by the radicals and by the extreme progressives. And so many liberals are too scared to take on the left, to say, “Hold on a minute. Why are you calling half the country bigots because they have a different point of view than you? And the intimidation factor is quite high. … I think that understanding that other people might have a different point of view is critical for our liberal democracy to survive. It’s not just Trump that’s threatening it. It is the far right and the far left who are together setting the agenda in this country in a way that the center has been completely eclipsed. And the center must hold if our democracy is going to hold. Liberals have got to be more courageous in standing up to the left. And conservatives really have to be more upright in confronting Trump extremism.

I think you’re out of your element now. Things you’ve said here would have you branded one of us by conservatives.

>Trump extremism

Nigga I wish

Where you would fall.
“National Sovereignty and racial acknowledgment”
Last feather on the wing.

The former along gets you Right-Wing now.

Bold emphasis is mine.

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Polina Posts XVII: American Left Prefers Dead Americans


(Article link)

It’s a report about findings in a moral question. Don’t worry. Wow that made it sound even worse.

-Turned out the racial identities did indeed color peoples’ judgments — but it colored them differently depending on their political bent. –

-Yet liberals proved just as prejudiced here as conservatives were, but in reverse: While self-described conservatives more readily accepted the sacrifice of Tyrone than they did killing Chip, the liberals were easier about seeing Chip sacrificed than Tyrone.-

-We wanted to find a sample of more sort of, you know, real people. So we went in Orange County-

I have a problem with that but anyway

– we got people who are actually Republicans and actually Democrats, not wishy-washy college students. -The effect just got stronger. –

-If you’re wondering whether this is just because conservatives are racist—well, it may well be that conservatives are more racist. But it appears in these studies that the effect is driven [primarily] by liberals saying that they’re more likely to agree with pushing the white man and [more likely to] disagree with pushing the black man.-

-They offered some other scenarios too, about collateral damage in military situations, for instance, and found similar differences: Conservatives accepted collateral damage more easily if the dead were Iraqis than if they were Americans, while liberals accepted civilian deaths more readily if the dead were Americans rather than Iraqis.-

You know once you toss the nationality into it he’s right, it really is driven by the liberals

>Conservative preferences that the White/American.
>Liberal preferences everybody but those two.
Combined, you should probably adopt the “around never relax” philosophy near liberals.

“But for the non-american?”
ICE them.

Hold on I want to do that again

-liberals accepted civilian deaths more readily if the dead were Americans rather than Iraqis-

So yea, seven year old old study tells you what you already knew. They’re fine with you dying so they welcome “refugees” so they don’t.

There you go.

Polina Posts XV: Diversity Immigrant Visas


Diversity Immigrant Visas

-In December 2005, the United States House of Representatives voted 273–148 to add an amendment to the border enforcement bill H.R. 4437 abolishing the DV. Opponents of the lottery said it was susceptible to fraud and was a way for terrorists to enter the country.

The Senate never passed the bill.

The terrorist Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, an immigrant from Egypt, a country not on the list of state sponsors of terrorism, was among the beneficiaries of the program-

For fucks sake.

-In March 2007, Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) introduced H.R. 1430, which would eliminate the diversity visa program. n June 2007, the U.S. House passed H.R. 2764 to eliminate funding for the program, and the Senate did likewise in September. However, the final version of this bill with amendments, signed into law on December 26, 2007, did not include the removal of funds for the program.-

-Rep. Goodlatte reintroduced his Security and Fairness Enhancement for America Act (formerly H.R. 1430, now H.R. 2305) on May 7, 2009. The bill would have amended the Immigration and Nationality Act to eliminate the diversity immigrant program completely, but did not pass. –

None of this is ever going to end

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) introduced the Save America Comprehensive Immigration Act of 2009 (H.R. 264) on January 7, 2009. The bill would have doubled the number of diversity visas available to 110,000 yearly. The bill did not pass.-

You fucking bitch.

-Those born in any territory that has sent more than 50,000 immigrants to the United States in the previous five years are not eligible to receive a diversity visa.-

Yea that’ll be enforced.

For DV-2018, natives of the following nations are ineligible: Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (mainland-born), Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories, and Vietnam.

y south america no leik south america


nigga you funny
you a funny nigga

Why in gods name is there a visa that just goes on to every country on the world and say, “You win a free life in the USA”

“Starting in 1986”

Gas the boomers

-The third program, AA-1, ran from 1992 to 1994 and was available for natives from a select group of countries that had been  “adversely affected” by earlier immigration laws.-

Oh my god its a virtue signal visa

-The Immigration Act of 1990 established the current and permanent Diversity Visa (DV) program-
-Also known as the Schumer Program.-

Yes. I just now looked at the “Schumer Program” and the sponsor it was named after.


