Polina Posts VI: The Ethnic Stock of the US

If only you knew just how bad things really are. Welcome to part A of why I’m concerned about the Ethnic Stock of the US. Because doubt remains and we know no where near enough to just hope “everyone is the same.” Current trends say, no. Why do people in science say so then? Imagine what would happen in society otherwise. The route avoiding dealing with the issue by it not being an issue was gone long before we were born. Our work averts the greatest horrors and sufferings by aiding in maintenance while it is worked out.

Now you understand.

This is why so many of us are fine with certain powers being what they are in other parts of the world. If it changes it must be from the people. This view follows even the cultural views of societies. A people do not accept a government that shares no history with them. The USSR exported Communism, We are exporting Democracy. These views are based in the “Society defines the man. The man has no nature and thus does not create the society.” This is why they cling to these things. Because their very life view depends on it. And it has already failed horribly.

To accept the opposite also means, there will never be a world wide workers revolution. If it is not of the people, it will not be maintained by the people. The American revolution would not have been what it was if the colonists were, say, the Natives. This view you likely have. You do not even need the ethnic component here. The cultural one backs it.

The current view is that you can trigger a political break in any society to cause rapid social change that, without revolution,  would never occur. From there, they will adapt naturally. This has not happened. Only when it comes from them has it been maintained.

You know damn well why.
This is not abandonment of hope. It is an understanding of what must be done, and that it can be done but many look away. We know. So we cannot. It is an understanding of a place and a role that must be filled. It is the embracing of hope that it can be saved. The country, indeed the whole west will not survive such a total population replacement. This is fact, even by cultural admission. They lost control of the country. We have to get it back.
They lost control to the point the borders don’t even exist. For the sake of the country, a plot in the world for ours, and any future gen, this should be obvious.

@TheRealPolina Posts V: Resentment for the Poor

Outside flight of capital another reason a high tax rate might not be so great, nor progressive tax policies; Resentment. Said reason was covered when that woman wrote about resentment for the poor (lower class, US) in the middle class (working class, US).

I can attest this exists and it can grow deathly bitter.

Add on to that that the demographic of that class is demonized and hated in society while the people they detest are praised and taken care of, at their expense, while they see no help themselves, one wonders the point.

Why try and struggle at it on your own while the government takes from you when you could just let the government take care of you. Emergency services for illegals kids turned into a whole care system. The argument then was that the kids shouldn’t suffer because of their parents. A few decades later and you could guess what happened even if you didn’t already know. Send them back as well.

When we have hit the point that “university is a must for all” is an issue and “scholarships for illegals is an investment” becomes the idea while they won’t even invest in the people who are already here and actually their own; All while the state threatens to secede over.

FOREIGN. NATIONALS. IN THE COUNTRY ILLEGALLY. who’s lives you pay for while they bleed that pay out of the nation to their own, you begin to start thinking of who rules over you.

The moment you see your own government as foreign interested and illegitimate, you give yourself permission to do almost anything against it. When people around you you care about start to suffer but the state does not care and demands you care for people not even of you, you stop empathizing on a base level with them even as people.

Suddenly any pain removing them may cause to them seems trivial. After-all, had the laws been followed in the first place the issue wouldn’t even exist. Had thought been measured and not just pursuing ideology expecting reality to adjust, the consequences of ignoring it wouldn’t exist. A refusal to respect basic laws and mannerisms of Nations interacting does not make for much empathy.

Media can publish all the “bloo bloo bloo” stories they want. Plaster whole pages with sad little kids.

You wore me out through lies.

Polina Post Boilerplate. Source

@TheRealPolina Posts IV: Washington Post vs Mass Immigration

Polina Post boilerplate. Source

In which we discuss the Washington Post’s article about the consequences of mass immigration. And that it is acknowledged…for Mexico

Their arrival — along with a surge of undocumented immigrants leaving the United States voluntarily —promises to transform Mexican society in the same way their departure did. Trump, who made immigration enforcement a centerpiece of his campaign, has been clear that he views illegal immigrants as potential security threats and competitors to Americans for jobs. This week, he told journalists at a private lunch that he might be open to a comprehensive immigration overhaul that includes a path to legal status for those who had not committed crimes. But Trump did not mention such a plan in his remarks to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, emphasizing his deportation initiatives instead. About 500 deported Mexicans, including some who had been picked up when Obama was in office, are arriving here daily.

In which we note problems we have faced from this, that we were called racist and xenophobic for daring to note, but is okay for them to note.

In which we note that these things being negatives are said to be lies. But only to us.

In which we note how money drained from us directly is sent directly to Mexico and is so large it pulls in more for them than even Oil.

In which we note how previous admins abided and even aided this process for illegals.

In which we note, the famed and quickly forgotten “braindrain”, may be in balance.

In which, the government that dedicated millions to forestalling mexican deportation, “suddenly cares”.

In which we note how mass immigration is a burden on society no matter what because it is “mass”.

In which we note, had the border been protected in the first place, this would not be an issue. This is called having foresight. In which we come to understand WHY there must be a wall and tight security. Because our border will not be respected of their own will.

In which we learn why foresight is necessary in preventing such situations from reoccurring. Because people believe there are no consequences.

In which we learn that the United States educating foreign nationals at it’s own cost, is fucking abnormal.


