Polina Posts XIX: Deconstruction of White Identity


If being secure in ones identity means one is fine with the identity being deconstructed and criticized, why is it racism and antisemitism when it’s done back? When confronted with these kinds of situations, society is introduced as the the explanation. Through this only certain groups can become subject to dehumanization. Because there is no threat to a White Identity. When someone seemed to realize the implied of such an argument, acceleration was applied.   So White Identity, does not exist.  Following decades of Deconstruction that was apparently, no threat to it.

I have doubts.

This is all of course going on the assumption there is no intention here but, there clearly is. Why else would it exist? It’s not a hidden fact either, many a quite open with their desire to do this.
At my best guess, the tipping point comes to hang on the assumption not everyone has this intention.
No shit. Does that matter?

The act has long been institutionalized. In a seat of power. The brain of a nation. So dehumanization and deconstruction of an identity is institutionalized. Apathy can ignore the weight of this.
But it’s still there. Historical precedence is not kind when dehumanization becomes institutional.

Then comes the blurring of the argument and the points to attempt to blur the reality of what’s going on.

“Other group studies exist too.”
“Oh, so you can’t criticize X but you can criticize Y?”
and other arguments that haven’t been made.

There are many ethnic studies classes. Only one deals with deconstruction.

Eventually as you go down the list of reasons as to why others do this among the double standards, you come to the reality of it. The argument doesn’t actually matter. Nothing changes anything. Excuses are made without end.

The core is not pursuit of understanding or discovery. Nothing like that. It’s emotional. It’s wrath and reprisal. This was known when it was begun. This is why anti-nationalists among the radicals were expulsed. They opposed Nationalism in all forms. What remained explained it as the good nationalism, “anti-colonial nationalism”. And other such critical theorist buzzwords.

Every action in this can be easily understood in the terms of the time. White and Non-white. Tolerance became “toleration of non-white ‘oppressed peoples’ reprisals and violence.” for the white. For the non-white, intolerance of white became the core definer of “tolerance”.
See: A Critique of Pure Tolerance, H.M. contribution.

Nationalism became “abhorrent, xenophobic, white supremacist, colonialist, capitalist, etc etc” for the White and was to be opposed. For the nonwhite it was dictated and pride and a healthy expression and assertion of ones place and identity in the world. And one’s claim on things.

Affirmative Action wasn’t sometimes refereed to as a policy of Latino Nationalism in these circles for no reason. Much of today can be understood as Nationalism asserted in Nations where it is Foreign. Not the Nationalism of the Nation but a foreign one. The one of the Nation is suppressed.

Look at the political parties.
They both feel almost identical.
They both preference foreign over native.
Their policies benefit globally.
Sans their home nation.

It’s a politics dictated by a Foreign Nationalism, what is best for this other peoples. You should know what this sounds like because that’s exactly what it is. Colonialism.

What claim to itself does a nation have if it’s politics, the functioning body of it’s own assertion in the world, is about everyone else?

Why do vast swaths of another nations peoples enter it without a care, take from it, and receive protection from seats of power?

Why do the educational centers of the nation scorn the history of the country and focus more and more on foreign peoples pride?

Why is the land of the country being bought and bought by foreign entities? Taken from those here.

Why are so many resources and funds dedicated to foreign nations when the nation itself is being neglected?

What else do you call this?
The United States is not a nation of immigrants it is a colony of the world. We have entirely foreign to us, political affairs playing out inside us. Different councils of nations as political blocks The same is at play in Western Europe.

Lacking the military force and monetary means it turns out didn’t matter. You just had to exploit empathy, immigration, birth rate, and time. With a little help from certain ethnicities who found themselves in power following the end of the last great war.

None of this is hidden.  You don’t have to hide something when you’ve convinced people not to look at it. Hence, why it’s racist or antisemetic for whites to do the same back. Nonwhites who break with this are given pass so long as they do the same to whites. They don’t suffer the same consequences

Look at Farrakhan. Look at what happens when people meet with him.
Nothing.They get a habitual notice and then nothing. You can even disregard most of these elements that remain distasteful to you.
You can’t disregard the effects of institutionalized dehumanization.
You can’t disregard that it’s only applied to one group.
You can disregard my words, but you can’t disregard the thing.
You can disregard the way I represent the reality. You can’t disregard that it is still the reality.

That’s not true. You can. But only for so long. The way this is all framed within it’s own terms without my representations of it remains.

“You may not be interested in the dialectic, but the dialectic is interested in you.”

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