He is.

I don’t much care for what ya call the Jewish folk these days.

Related to Amy Schumer

So help me fucking god

Schumer, along with California senator Dianne Feinstein, authored the 1994 Assault Weapo-

*heavy breathing*

-Schumer is pro-choice, and has been given a 100% rating by NARAL Pro-Choice America though he received some criticism for attending a gala in 2007 hosted by Efrat—an organization that seeks to reduce abortion among Israeli Jews.


-In April 2012, he introduced a bill that would kill Arizona’s anti-immigration law, SB 1070 and ones like it if the Supreme Court were to rule in favor of the states e backed his position, saying:
“States like Arizona and Alabama will no longer be able to get away with saying they are simply ‘helping the federal government’ to enforce the law when they are really writing their own laws and knowingly deploying untrained officers with a mission of arresting anyone and everyone who might fit the preconceived profile of an illegal immigrant.”-

Conjecture and rhetoric every fucking time.

-In 2017,-

I’m already mad

just after the Trump administration issued Executive Order 13769, two Muslim athletes from India were denied visas to compete in a world snowshoe championship at Saranac Lake, New York, Schumer made inquiries which resulted in the visas being granted. However, the embassy stated that the denial was unrelated to the recent executive order, but was merely “a standard adjudication based on the merit of the case.”-

You worthless fucking yid

Polina post boilerplate

Polina Posts XIV: Being White in America; Dying from Despair.


Being White in America; Dying from Despair.

As it turns out the “societal benefits” of being white don’t outweigh the toll a doctrine of endless self-hatred takes. Imagine you’re on that middle and lower middle that just gets by with ever shrinking opportunities that are chased out when policies make it become capital flight, which you are told is just fine because they were just greedy assholes anyway, see we help the worker.

You turn on the television after finding out today that the chain you work for is turning your full time position into a part time.
Your store is closing anyway.

On comes the crust of the socialites of entertainment, whom it seems more and more are a sort of oligarchy, and they tell you:
“Your very existence is a stain on this world of color. You have it so easy. You don’t know strife, I had to be Jewish YOU EARNED NOTHING.”

“Black power!”

*Roaring applause*

You look forward to trying to read the news tomorrow through the 30+ headliners repeating the sentiment and wishing you’d just die already.

Your college aged kid who’s visiting for the holidays walks into the room, you think, you can’t even tell they’re still male or female, and tells you that they hate you, again, and how you ruined them by trying to raise them in a way they were told turned them into an oppressor. They toss up a black power fist and yell something about white supremacy then go back to fucking their third of fourth partner of the week.

Do you:
A. shotgun a six pack?
B. pop four more analgesics?
C. both?

Data says you’ll likely choose C.
A few times before the night is done, and then die there. The only people you still know will celebrate your death as a victory for “literally everyone but Hitler”.  You leave them nothing, even if you had actually wanted to, because more and more of your ever devaluing wages is taken from you. After a life of struggle and trying to do right by even just those around you, you leave the world loved by no one. Hated by everyone in what used to be your country. No country belongs to the very people it hates the most. You leave without even that. For some people, what I’ve just said makes them angry from the “audacity” of it, though none of it is wrong. For me, when I think of my family and my friends being subjected to such a horrid and undeserved fate, I get a sort of angry too.

Theirs is the kind that caused this. Mine killed sixty million people.

-The combined effect means that mortality rates of whites with no more than a high school degree, which were around 30 percent lower than mortality rates of blacks in 1999, grew to be 30 percent higher than blacks by 2015.-

-Case and Deaton find that deaths of despair are rising in parallel for both men and women without a high school degree, and that deaths of despair have increased in all parts of the country and at every level of urbanization.-

-The states with the highest mortality rates from drugs, alcohol and suicide, among white non-Hispanics aged 45-54, are geographically scattered. In 2000, the epidemic was centered in the southwest. By the mid-2000s it had spread to Appalachia, Florida, and the west coast. Today, it’s country-wide.-

-The authors suggest that the increases in deaths of despair are accompanied by a measurable deterioration in economic and social wellbeing, which has become more pronounced for each successive birth cohort. Marriage rates and labor force participation rates fall between successive birth cohorts while reports of physical pain, and poor health and mental health rise.-

-Case and Deaton document an accumulation of pain, distress, and social dysfunction in the lives of working class whites that took hold as the blue-collar economic heyday of the early 1970s ended, and continued through the 2008 financial crisis and the subsequent slow recovery.-

What did the liberation of the women bring to them?

