Polina Posts XXVIII: The View Of The Modern Period

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-Rather than democracy and individualization, the contemporary modern period was represented as bureaucratic and repressive. Rather than a free market or contractual society, modern America became ‘capitalist,’ no longer rational, interdependent, modern, and liberating, but backward, greedy, anarchic, and impoverishing.-

-In American Pastoral,he describes the trajectory of the Levov family as if it were representative of a quintessentially American experience “Three generations. All of them growing. The working. The saving. The success. Three generations in raptures over America. Three generations of becoming one with a people. And now with the fourth it had all come to nothing. The total vandalization of their world” –

– As Alexander so glibly puts it, at various moments between President Kennedy’s assassination and the summer of love, “serious ‘reality problems’ began to intrude on modernization theory in a major way”-

-When Merry Levov, the Swede’s teenaged daughter, blows up the post office in Old Rimrock, she becomes a personification of those changes, exploding the Swede’s imagined utopia and thrusting him, along with the rest of America, “into the fury, the violence, and the desperation of the counterpastoral—into the indigenous American berserk” –

-The first rifts in the postwar consensus became apparent as early as the late-1950s, when the burgeoning Civil Rights movement began to question publicly the hypocrisy of America’s liberal ideology by pressuring Washington to address racial inequality at home or risk sacrificing its self-appointed “moral authority” on the global stage.-

-In The Rise and Decline of Western Liberalism, Anthony Arblaster argues that Vietnam was, in fact, the inevitable result of America’s romantic liberalism, the natural byproduct of President Truman’s announcement in 1947 that “The free peoples of the world look to us for support in maintaining their freedoms.”-

-What Alexander describes as modernization’s move from the sacred to the profane side of historical time is enacted with tragic pathos throughout American Pastoral. When, in the closing sentence of the novel, Zuckerman asks, “What on earth is less reprehensible than the life of the Levovs?” his question laments the destructions of both a family and the American dreams they had appeared to personify.-

-As the embodiment of modernization’s promise, Swede Levov is transformed through the gaze of antimodernization from a hard-working, well-intentioned hero into a “shitty little capitalist,” as Rita Cohen calls him Dawn Levov is likewise metamorphosed from Miss America into a “frivolous, trivial beauty-queen”.-

-In the face of the New Left’s fiery rhetoric and revolutionary behavior, the Swede’s tolerant liberalism makes him an anachronism—as naive and impotent as the Gittelmans had once appeared in the glow of postwar consensus. Roth’s description of the Swede seems to echo the opening paragraphs of “Benito Cereno,” in which Melville famously calls Amasa Delano “a person of a singularly undistrustful good nature”. “How to penetrate to the interior of people was some skill or capacity he did not possess,” Zuckerman says.-

-He just did not have the combination to that lock. Everybody who flashed the signs of goodness he took to be good. Everybody who flashed the signs of loyalty he took to be loyal. Everybody who flashed the signs of intelligence he took to be intelligent. And so he had failed to see into his daughter, failed to see into his wife, failed to see into his one and only mistress—probably had never even begun to see into himself. What was he, stripped of all the signs he flashed? –

-Like Delano, the Swede is undone by his inability to recognize the “malign evil in man,” particularly the failings of his own daughter, whose outrage and anger—like that displayed by Don Cox in Leonard Bernstein’s well-heeled duplex—he greets with apologies and sympathy and (mis)understanding.-

-By the end of the novel, Merry, like her father, is dead, as are the radically divergent dreams of America’s future that each held dear. Merry’s stated objective echoes the Marxist goals of the Weathermen (who she joins), the Panthers, and the other revolutionary arms of the New Left: “To change the system and give power to the 90 percent of the people who have no economic or political control now”. Instead of helping to usher in a new era of political, economic, and social equality, however Merry’s passion seems only to have ended three innocent lives, destroyed her family, and led her toward a life of Jainism, making her the most self-sacrificial of Roth’s many ascetics.-

-The Swede’s final encounters with Merry mirror the young Zuckerman’s with O’Day and Glucksman, though they are all the more tragic for being filtered through a father’s loving desire for his daughter. Reduced to a life of isolation amid a decrepit apartment in which her only possession is the stained pallet on which she sleeps, Merry, the precious daughter of All-American Swede Levov, is “disgusting. His daughter is a human mess stinking of human waste. Her smell is the smell of everything organic breaking down. It is the smell of no coherence. It is the smell of all she’s become”. –

-With the energies of the radical social movements waning by the end of the 1970s, so went the optimism and enthusiasm of many American intellectuals. “Parallels with the 1950s were evident,” Alexander argues. “The collective and heroic narrative of socialism once again had died, and the end of ideology seemed once again to be at hand”. Instead of engaging in struggle toward a better world, social theorists were forced to confrontthe possibility of historical retrogression, which would, of course, signal the final defeat of the Enlightenment project and undermine the very foundations of contemporary intellectual life.-

-Postmodern theorists responded by welcoming this defeat as “an immanent one, a necessity of historical development itself. The heroic ‘grand narratives’ of the left had been made irrelevant by history; they were not actually defeated. Myth could still function. Meaning was preserved”.-

