Polina Posts XXI: le pilla rosa on bigotry and hate throughout history


When the black judge thinks you being secretly bigoted so he ignores the text of the law entirely.

It’s gunna be like this more and more. And eventually, it IS going to become a racial issue. Because you cannot watch the country itself unravel because “that’s racist” and not hate niggers. Or anything brown or bright of hair.

You want “le pilla rosa” on bigotry and hate throughout history? You want full context and not just “they were racist”? The group that has not exemplified the stereotype, the group that has not deserved the hate 100%, is a marginal.
They all have, no matter who they were. Literally everybody was bigoted and everybody deserved prejudice. That was always the warning of using historical wrongs as justification in the present.

Everyone is actually fully guilty.

You know the white ones, probably by heart now if you went through public education, is there exaggeration? Of course. However does the exaggerated incident really ever matter when the whole of history is in play? When there’s not limit on when or why even?
The only thing that prevents the usage prehistorical record keeping events is that they are prehistorical of kept records.

Jews flat out invented banking.
Jews pretend otherwise but call them on it and they blame Christians oppressing them. In other words, Jews invented banking and only admit to it when forced to.

Take note with your highlighters this will be a common theme.

In the kingdoms of Europe, big Banker Jews were called Court Jews. And yes, they financed war and profited on it. Fuck they financed just about anything that got them a profit. That’s why they were there. In the Court. As the Court Jew. The entire point was the financing.

Why were there wars? Because until the Thirty Years war, Europe looked like a white, rich africa. Then the “barbarism” beat the “barbarism” out of them. [Compliers note, the Catholic church also made looting poor people a big time sin, that helped.]

You know until later anyway. Which was one of major reasons the Americans said “GET OUT”. Because mother fuckers were already waring over the new world. Essentially the condensing of the coast to coast territory into one country was one big “FUCK OFF FUCK OFF FUCK OFF” until shit was secure. During which Europe had forgotten the Thirty Years war aaaaaaaaaaaand you know what happened after that. And the Jews made Cash money BANK. Which they came up with.

Do you even know how fucking old and rich the Rothschilds family is? Rich on blood money enough to disgust the father of Zionism. Yes, they were so Jewish they disgusted Jewish Nationalism.

By the way Israel is totally a Religious and Ethnic State. Until they started taking in black jews. Now they’re falling apart.

By the way that happened with almost every state that encountered Africa. The arabs have been through this hundreds of times. They also tried the religious route and identity route to unite the group.


Yeah social turmoil cost them Moorish Spain. If there are Africans there will be societal turmoil eventually this is how they got the reputation as uncivilized and destructive. Go all the way into the ancient east and GUESS WHAT YOU’LL FIND?

All was quiet in the valley, for hard times had fallen and the people gathered themselves for a low harvest.
Then suddenly.
Deep in what we now know as Iraq, there echoed off the mountains


All went silent




The slave uprising took place and slaughtered it’s way deep into the whole fucking area. That is why there is the “afro-iraqi”
By the way, Old Empires were multicultural and diverse this is not a new thing this is not a modern invention it’s an ancient problem because it always ended in shit like this.

It’s an “Empire”, it conquered land all over the fuck do you think it was? Ah yes, the Roman Empire that stretched all across the Mediterranean and was nothing but ethnic Romans. Oh gee guess what happened when the Romans themselves saw their birth rates drop down?
They free the slaves to tax them.

But what of labor?

They are but refugees fleeing the mongol rape train we can take it.


The empire fucking broke in half.

You see this whole place we call the United States? As a baltice once told me “My door knob is older than your country.”

Yeah this won’t last.
Enjoy that by the way.

Good bye two oceans. Goodbye two borders.

Literally the perfect piece of land mass to avoid conflict. But then a “social scientist” and that faggot Wilson said “You know we should lie about everything, do the opposite, and rule through virtuous bullshitting

Translators note: Social Scientist means Jew.

Bernays was indeed Jewish, even related to “YOU WANT TO FUCK YOUR MUTTER”
IE, Freud.

Because if anyone would come up with a mode of thinking that was all about “disrupt the family unit through SUBVERSIVE DICKINGS and WE ALL RACE TO DEATH ITS LITERALLY ALL WE DO”
It was going to be a Jew.

And if anyone was going to perfect the art of lying to guide and control (Bernays) it would also be a jew.

Why? Let me tell you about “GOD IS LOOPHOLES”
You’re a rabbi in a society where you can’t do much but sit around all day shitposting with other rabbis

If a baby is pushed off a roof and falls onto the sharp end of a sword held by someone how many people do we sue?