-White women have been dying prematurely at higher rates since the turn of this century, passing away in their 30s, 40s and 50s in a slow-motion crisis driven by decaying health in small-town America. Among African Americans, Hispanics and even the oldest white Americans, death rates have continued to fall. But for white women in what should be the prime of their lives, death rates have spiked upward. In one of the hardest-hit groups – rural white women in their late 40s – the death rate has risen by 30 percent.-

-In modern times, rising death rates are extremely rare and typically involve countries in upheaval,

//we are

such as Russia immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In affluent countries, people generally enjoy increasingly long lives, thanks to better cancer treatments; drugs that lower cholesterol and the risk of heart attacks; fewer fatal car accidents; and less violent crime.-

You know what’s a good plan for lowering crime?

Giving special privilege to people who committed a crime to get here.

But progress for middle-aged white Americans is lagging in many places – and has stopped entirely in smaller cities and towns and the vast open reaches of the country. The things that reduce the risk of death are now being overwhelmed by things that elevate it, including opioid abuse, heavy drinking, smoking and other self-destructive behaviors.

White men are also dying in midlife at unexpectedly high rates. But the most extreme changes in mortality have occurred among white women,who are far more likely than their grandmothers to be smokers, suffer from obesity or drink themselves to death.-

Are the men worse off?

-White women still outlive white men and African Americans of both sexes.- The men are always worse off.

It’s not fair to blame it on the 60s.

-But for the generations of white women who have come of age since the 1960s, that health advantage appears to be evaporating.-

The 60s were a fucking mistake.

Let’s all do tons of new, experimental drugs, fuck in the mud to druggies having a bad trip on a stage and pretend we’ll never get old.
What a strange change of pace. I wonder if that mass immigration that happened just after world war two is in any waIch sehe Dich.

Polina Posts XIII: Mass Communication and Relationships (now with added commentary)

This post has added commentary at the end, as this subject is one I have extensive thoughts on.

Polina’s Post


There was no worse time for mass communication to come about than when it did. It’s also made managing relationships and the after effects impossible. In the 60s the mistake many came to later realize they made was in thinking one could truly say whatever one felt at any time. They had followed the habits of “polite society” but had forgotten the “why” of it. When the question came around again, there was no answer. The answer was still there, but they had all forgotten it. They mistook meaningful tradition for habitual tradition. They had thought it was simply followed because no one had ever questioned it.
Thought about for more than ten seconds this is as ridiculous as it sounds.

Old laws and old ways broken, with simply nothing there to replace. A lot of people have said liberalism is an inherently negative thing now; this is how: It tears down everything but builds nothing. Instead, in the place of those things it gives chaos disguised as “true freedom”
All it does is pretend nothing is something.

We tore down all the old restrictions and stuffy rules and in it’s place we give you basic urges of a more animal state.
This is the new definition. Whatever you feel. No higher thought. No consideration. Just feel and react.

How liberalism is just post-modernism makes a lot more sense when you understand this is the chaos and identity politics is societal fracturing. Slavery to passions is the irrationality. The results are one large blur.

Global mass communication could not have come at a worse time. It amplifies all of the problems this creates. Meeting is instant. Leaving it agonizingly long.

In reality it seems, though not many people like it, the best option for a situation like this is the clearest and most obvious:

Cut them out completely.

With the way communication works now and how it factors into people’s lives, this is not a simple feat. It is however the choice between keeping a limb gangrene or amputating and cauterizing.

Secondary fact: Time does not heal all wounds.
Steel and fire can.
Harsh methods for forging through new founds problems of the modern age. You don’t hug a frontier, you beat the fucker into submission.

People are increasingly acquiring huge collections of digital possessions. Despite some pleas for ‘forgetting’ most theorists argue for retaining all these possessions to enhance ‘total recall’ of our everyday lives.

However, there has been little exploration of the negative role of digital possessions when We report on interviews with 24 people about their possessions after a romantic breakup. We found that digital possessions were often evocative and upsetting in this context leading to distinct disposal strategies with different outcomes.

