Polina Posts XVI: George Soros and Trump


Let’s go over this.

Currency manipulator, economy wrecker, internationalist banking scheme, government subverter and all around very rich guy, George Soros. We know for a fact he enjoys “guiding” (Read:deciding) policy for western nations, we know this for a fact in the USA because of leaked coms. Quite a guy (read:jew) he backed Clinton almost every time he could including the last election, we know while she was SoS he also through her did his thing and altered policy through his various NGOs which all promote and tote left-wing politics in anywhere they aren’t banned.

The “Open Society” Orgs. He’s had a hand in just about every dirty thing that’s gone down since the latter half of the 20th century.
He gets around.

Quick segue, what flows best through open borders and isn’t people?
Cold hard cash.

What conditions create the best times to earn said cash?
Chaotic ones. Where actions won’t go as quickly noticed. Against time, in a sense.

Hey! Have you noticed just how much land across the western world is now actually owned by stateless orgs?

Hey! Did you know that in Greece land was protected by the government and owned by bloodlines, very old.
Very hard to get.

Unless it’s in total chaos, near collapse and suddenly made very very cheap.
What are you looking at? We’re just using this land to create temporary camps to house the poor and desperate refugees.

What was I talking about again? oh right, the literal incarnation of Henry Fords reprint of “the international Jew”.

“The Jew in character and business.”

Well this guy just fucking loves the US of A because it can pretty much do what ever it wants where ever it wants.
How many times have you asked yourself, “Why are we even in Syria?”
“Why did we instigate and collapse Libya?”
“Why did we hunt Sadam to the ends of the earth, but consider Saudi Arabia (a very open funder of Al-Qaeda) an ally?

So he likes to play around with the biggest guy on the planet because he’s a big guy and it ain’t for you

Well you can imagine how heart broken he was when his candidate (Read: Shabbos goyim) lost to a man who’s admin was composed of people who generally had little interest in creating those conditions anymore. Then they started to fall. One by one.
Why, between the pre/general/ and post election the entire world and it’s culture creators and icons had declared war upon this admin who had generally won on a platform of live and let live, but live most of all. Well he was crushed, broken, a defeated man, annnnnnnudda shoa

but wait. For all defenses in the arsenal of man, he rarely points them at his own family. He had a buisness partner. One who had just married the very daughter of this man. And how can a father say no to his princess? Suddenly this daughter and her husband became very very active very very quickly within the administration and suddenly, we were in a universe where Clinton won, we were back in Obama, we were at George Bush again etc etc etc

This partner also just happens to be a coreligionist.

And what did we just see? This coreligionist quite mater of factually, selling out the united states to money, internationally
How interesting.

Now this is the part where a familiar pattern comes into play, one you see every day. You saw it with the Irish, you see it with the Mexicans, you see it in an group who has taken up racial solidarity overriding national. In other words, everyone but the majority of the US population.

The white is not allowed any such solidarity unless the racial aspect of his character is subverted for another identity. Which all happen to also stand against his racial solidarity. What happens next?

The court jew calls upon his recently identity awakened and prideful peasantry. Who all already support everything he does.

How many times have I posted it on here where we see an immigration pusher, a birth rate attacker, a money interested high in power jew who suddenly does all of the opposite when it comes to anyone else as a group who is not white?

In other words King Jew had no influence in the admin this time so dismantled it through useful fucking leftists and then, through another jew who had married into the family, begun re-instituting all the same fucking policy we’ve had for longer than I have been alive.

While, at the same time as we now see, has had this secondary jew with whom he conducts buisness begun pushing visa’s to foreign money tychoons so they can come in and “invest” (read: Greece us) in land. The little that isn’t in the hands of the UN or others who are not Americans already

tl;dr International Jew incarnate fails to get puppet in office in any position so activates a jew in the family to subvert it entirely and begin selling off the nation internationally and you really expect me to not notice after such a mass upset and sudden revert.


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