Polina Posts XX: Welfare State & Guilt


Idealism and guilt. Appeasement of all who claim to be aggrieved. No questions. One hears, one believes, one does.

As far as I can tell, the only thing the welfare state promotes is the continued existence of the welfare state.

Top ten pranks that went way too far.

Article date: 1991

As it notes, “Upper-middle-class-oriented ‘cultural’ liberalism has made it inevitable that presidential campaigns are fought on ‘life-style’ issues rather than gut-bucket stuff like economic security.”

This hasn’t changed much. Stepping back the whole thing seems insane in context. The very nature of the politics and government being shaped by identity politics. The economic issues with mass migration are undeniable. The juxtaposition of Mexicans coming to the US being a bonus but the same people going back to Mexico, by simple way of how many there are and nothing else, hurts Mexico as shown in MSM articles is mockable for showing how easily we’ve all been used.

But the economics of it are subverted by the ideal of identity politics. “This is what the left does, minority issues and unquestioning obedience to party lines” The identity of the left deals little in the way of political issues and more in activism and outside interest disguised as said issues. The outside interest being of no one state in particular but any state and nation that is not the domestic.

That is to say, not “first world, white, and christian.”

The hierarchy of support depends on how many are checked, white being the top issue since it’s the most visible. One of the most pervasive and apologist beliefs in this is the idea that
“Poor is forever poor in the sense that the poor (as a whole) have no personal responsibility for their lives & cannot change their poverty.”

-“Wanton and even disorderly mirth, the pursuit of pleasure to some degree of intemperance [and] the breach of chastity” didn’t necessarily hurt the rich but “the vices of levity are always ruinous to the common people, and a single week’s…dissipation is often sufficient to under a poor workman for ever.”-

-Liberalism’s essential message to slip from sacrifice for the common good to entitlement. –from, “ask not what your country can do for you…” to “You deserve a break today.”-

-Liberalism without virtue leads to self-indulgence and disaster.-

Yea, Ted Kennedy didn’t start that. Not by a long shot. Just another part in it.

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