The best general advice one can be given for life, applied literally or in less than conventional ways is this:
Sometimes you just have to start killing people.
And that’s okay.


This phenomenon isn’t exactly new. I think it’s worth quoting the bible here, as it was for centuries the core of Western Civilization:

For at one time we too were foolish, disobedient, misled, enslaved to all sorts of desires and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another. – Titus 3:3

Sounds a lot like…

We tore down all the old restrictions and stuffy rules and in it’s place we give you basic urges of a more animal state.
This is the new definition. Whatever you feel. No higher thought. No consideration. Just feel and react.

This is where we are now. We are currently undoing two thousand years of moral, intellectual, and cultural advancement. It is horrifying. Witches were burned at the stake less than 500 years ago. Nowdays it’s fashionable to blame religion for this, but the truth is that people just wanted to burn things. In Monty Python and the holy grail, a group of peasants ask their lord if they can burn a witch that they have “found.” That might be closer to the truth than you think.

People used to greatly enjoy the suffering of others whether they be people or animals. Cat burning was a type of popular entertainment in France prior to the 1800s. It really was popular, notable people would participate. To quote:

A famous midsummer day festivity in the Century Paris was to burn alive a dozen cats. The king and queen were usually present and the king or the dauphin [heir] would light a pyre. The cats were then tumbled into the flames from an overhead basket, and the crowd reveled in their cries.

“Certainly this is not really a worse spectacle than the burning of heretics, or the torturings and public executions of every kind” Elias writes. “It only appears worse because the joy in torturing living creatures shows itself so nakedly and purposelessly, without any excuse before reason. the revlusion aroused in us by the mere report of the instutition, a reaction which must be taken as ‘normal’ for the present-day standard of affect control, demonstrates once again the long term change of personality structure.”

– Nicholas Wade,  A Troublesome Inheritance p168

These such things continue even now, notably in societies that are still tribal. The Middle east has frequent public executions; stoning of adulterers and the hanging of homosexuals. ISIS burns captured prisoners alive, with petrol. Unlike burning at the stake, there’s not enough smoke to kill you fast. Africa has similar practices, without even being Islamic…
Necklacing is the practice of summary execution and torture carried out by forcing a rubber tire, filled with petrol, around a victim’s chest and arms, and setting it on fire. The victim may take up to 20 minutes to die, suffering severe burns in the process.”

This obviously disgusts us, because we come from a totally different culture that has affected us on a biological level. We have greater empathy in our genes, after hundreds of years of excluding, imprisoning, and executing violent and psychopathic individuals, the genes for trust and self control have flourished. Culture and genetics feed back into each other, which is why this current trend of no self-control, of rage and violence at political opponents, at political tribes is so disturbing. While the right has played a role in this (hello Newt gingrich), the left is by far the more egregious offender. The Marxist paradigm of oppressor vs oppressed makes dialogue impossible and justifies any violence based on feelings of oppression.

Genetics are of course, not everything, which is why this is important. When feelings do get strong people still need reasons to do or not do. The left has said that the old culture of self control is oppression and that feelings are freedom.

This is insanity.

People are now slaves to their emotions & passions, just like Christianity warned.

I’ll probably edit this later, it’s not quite on topic enough.

Polina Posts XII: American Intelligence Services


Did you know that American Intelligence services held the same stance and soviet propaganda about the state of the union? Did you know that the reality was the complete opposite?

This is for two points.
Number 1:
Commie nations are like Chinese knockoffs. You can tell it’s not what it says it is if you look, but it’s also slowly killing you secretly. There’s a tiny guerilla war, raging at any point of contact between you and it.

And number 2:
American intelligence services have to be some of the fucking worst in the world. From the birth of the FBI and the CIA to today, declassified documents paint a picture of “oh god how did I get here holy shit drugs”. The ATF is even worse than this and is kept in the basement, chained to the washer/dryer combo machine. Oh no wait, that’s just where it should be.

The very first time the CIA even practiced overthrowing a foreign nation, it failed. Terribly. The operation succeeded however, through their incompetence because he [the foreign leader] found out they were trying to kill him and fled. When they had to write up a full report to the then president, they fucking lied. They wrote it was a great success and the rebels they trained were so effective they lost next to no one. The reality was more like today.
“How many trained rebels are left in Syria who aren’t ISIS?”
“About 5.”