That’s Jews. By the way the answer is the land owners Oxen. All of them.
Unless he gored all the other oxen and just happened to bump the child by accident.

You think I’m fucking with you probably but you know I’m nuts and this bullshit is why. Because as it turns out almost everything that would seem too stupid to be true is.

What did I just say there that it is too stupid to be true or that it’s true?


By the way Marx was Jewish and hated Jews and Money.
Someone once called him out on being jewish himself so he declared he was Polish Royalty.

If only you fucking knew you still couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

By the way I said both. So therefore I said neither. Welcome to the Kabalist dialectical.
This was how a Jewish Messiah stayed a Jewish Messiah after converting to Islam because “it proved he really was the Jewish messiah”

What does that mean absolutely fucking nothing and that is the entire point of Jewish dialectics. There’s meaning in what the fuck ever and so we got Hegel who thought that if no one could understand a god damned thing anyone else was saying because each word would have infinitive meanings, that everything would mean everything, that that was some high intellectual shit.

Hegel was a fucking idiot.

Max Stirner of the young Hegelians essentially predicted Post-Modernism from his criticism of Marx and Engels babbling about nothing.
That nothing would fucking exist.
Not really anyway because nothing was nothing.

By the way, yes, the biggest figures in bolshevism were jews.
atheistic Jews
Yes, the biggest figures in Capitalism at the same time then were also Jews

You notice that contradiction? The one that’s also not? Also very central. And the most brilliant method of dodging everything. Do both. Because if you get accused of one thing, point to the other. Vice versa too.
But what if they accuse you of both? That doesn’t even make sense. And now you know why it does.

No though, the whole BLACK the WHITES isn’t about contradiction. Jews just don’t like Europeans because Europe was Powerful and oppressed them and was Christian and Jesus cucked the fuck out of the jews.
“What is all this bullshit about do this exactly this way and that exactly that way lol nigga what’s this got to do with God. lol fuck you dumb son. Faith in the community not some basic ass temple fuck is this.”

But the Jews tolerated it. They thought he was just a proto-talmudist.
Then, he told them money was not God.
So mel gibson filmed the entire thing and time traveled into the future to show the truth
Anyway, yes, Jews did Jesus. The Romans crucified him, but again like before, “teeeechnically” at the behest of perturbed geldshitters.

Literally paid fucking Judas like do you think the Romans gave a fuck about some Jew walking and talking all the time? Jews did. They gave the fuck out of that.

Anyway despite literally everything that was said would happen to them in the Torah if they turned from God happening to them, they’re Jews, you don’t win arguments with Jews. So they waited for the Anti-Christ, literally the Jewish Messiah, , you know because it was the anti to Christ.
Entire point of the term. Anyway they waited and some dumb fuck told them to have orgies and shit and that’s how we got the Great Cuckening of 1666
The Muslims converted said Jew Messiah because he was a little bitch and chose conversion over death for the faith. In other words, he invalidated messiah hood.
And lo did the Muslims laugh for many centuries and the Christians slapped the right hands in the earliest known high five for it is said “it was truly righteous, dude.”
But Constantinople called and ye king had gotten a loan most dank, but with usury most undank, from shecklesberg FOR THE WAR.

The Ottomans just got the Dönmeh to pay for the defense and so the endless cycle continued on through history.
Translators Note: Dönmeh means Degenerate Sabbatean Crypto-Jews.

At some point I pray I slip from exaggerated delivery of information into flat out lying because oh god how can this all be the world.

The Jewish Historian occupy a strange place. Everything he says will be completely true and nobody will believe a fucking word of it. He passes another Jewish Historian, rare in the wild, they nod in silence, knowing each others entire lives. As they move their physical meta-talmuds past each other they both let loose from their lips air so silent it stills God’s dream. They say: “heil fucking hitler”

The sheer contradiction and historical and contextual weight of Jews saying exactly that, two learned jews at that, is such a perfect jew joke causes Jews in multiple universes to laugh so hard as to rupture space time and, in 777 hypercubed alternative universes the laugh against time manifests a shoah in each. The deed is done.

The eternal continues on.


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Polina Posts XX: Welfare State & Guilt


Idealism and guilt. Appeasement of all who claim to be aggrieved. No questions. One hears, one believes, one does.

As far as I can tell, the only thing the welfare state promotes is the continued existence of the welfare state.

Top ten pranks that went way too far.