-This problematic relationship between history, meaning, and power has dominated much of postmodern discourse articularly since Jean Lyotard’s proclamation of the “end of meta-narratives” in The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge. Another problem of history for the American left, then, is that, like all grand makers of meaning Christianity, Marxism, and empiricism, to name but a few), history is reduced by postmodernization to a multiplicity of texts, each equally incapable of accurately documenting the whole truth.-

-Like antimodernization theory, postmodernism takes as its binary opposition “the modern,” though in slightly different terms Instead of emphasizing the moral and political consequences of modern capitalism, as had the radical social movements before it, postmodernization offers “privacy, diminished expectations, subjectivism, individuality, particularity, and localism” as alternatives to the modern’s stability and universalism.-

-Alexander writes: “While postmodernism, then, is indeed a deflationary narrative vis-a-vis heroic radicalism, the specificity of its historical position means that it must place both heroic (radical) and romantic (liberal) versions of the modern onto the same negative side”. The end result is a near debilitating fatalism regarding the impossibility of totalizing change. Alexander characterizes the condition as “comically agnostic,” an apt description, I think, of much of Roth’s later work.-

-With all of history suddenly exposed as fictional constructs, artists were freed to interrogate it with impunity, making it the stuff of parodic play. In their freedom, however, they also sacrificed recourse to effective political means, making parody easy (and fun), but change difficult.

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Polina Posts XXI: le pilla rosa on bigotry and hate throughout history


When the black judge thinks you being secretly bigoted so he ignores the text of the law entirely.

It’s gunna be like this more and more. And eventually, it IS going to become a racial issue. Because you cannot watch the country itself unravel because “that’s racist” and not hate niggers. Or anything brown or bright of hair.

You want “le pilla rosa” on bigotry and hate throughout history? You want full context and not just “they were racist”? The group that has not exemplified the stereotype, the group that has not deserved the hate 100%, is a marginal.
They all have, no matter who they were. Literally everybody was bigoted and everybody deserved prejudice. That was always the warning of using historical wrongs as justification in the present.

Everyone is actually fully guilty.

You know the white ones, probably by heart now if you went through public education, is there exaggeration? Of course. However does the exaggerated incident really ever matter when the whole of history is in play? When there’s not limit on when or why even?
The only thing that prevents the usage prehistorical record keeping events is that they are prehistorical of kept records.

Jews flat out invented banking.
Jews pretend otherwise but call them on it and they blame Christians oppressing them. In other words, Jews invented banking and only admit to it when forced to.

Take note with your highlighters this will be a common theme.

In the kingdoms of Europe, big Banker Jews were called Court Jews. And yes, they financed war and profited on it. Fuck they financed just about anything that got them a profit. That’s why they were there. In the Court. As the Court Jew. The entire point was the financing.

Why were there wars? Because until the Thirty Years war, Europe looked like a white, rich africa. Then the “barbarism” beat the “barbarism” out of them. [Compliers note, the Catholic church also made looting poor people a big time sin, that helped.]

You know until later anyway. Which was one of major reasons the Americans said “GET OUT”. Because mother fuckers were already waring over the new world. Essentially the condensing of the coast to coast territory into one country was one big “FUCK OFF FUCK OFF FUCK OFF” until shit was secure. During which Europe had forgotten the Thirty Years war aaaaaaaaaaaand you know what happened after that. And the Jews made Cash money BANK. Which they came up with.

Do you even know how fucking old and rich the Rothschilds family is? Rich on blood money enough to disgust the father of Zionism. Yes, they were so Jewish they disgusted Jewish Nationalism.

By the way Israel is totally a Religious and Ethnic State. Until they started taking in black jews. Now they’re falling apart.

By the way that happened with almost every state that encountered Africa. The arabs have been through this hundreds of times. They also tried the religious route and identity route to unite the group.


Yeah social turmoil cost them Moorish Spain. If there are Africans there will be societal turmoil eventually this is how they got the reputation as uncivilized and destructive. Go all the way into the ancient east and GUESS WHAT YOU’LL FIND?

All was quiet in the valley, for hard times had fallen and the people gathered themselves for a low harvest.
Then suddenly.
Deep in what we now know as Iraq, there echoed off the mountains


All went silent




The slave uprising took place and slaughtered it’s way deep into the whole fucking area. That is why there is the “afro-iraqi”
By the way, Old Empires were multicultural and diverse this is not a new thing this is not a modern invention it’s an ancient problem because it always ended in shit like this.

It’s an “Empire”, it conquered land all over the fuck do you think it was? Ah yes, the Roman Empire that stretched all across the Mediterranean and was nothing but ethnic Romans. Oh gee guess what happened when the Romans themselves saw their birth rates drop down?
They free the slaves to tax them.

But what of labor?

They are but refugees fleeing the mongol rape train we can take it.


The empire fucking broke in half.

You see this whole place we call the United States? As a baltice once told me “My door knob is older than your country.”

Yeah this won’t last.
Enjoy that by the way.