Do you know how I know the government isn’t “mass genociding the negros to ensure white supremacy”? The government couldn’t even kill one commie nigger without fucking up what was supposed to be a “botched raid”. They set out to intentionally fuck everything up. And still fucked that up. I’m not sure why killing communists even needs to be an act done is secret, but fine. Should have been botching botched raids on teachers lounges at unis instead.

Should still be doing that.
Only without the secret.

They’re all anti-gun leftists anyway. What are they going to do? Cause it’s not fight back.

Fish in barrel.

Normalize executions of communists. I want it to be so regular, so everyday that Mr. Average Joe treats it like water cooler small talk.

Polina Posts XI: Race & Politics


Regarding a few things about race and politics, juxtapositions in this and direct and indirect. When demographics are mentioned they are usually done so in the Civic Nationalist stance. That there is no reason for concern because the coming generations will be American. This applies to many place just swap out american for another. This is a commentary on something I think may have gone unnoticed.

There is of course the contradiction of this in the fact of Identity politics. Inherently a manifestation of Race overtaking Culture. These minority interest groups however are considered to be symptoms of a condition in a society. That there is a societal injustice or imbalance against them and thus they arise. They are afforded existence on this belief. It has been entertained with the intent of fixing said injustice. But now we have come to the larger issue. For example:
It is said whites do not need an identity politics group because they are the dominant race of the society as they made it and the system is their system, built by them and that because of this, there is an inherent favoritism of them built into it. Systematic Racism. That it also manifests outside the political structure itself into all aspects of society and thus Institutionalized Racism.
Let’s take this as total fact for the moment.
Let’s say this position of the left is true. Absolute truth.
Is this not simply a very round about way of saying Race plays part in politics if not directly then indirectly?

If a system built by a race favors said race, even unintentionally, by simple way of it being made by them, does it not then follow that race, in fact, has a hand in the creation of political systems and the politics there-in? The question is currently one of “does race have anything to do with politics?” For the sake of my own tangent, I say this is wrong
The question is wrong.

The question is instead, does race have relation to politics directly or indirectly?
To which, the left has given it’s own answer.
To which the right (somewhere in there) that believes race plays part in politics, would likely agree with.

The left just takes a very long time along a detour through social constructs and culture to arrive at the same answer. Thaat it does so indirectly even when not done directly. In a sense this gives the perspective that, instead of undoing the concept of Race, the left has instead, composed a new one. One that is inherent in all actions and indirectly affects everything is some way be it socially or otherwise.
So the question has to be asked.

What is the real difference?

To answer one has to go to a zero null start point. The blank slate builds the society. Does he build a society with, or without, racial components worked in indirectly?


This question is within their context, that is, provided the person has no nature but is socially built. If what came before us could be called this “nature” of some form, then did he not build this racially tinted society, blankly?
Is the argument one that man has moved past this and can now build a society without that?
But if it is so subtle that everything he does is tinted in it, how can he?
How does this play out then when all you have done is create the same concept as a non-concept in your quest to erase said concept?

My point is, what has the left actually said with it’s thinking besides the same things it denounces, albeit through a detour of culture? And if this racial tint is so inherent that it works even when one is aware and working to not do so, could be said this is just “natural”? And then there is the promise of the construction of a new, tolerant society that exists post-current. Yet, it is flawed.
It still requires man before his “post-racial” form to build it.
And, indeed, one can see this in history.
Attempts have been made.
And they always fail.

Because when man would seem to have lost his race the most, one race finds it again. The Arabs know who. They attempted this, back in the old ages when the Europeans were waging campaigns to push them from Europe. The black africans would not stand for it. They found themselves and asserted as much. But I guess if historical precedence really meant anything to the left, they might have figured out by now why communism keeps ending up “not communism”

The left says race has no connection to politics yet says the very system in which one lives is Systematically and Institutionally Racial and via indirect and unintended means and there can be no fixing this without deconstructing it and building a new one.
No such system is name or laid out.
Their dialectic and rhetoric indicate race is inherent in systems of politics no matter what one does and thus follows through the minority interest groups and identity politics because they are not native to the system but the whites are and thus it favors them.

