Polina Posts XXVI: The Hubris of Pathological Charity


You have, through specialized and controlled breeding, created a wheat variant that can grow just about anywhere under almost any conditions.

“Finally”, the social scientist says through a sigh of relief, “Now that they do not need to spend every moment of every day stressed for basic needs, they can truly begin to blossom.”

No longer under the threat of having to live every day one moment at a time, the task is set to hand.

Ich bin der Geist der stets verneint!
Mephistopheles is ever present.

Everyone thinks they’re doing good when doing good.
No one in such…”charity”, ever stop and thinks, “What if I’m wrong?”.
For that reason hell is paved with their actions.

They did not blossom, they did not change. For you taught them that just beyond the waters lies a land so well progressed, it spent money like nothing and worked to take care of them and eliminated an entire daily stress.

The man who solves world hunger burns in unknown hells, for he sends the world down a path of genesis without God.

Without a rebirth.

By this man societies now question practicing self-extinction and unleash hordes from that land because everybody wants to talk about the moral crisis and the next great humanitarian need.

No one wants to talk about the consequences of eliminating hunger from the fastest reproducing place on the planet.

No one wants to talk about men’s folly when they gather the “international community” and command the nations of the world like they were God at the end times, directing all their blind morality and unthinking empathy. Rallying a force unthinking and unseeing. Pretending to know “that power which would do evil constantly and constantly does good.”

Seek to do good like you are God and you will do evil like you are the devil.

Not all good creates good. The necessary evil is greater than the unnecessary good. The man who forgets that burns in unknown hells.

The man who thinks Jesus speaks of physical pains, physical hunger and thirst and not a desire for faith wrapped in a metaphor.
Two men. One man.

P.S. This is why Catholics will burn in hell
Namer of the Papist Namer of the Jew, out.

GN’s notes: Bold emphasis in this is mine, I’m quite sure that’s an original quote by Polina and I think it’s perfect.

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Polina Posts VII: Social Constructs


Oh, about that. “blank is a construct” means nothing. In what they mean by construct, anything beyond tribes of blood relation pretty much is.

Example; private property am just construct I kill you now you no make property private hahahaha now wat

That you are equal to me and deserve respect in so far as on a basis of biology is also a construct. “human” “””””rights”””””

The UN can’t save you now.

In our postmodern culture which is TV dominated, image sensitive and morally vacuous, personality is everything and character is increasingly irrelevant.

Let’s deconstruct societal constructs.

“Female” Construct. Deconstruct it.

“Women” Construct. Deconstruct it.

“women’s rights” Whoa, hold on there buddy


Maybe it’s a mental disease caused by an overflow of information the brain can’t process fast enough.

dude like, look at all that stuff like what is it even you don’t know I know I don’t know like what even dude HOW DO YOU KNOW DUDE HOW

We must reserve the right to use tasers on the retards.

This is only true if marxists know marxism which they almost never do

I like this one. It makes so much sense.

>Niggers are not committing “crime” they are just being niggers.

dude it’s crime >”Dude like, who MADE It crime?”


“Dude who WROTE the law?”



and that’s how I learned that rape is not a crime.

You made those laws therefore they are illegitimate

We have not had an “academia” since at least the 50s. We just have a bunch of hippies people were too weak willed to shoot. If gender does not exist on what basis does feminism make it’s claim to a collective identity? If it is a societal one, one must also then acknowledge the racial aspect even if it’s societal. Therefore the browner they are the more they exist.

I half joke but this is where it’s going anyway.


Going back to earlier, Jewish Communists invented hate crimes and therefore cannot invoke it as it is illegitimate. Africa never had law and therefore no crime so therefore no crime can be invoked as having happened by them as it is a white invention. Therefore they are not subject to law nor it’s protections. Post-modernism says enough to fill libraries without saying a single god damned thing of value




I win.

Now dissolve your borders, they don’t exist either.

He commits crime because he cannot perceive of the existence of anyone outside of himself.

If the media form one driving force of the Postmodern condition, multinational capitalism and globalization is another. Fredric Jameson has related Modernism and Postmodernism to the second and third phases of capitalism. The first phase of capitalism of the 18th -19th centuries, called Market Capitalism, witnessed the early technological development such as that of the steam-driven motor, and corresponded to the Realist phase. Early 20th century, with the development of electrical and internal combustion motors, witnessed Monopoly Capitalism and Modernism. The Postmodern era corresponds to the age of nuclear and electronic technologies and Consumer Capitalism, where the emphasis is on marketing, selling and consumption rather than production.

The dehumanized, globalized world, wipes out individual and national identities, in favour of multinational marketing. Postmodernism, in its denial of an objective truth or reality, forcefully advocates the theory of constructivism—the anti-essentialist argument that everything is ideologically constructed. Postmodernism finds the media to be a great deal responsible for “constructing” our identities and everyday realities Constructivism invariably leads to relativism. Our identities are constructed and transformed every moment in relation to our social environment. Therefore there is scope for multiple and diverse identities, multiple truths, moral codes and views of reality.

Not only did that not happen it sounds fucking awful anyway

-The understanding that an objective truth does not exist-

The what now

You cant understand the truth if the truth does not exist.

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