Good bye two oceans. Goodbye two borders.

Literally the perfect piece of land mass to avoid conflict. But then a “social scientist” and that faggot Wilson said “You know we should lie about everything, do the opposite, and rule through virtuous bullshitting

Translators note: Social Scientist means Jew.

Bernays was indeed Jewish, even related to “YOU WANT TO FUCK YOUR MUTTER”
IE, Freud.

Because if anyone would come up with a mode of thinking that was all about “disrupt the family unit through SUBVERSIVE DICKINGS and WE ALL RACE TO DEATH ITS LITERALLY ALL WE DO”
It was going to be a Jew.

And if anyone was going to perfect the art of lying to guide and control (Bernays) it would also be a jew.

Why? Let me tell you about “GOD IS LOOPHOLES”
You’re a rabbi in a society where you can’t do much but sit around all day shitposting with other rabbis

If a baby is pushed off a roof and falls onto the sharp end of a sword held by someone how many people do we sue?

That’s Jews. By the way the answer is the land owners Oxen. All of them.
Unless he gored all the other oxen and just happened to bump the child by accident.

You think I’m fucking with you probably but you know I’m nuts and this bullshit is why. Because as it turns out almost everything that would seem too stupid to be true is.

What did I just say there that it is too stupid to be true or that it’s true?


By the way Marx was Jewish and hated Jews and Money.
Someone once called him out on being jewish himself so he declared he was Polish Royalty.

If only you fucking knew you still couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

By the way I said both. So therefore I said neither. Welcome to the Kabalist dialectical.
This was how a Jewish Messiah stayed a Jewish Messiah after converting to Islam because “it proved he really was the Jewish messiah”

What does that mean absolutely fucking nothing and that is the entire point of Jewish dialectics. There’s meaning in what the fuck ever and so we got Hegel who thought that if no one could understand a god damned thing anyone else was saying because each word would have infinitive meanings, that everything would mean everything, that that was some high intellectual shit.

Hegel was a fucking idiot.

Max Stirner of the young Hegelians essentially predicted Post-Modernism from his criticism of Marx and Engels babbling about nothing.
That nothing would fucking exist.
Not really anyway because nothing was nothing.

By the way, yes, the biggest figures in bolshevism were jews.
atheistic Jews
Yes, the biggest figures in Capitalism at the same time then were also Jews

You notice that contradiction? The one that’s also not? Also very central. And the most brilliant method of dodging everything. Do both. Because if you get accused of one thing, point to the other. Vice versa too.
But what if they accuse you of both? That doesn’t even make sense. And now you know why it does.

No though, the whole BLACK the WHITES isn’t about contradiction. Jews just don’t like Europeans because Europe was Powerful and oppressed them and was Christian and Jesus cucked the fuck out of the jews.
“What is all this bullshit about do this exactly this way and that exactly that way lol nigga what’s this got to do with God. lol fuck you dumb son. Faith in the community not some basic ass temple fuck is this.”

But the Jews tolerated it. They thought he was just a proto-talmudist.
Then, he told them money was not God.
So mel gibson filmed the entire thing and time traveled into the future to show the truth
Anyway, yes, Jews did Jesus. The Romans crucified him, but again like before, “teeeechnically” at the behest of perturbed geldshitters.

Literally paid fucking Judas like do you think the Romans gave a fuck about some Jew walking and talking all the time? Jews did. They gave the fuck out of that.

Anyway despite literally everything that was said would happen to them in the Torah if they turned from God happening to them, they’re Jews, you don’t win arguments with Jews. So they waited for the Anti-Christ, literally the Jewish Messiah, , you know because it was the anti to Christ.
Entire point of the term. Anyway they waited and some dumb fuck told them to have orgies and shit and that’s how we got the Great Cuckening of 1666
The Muslims converted said Jew Messiah because he was a little bitch and chose conversion over death for the faith. In other words, he invalidated messiah hood.
And lo did the Muslims laugh for many centuries and the Christians slapped the right hands in the earliest known high five for it is said “it was truly righteous, dude.”
But Constantinople called and ye king had gotten a loan most dank, but with usury most undank, from shecklesberg FOR THE WAR.

The Ottomans just got the Dönmeh to pay for the defense and so the endless cycle continued on through history.
Translators Note: Dönmeh means Degenerate Sabbatean Crypto-Jews.

At some point I pray I slip from exaggerated delivery of information into flat out lying because oh god how can this all be the world.

The Jewish Historian occupy a strange place. Everything he says will be completely true and nobody will believe a fucking word of it. He passes another Jewish Historian, rare in the wild, they nod in silence, knowing each others entire lives. As they move their physical meta-talmuds past each other they both let loose from their lips air so silent it stills God’s dream. They say: “heil fucking hitler”

The sheer contradiction and historical and contextual weight of Jews saying exactly that, two learned jews at that, is such a perfect jew joke causes Jews in multiple universes to laugh so hard as to rupture space time and, in 777 hypercubed alternative universes the laugh against time manifests a shoah in each. The deed is done.

The eternal continues on.


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