Yet the system cannot be made “not racist” and instead must be destroyed. Yet, so inherent is the racial aspect, it cannot be avoided. So through culture and Social Constructs the left redefines race rather than erasing it and, looking at the final product, ends up with something that is inherently for all intents and purposes, exactly the same as what it started with. It just avoids the word biological and explains biological inclinations via culture and society, yet says, it must be present in all action. “Race” in this sense can never be eliminated because everything one does with be influenced by it no matter what even attempts to erase it. Hence the compromise on race against whites. Having come up dry it seems the only hope is the idea that if they’re gone, something will change. Anyone who knows history outside of what a college with teach about WHITE PEOPLE GOT UP ONE DAY AND FUCKING BUTT RECKED THE WORLD knows that hope is total bullshit and the opposite will occur. Like, it’s already happened. We have examples of this. Happening. Present tense.

“They may be total shit and genocide may be occurring and they may have degenerated into ruins of an advanced civilization in just what like 20-30 years? but at least they aren’t racist in Africa anymore. so it’s allllllll good”

If Africa is the test bed for replacing an inherently racist system with a new system the test has bombed so hard they are back in huts.
Nah bruh.
[Note, Polina links to the start of the thread this is sourced from at this point]

South Africa’s Black run system ended up with it’s parties actually just being it’s different ethnic groups of the nation. The Zulu who hold the most power use it to oppress the other tribal ethnic groups. This formed naturally as they had a pre-established connection with each other and quickly consolidated into parties based on ethnicity. Now they get nothing done because they bicker and call each other racist all day in the government and racial discrimination and ethnic discrimination are rampant and ten times worse. Non-zulu are oppressed, Colored are oppressed, white are oppressed and the white people voted for it all to happen so they could make a new system and that’s what they got and it’s so much worse. So all the problems got ten K times worse it’s just that now it harms a group the left hates so it’s okay.

See that part?

now it harms a group the left hates so it’s okay.

That’s all it’s about.
Don’t do that.

GN’s Commentary:

For those who don’t get the last part, I want to make it explicit: The things that were happening before in South Africa before the end of Apartheid are still happening. Now they’re happening worse,and now it’s hurting white people too. That makes it ok to the left. That is how monstrous this all is. It’s not even a zero sum game, it’s a negative sum. They want everyone to lose. Then at least almost everyone will be equally miserable.

Today there are miserable people, and non miserable people. People are being lifted out of grinding poverty at a rate never before seen, it’s thousands per year, or so I’m told. That’s incredible, and great. Yet that’s not what the left is looking for, they don’t care about that. All that they care about is that there are people with more than them.

As Jordan B peterson has said, most Socialists aren’t motivated by compassion for the poor, they’re motivated by hatred for the rich. It’s evil, and they can and will pull everyone down into misery just as long as the people they hate are down there with them.

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Polina Posts X: Immigration & Intergration


-The Virginia neighborhood of Fairfax County ranks with parts of those other cities as having the highest percentage of children from immigrants in its public schools, with 78 percent of students coming from immigrant households, according to a report that the Center for Immigration Studies is releasing Thursday.-

Over three quarters, god damn

-Miami-Dade County in Florida has four areas where at least 80 percent of students are from immigrant-led homes. In one of those, a part of Hialeah City, a staggering 93 percent of students belong to immigrant households.-

-“The biggest issue for me is: Can the level of immigration be so high that it overwhelms the assimilation process?”-

Imagine you alone are surrounded by something vs you are surrounding something that is alone.

-President Clinton, launching his race initiative in 1997, highlighted the surrounding Fairfax County as a model for integration. He sent his race commission to Bailey’s Elementary School, in the heart of Culmore, to study diversity and integration. At the time Mr. Clinton highlighted the region, Fairfax’s public school system was 64 percent white, 14 percent Asian, 11 percent black and 10 percent Hispanic.

Twenty years later, whites are 40 percent of the student population, while Hispanics have more than doubled to 24 percent, Asians have risen to 19 percent and blacks have held nearly steady at 10 percent. Five percent identify as multiracial.-

 “at least we have tacos”
-Culmore and surrounding areas have long been a breeding ground for ethnic gangs, with MS-13 in particular using it as a foothold in the region.-
We went from “Of course they will learn English it’s what the schools teach.” to “Demanding they speak english is racist.”
-Although not a one-to-one correlation, immigrant population serves as an indicator of some costly special circumstances, such as a higher percentage of students who are struggling to learn English.-
-In the Annandale region, 72 percent of students speak a foreign language at home, according to the report.
Most of those are speaking Spanish, but a large number speak Vietnamese and nearly 10 percent speak Kru, a West African language.
All told, 21 languages are spoken at immigrant homes in Annandale.-
oh god my fucking ears
-One Loudoun County, Virginia, region reported 23 languages spoken at homes, with Spanish, Vietnamese and Telegu topping the list.-
I’ve never even heard of this
-The biggest polyglot nationally was part of Alameda County, California, which had 27 languages spoken at homes. Spanish, Korean and Chinese were the most common.-
-Mr. Camarota’s study suggests it’s not just immigrants who are speaking other languages at home. In parts of Texas, only half of the students are from immigrant-led homes, but as much as 90 percent of the households speak languages other than English at home.-
What in the fuck did Texas just out California us?


