Problems And the (Lack of) Solutions.

It is hardly a matter of dispute that the general state of affairs is not desirable. Whether it’s foreign wars, violence at home, the economy, or whatever else, it’s clear that there are serious problems. That in itself is nothing new. Every generation has problems that it must overcome. We are here now because our ancestors overcame their problems. They may not have found the most optimal solution, but they found a solution. There are various problems facing the world today, but far worse than any of them is an underlying issue that exacerbates all the others, yet it is beyond the perception of many.

The underlying, far more serious issue facing our society today is not that there are problems, but that there are no effective solutions being implemented or even publically proposed. Our society has made a series of errors so grave that it may not survive. These errors have exacerbated, or in some cases outright created serious problems that have not been solved. These unsolved problems result in crises, and unsolved crises destroy civilizations.

Any number of supposed solutions to a problem or crisis may be proposed, but only a fraction of these solutions will work. Only a fraction of them will have the desired effect, hence the reference to effective solutions. The dearth of effective solutions and the abundance of false solutions boils down to one overarching factor: Disconnection from reality.
This disconnect evident in near every social and political matter one looks at, but it is hard to point this out, as no one could accept or even consider of these false solutions & false ideas if there was not an environment, a culture that nurtured and defended them and the false assumptions that give rise to them. Continue reading “Problems And the (Lack of) Solutions.”