Polina Posts XXIII: Is it Moral to Have Kids In a World Beset

Polina’s response to: Is it moral to have kids in a world beset by overpopulation and global warming?


If this ends in “The people who have the ability to solve these issues must stop breeding” I’m going to look up their religion.

Key note in the article already: Iran began educating women when they wanted to lower fertility rates.
It worked.

  • Trick women into delaying child birth (older means more likely to suffer mental problems)/living without families.
  • Cut the upper crust birth rate
    Now the other person is bitching about patriarchy and instead that Men should be targeted and restricted instead. What men are we talking about?

-Poor women don’t have the luxury of controlling their reproduction.-

“- They’re the ones who are going to be held responsible, and they’re also the ones who are least in a position to live up to these norms.-
No, they really are fucking not this makes no god damned sense. Condoms not expensive, THEY’RE THE ONES HAVING 30 KIDS THAT GO NOWHERE

-Wealthy, white, normative, traditional-looking families are going to get more of a pass.-
You stupid fucking dyke looking bitch I’m looking
Oh gee who fucking guessed it you Jewish bitch

  •  Queer, gender fluid Jew who teaches gay feminist philosophy at a catholic university and openly loathes the religions teachings.


“I know you talking bout babies and shit, but really, like, fuck the patriarchy.”

This conversation has been completely derailed and anytime the other one in it tries to get it back on track the dumb jewish dyke interprets something as oppressing women when poverty somehow makes it impossible to pull out.

Even when he concedes to her to try and get this back on topic she immediately argues the opposite.

This is no longer about kids, the environment, and families. It’s all about in what ways she can find oppression in any statement. Her last statement is that the best solution is to build upwards in the Urban, THE URBAN, and this will be better for the environment.

-people who live in small, active city spaces with tons of possibilities just tend to have fewer children.-
I am surrounded by trillions of little Mexican babies you are full of shit.