-The challenge for schools, Mr. Camarota said, is that even as the number of children of immigrants rises, the tax bases don’t grow as quickly because immigrant families tend to have lower incomes than native-born families.-

-He said that raises a number of policy questions, including whether the government should do a better job picking immigrants should impose stricter limits on the number arriving or offer more assistance to school systems  grappling with the challenge of assimilation.-



“but there are poor americans therefore your complaints about poor immigrants are silly haha”


“they’re already destitute so whats a few more destitute if it’s better being destitute here than there?”

wish I had hit one of these people instead of that old homeless woman.

“yes immigrants may be on welfare but so are many americans hahaha

Nothing. It’s fucking meaningless bullshit meant to clog up an argument. The only outcome is argument for more welfare because welfare dependents exist. Oh right that’s their policy.

“I’m not arguing we somehow not educate these kids. They make up almost a quarter of the kids in America. How these kids do is extremely important for the future of the country,” he said. “The question is: Does it make sense to keep adding to this population and creating new strains and challenges for schools? The debate over immigration — nobody even talks about that.”-

-Analysts say the surge of immigrants is a result of changes in U.S. policies dating back decades, which put a higher priority on family ties, created a random lottery to admit tens of thousands of people a year and largely turned the other eye on illegal immigration.

Family unit for the immigrants.
empowered single woman for you

-President Trump has suggested shifting the system to place a bigger priority on merit-based immigration, which could attract better-educated and wealthier immigrants -Immigrant rights groups have bristled at that suggestion-

That means it’s good.

-saying a strength of the U.S. system is the ability to bring extended families.

That’s bullshit

-After Mr. Trump mentioned his merit-based plans in his address to Congress last month, Greg Chen, advocacy director at the American Immigration Lawyers Association, said it was “merely code to exclude those who seek to join family members in the United States.”-

And if it is? So the fuck what?

Explain this immigration policy where it must be kept loose and open because of some future possibility that someone might at some point consider maybe going to the united states for like, I dunno to see Juan for a day or two maybe you know if the weather is nice.

I’m sorry does our national existence inconvenience you?

What a fucking shame that is for you.

-“There is a wealth of research proving that immigrants improve the economy through purchasing power and their participation in the labor force. Immigration is good for our economy and our nation,” he said

Nope not this time. You fucking nullified that argument when you and the news outlets started bitch about how such a flood of labor into mexico would harm it’s economy, wages, resources and workforce. After the deportations started. Get a new fucking argument you made that one known for the bullshit it was yourselves.

-Mr. Camarota’s data did not distinguish between families whose parents are in the U.S. legally versus those in the country without authorization. Under Supreme Court precedent, children are guaranteed a public education no matter what their status.-

Brilliant fucking idea.

Polina Posts IX: And Now A Lesson On Media


And now a lesson on media. Does Trump actually have the power to enact a temporary halt on immigration? We’ve done it multiple times before, multiple multiple times before. The legal work isn’t even arguing that the president cannot do this. It is arguing that HE cannot do this. Him. Specifically. Because he is “bigoted”. That is what the legal work is submitting and it’s basis for 1st Amendment claims. It is bypassing the law itself and how it is written and thus enforced, and using personal criticism as a means to subvert the law. If you believed this was part of checks and balances you are a fucking idiot.

And here is an important lesson children; if you heard “checks and balances” and thought, well I know what those two words mean so I know what that statement means, you’re part of this problem. The Semantic Problem. You have no fucking idea what that actually means. You just know the words used and assumed the definition and then, somehow, APPLIED THIS TO AREAS YOU HAVE NO IDEA IF IT EVEN APPLIES TO IN SITUATIONS YOU HAVE NO IDEA IF IT APPLIES TO LET ALONE HOW IT APPLIES. We have a serious problem with this and hence, why we have problems in amendments about free speech, firearms and church and state. People read the names and then think, well I get that. Free Speech. Of course.