In which the deported learn to appreciate what they abused. In which Mexico learns of illegal entitlement.

“but I’m entitled to it by exista—”

Welcome to the difference between European philosophy, American philosophy, and everyone else. Welcome to the realities of life and the world. Everything is earned or earned and secured for the next generation. You are owed nothing.

Welcome to bureaucracy, the result of government being given too much control. Welcome to learning that the world is not the United States.


In which we learn, why the coddling socialist ways of the previous generations, must die. They are the effete dreams of insulated academics.

Struggle and hardship build what complacency and naivety give away. It secures from exploitation what was made by those who came before.

@TheRealPolina Posts III: Borders II Self-interest masked as a caring attitude for others

The following is written by @therealpolina, and compiled by GoneNovaAU/Dark Futures for easier reading. Any added emphasis is mine.

Or does “Alt Right” mean “White People Will Not Give Up Our Power to Define What Is and What Isn’t American”?

As opposed to what? The masses of foreign nationals who willingly violated the border that is the majority of illegals? The same people low enough to have brought their children or had children once inside the country hoping to use them either as a legal loophole for claiming benefits through, or an empathetic argument in order to remain?

As opposed to what? The citizen has no right to determine who is a citizen and who is not but the non-citizen should. Fallacious self-importance built off horrible historical meta-narratives. Unless you wish to apply this to all. But that makes your statements about whites hypocritical from your own perspective. Unless it’s just dishonest bargaining in a bid to tie up and halt any argument with a non-point. Hypocrisy or intentional stalling in non-argument?

Unless you’re arguing for a reconquesta your statements have no purpose. Even if you are you’re arguing it, that only holds up within a specific time frame that you have decided arbitrarily. A view harder to maintain in the face of modern identities, unless you wish to argue the very recent creation of the countries south of the US are not just that or because of the mixed race of so many that they get precedence.

And again, as opposed to what exactly? People who did not know of the Enlightenment? The European philosophies upon which the country is based? People who had little advanced concept of a state?  People who did not conquer and build a US themselves? I’m a mixed. An early settlers family, heretics from Europe, and a recent immigrant family from Mexico. You want precedence by chronological snobbery and cherry picking? Then I claim superior precedence. And you do not want to go that route.

Strange argument. Arguing against ethnicity as a decider while arguing for ethnicity as a decider.

Sum total null.

Arguing against citizenship as a decider while arguing for foreign citizenship as a decider.


If the borders do not exist then the country is rendered but a suggestion afforded by the indifference or kindness of others. And the more my indifference and kindness run out, the less I care about “the exceptions”. Not our fault peoples parents thought so little of them as to use them as legal and emotional heft for their benefit. You want an argument of shortsightedness? Arguing against the definitions of the country while claiming to be trying to gain citizenship, you know, while trying to render it totally null as meaning anything. Self-interest masked as a caring attitude for others, the empathetic argument, is the most disgusting and dubious of positions.

@TheRealPolina Posts I: Borders I

Written by The TheRealPolina in response to: https://twitter.com/CNN/status/835297645589573633, compiled and copyedited for easier reading by Darkfutures/GoneNovaAU
In the age where media has taken on the mantle of the Sentinels of Facts, CNN ponders if committing a crime is a crime. The gist of it is that, since their crime is not directly harming another, law should ignore their crime.
Basically, the usual Progressive policy towards crime when they can’t find a way to deal with the fact that some people just can’t stop.
“How can we get them to stop committing a crime?”
“Fuck it, we’ll just decriminalize it.”
Special brand of fucking stupid.
Meanwhile, the consequences of this non-border have compounded for over 4 fucking decades. The indirect effect is very clearly felt by an ever growing amount of people. Except Mr. Diversity in his 99.9% white neighborhood. To him, saying Mexicans stand outside home depot and moving van rentals is shocking and insane. He doesn’t even know what those things are.
It has been around half a century. Everything you still don’t know, still don’t have and still don’t care to have, like legality, is weighed with this. Yet, here we are.

Two generations at least have born from first gens. TRIPLE GENERATIONAL TIME FRAME.


Some of those first gens even started businesses, many had families. In the most open state to all of this. Yet still decades after arrival no matter whether they had businesses or families, they still had refused to try for citizenship. Yes, only now will you be arrested for this here. Before this, Reagan, Bush and Obama provided special protections. Courts went easy on people had they shown the will.
California got sick of it in the 90s. but our gov and reps betrayed us and declared that not wanting to pay the social costs through taxes of a foreign nations citizens was unconstitutional. Representations without Taxation. And no, no one actually checks to see if they pay “land tax” as if even if they did, it would not excuse dodging everything else while also bleeding us of enough money that it formed an entire section of their countries economy.

I don’t care what commie bullshit the state taught you, you are not owed anything. Your land was not stolen. You failed to maintain control over the tribes and they began hurting people. Even after the war you were paid for the land. If we had wanted simply land, we could have easily taken it given how far into Mexico the war had to be fought.

Entitled and arrogant. You are lucky the reprisal managed to happen early enough for the punishment to just be sending you home. If this was a test to see who could and could not become a citizen, it probably would have just been better to test it beforehand.

That a country cannot even be allowed the discrimination of who may and may not enter it, must have been a dream for global enterprise here. Money flows so much easier when no borders exist.