You don’t.
You have no fucking clue.
You know you have no fucking clue too. But you FEEL it is the right way it should be.

So you make it a meme and this is how marxists intend to use language to craft reality DO YOU SEE WHERE I AM GOING WITH THIS ISSUE

Rather than our language and legal terminology rising from the reality of the situations as they manifest, you are making them instead, all about how you feel something is or should be and thus, crafting an outcome via precedence and misnomers. Our law will no longer be about dealing with situations it will be about enabling them.

Think of this. What do you think the legal precedence is going to be if you can dismiss a law based on PERCEIVED bigotry? Based in a past statement. The statement is not even being represented truthfully.

Do you have the slightest fucking clue as to how little this is a mother fucking game you are playing?

WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH MEDIA DIRECTLY? Alright lets touch this. He knows what he can and cannot do. He says the constant court clogging over nothing makes us look weak.

Because we are divided politically to the extent we have judges pulling cases they know have no legal basis. So, keeping in mind what I said about semantics and about knowing and thinking one knows what things really are. This is how media represents this. And many will believe it because, they don’t actually know jack shit.

This is how you can portray acting in line with the law as betraying the law. You know. Exactly what they’re doing. And we reach this again
Rule number fucking one of the playbook:
Accuse others of what you are guilty of.

Look at what it took to de-tangle the bullshit in this thread. Do you think the average person has the time or care to learn this? This is how you render a society controllable and manipulate it. Make it a giant pain in the ass to do anything other than submit. And that is why Peace through Submission is the definition. If you saw this going down every single day, you’d be angry too. Thankfully I am already mentally damaged and just hold grudges.

 Hell hath no end for it is eternal.

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Polina Posts VIII: Voting, Democrats, and Globalism


I feel it’s kind of important to repeat something. LA county (9Mil+ Pop) in general election saw 2 mil total votes. 3 quarters dem, one quarter rep.
Out of over 9 million.

It interests me because you get a sense of just how easy it would be to totally flip places with a concentrated effort among the apathy. If nobody really participates you could easily control outcomes with enough money and influence. Participation is pretty important.
It is the entire point after all
11.45% of LA registered voters participated.
I mean, look at that. How hard would it really be? Recent vote on that.

-People here seem more political than in the past — they go to a lot of protests and town halls, and they fill their social media accounts with anti-GOP screeds. But less than 12% of eligible voters showed up.-

Bitching is a pleasurable use of time to many. Reading about this crap usually isn’t. I get pleasure from both. Articles about this note that, while it is just local elections which is always lower, not even in the highly politicized times of today can the urge to participate be stirred.

So I’m wondering is it possible this is the purpose of teaching Civics as non-participation in but agitation against the state? Instead of voting and participating, people think they’re involved by not being involved at all. They think they change things on streets.
You bleed the voter pool out into distraction and useless activity and encourage them not to participate. After that, what’s left could be easily overcome with some effort and persuasion.

Back to the articles the obvious answer of course is that local election issues here had little if anything to do with Trump. But that’s not the full case this time. They still made it all about him through media to try and stir the vote.
It failed.

 -And after millions of dollars were spent making Trump the issue on everything from land use decisions to fixing potholes, Angelenos stayed home. That could mean trouble for Democrats nationwide.-

The Dems already had a problem with this. Their attention for more local races has always been fairly low. Hence why the party is so

weak right now especially. They were clearly hoping that he would revitalize voters to get involved.
Now they don’t seem to know what to do.

A reminder:
This isn’t about a nation wide election nor some place where there’s often a balance. This is Los Angeles county. Southern California. 11.45% TOTAL registered voters. I’d be shitting my pants.

-The question for Democrats: If these core groups in L.A. didn’t show up on Tuesday, will their counterparts elsewhere show up for the 2018 midterm? Perhaps there’s a cosmetic solution to this problem — better messaging, for instance — but perhaps not.-

This is of course, symptomatic of a larger issue facing the party. It stands for nothing. It only stands in opposition. Most of what it has have been reduced to meaningless platitudes and what remains still falls flat on the juxtaposition with Globalism.
As it turns out mass immigration does not help the poor nor the environment and the issue of resource replenishment.

So far it seems that the biggest problem right now is that, democrats did not adopt Globalism as much as Globalism adopted them. What remains cares more about Globalist principles and will sacrifice Democrat ones to maintain them. Where one begins and other ends anymore is already difficult enough to discern.

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