Article date: 1991

As it notes, “Upper-middle-class-oriented ‘cultural’ liberalism has made it inevitable that presidential campaigns are fought on ‘life-style’ issues rather than gut-bucket stuff like economic security.”

This hasn’t changed much. Stepping back the whole thing seems insane in context. The very nature of the politics and government being shaped by identity politics. The economic issues with mass migration are undeniable. The juxtaposition of Mexicans coming to the US being a bonus but the same people going back to Mexico, by simple way of how many there are and nothing else, hurts Mexico as shown in MSM articles is mockable for showing how easily we’ve all been used.

But the economics of it are subverted by the ideal of identity politics. “This is what the left does, minority issues and unquestioning obedience to party lines” The identity of the left deals little in the way of political issues and more in activism and outside interest disguised as said issues. The outside interest being of no one state in particular but any state and nation that is not the domestic.

That is to say, not “first world, white, and christian.”

The hierarchy of support depends on how many are checked, white being the top issue since it’s the most visible. One of the most pervasive and apologist beliefs in this is the idea that
“Poor is forever poor in the sense that the poor (as a whole) have no personal responsibility for their lives & cannot change their poverty.”

-“Wanton and even disorderly mirth, the pursuit of pleasure to some degree of intemperance [and] the breach of chastity” didn’t necessarily hurt the rich but “the vices of levity are always ruinous to the common people, and a single week’s…dissipation is often sufficient to under a poor workman for ever.”-

-Liberalism’s essential message to slip from sacrifice for the common good to entitlement. –from, “ask not what your country can do for you…” to “You deserve a break today.”-

-Liberalism without virtue leads to self-indulgence and disaster.-

Yea, Ted Kennedy didn’t start that. Not by a long shot. Just another part in it.

Polina Posts XIX: Deconstruction of White Identity


If being secure in ones identity means one is fine with the identity being deconstructed and criticized, why is it racism and antisemitism when it’s done back? When confronted with these kinds of situations, society is introduced as the the explanation. Through this only certain groups can become subject to dehumanization. Because there is no threat to a White Identity. When someone seemed to realize the implied of such an argument, acceleration was applied.   So White Identity, does not exist.  Following decades of Deconstruction that was apparently, no threat to it.

I have doubts.

This is all of course going on the assumption there is no intention here but, there clearly is. Why else would it exist? It’s not a hidden fact either, many a quite open with their desire to do this.
At my best guess, the tipping point comes to hang on the assumption not everyone has this intention.
No shit. Does that matter?

The act has long been institutionalized. In a seat of power. The brain of a nation. So dehumanization and deconstruction of an identity is institutionalized. Apathy can ignore the weight of this.
But it’s still there. Historical precedence is not kind when dehumanization becomes institutional.

Then comes the blurring of the argument and the points to attempt to blur the reality of what’s going on.

“Other group studies exist too.”
“Oh, so you can’t criticize X but you can criticize Y?”
and other arguments that haven’t been made.

There are many ethnic studies classes. Only one deals with deconstruction.

Eventually as you go down the list of reasons as to why others do this among the double standards, you come to the reality of it. The argument doesn’t actually matter. Nothing changes anything. Excuses are made without end.

The core is not pursuit of understanding or discovery. Nothing like that. It’s emotional. It’s wrath and reprisal. This was known when it was begun. This is why anti-nationalists among the radicals were expulsed. They opposed Nationalism in all forms. What remained explained it as the good nationalism, “anti-colonial nationalism”. And other such critical theorist buzzwords.

Every action in this can be easily understood in the terms of the time. White and Non-white. Tolerance became “toleration of non-white ‘oppressed peoples’ reprisals and violence.” for the white. For the non-white, intolerance of white became the core definer of “tolerance”.
See: A Critique of Pure Tolerance, H.M. contribution.

Nationalism became “abhorrent, xenophobic, white supremacist, colonialist, capitalist, etc etc” for the White and was to be opposed. For the nonwhite it was dictated and pride and a healthy expression and assertion of ones place and identity in the world. And one’s claim on things.

Affirmative Action wasn’t sometimes refereed to as a policy of Latino Nationalism in these circles for no reason. Much of today can be understood as Nationalism asserted in Nations where it is Foreign. Not the Nationalism of the Nation but a foreign one. The one of the Nation is suppressed.

Look at the political parties.
They both feel almost identical.
They both preference foreign over native.
Their policies benefit globally.
Sans their home nation.

It’s a politics dictated by a Foreign Nationalism, what is best for this other peoples. You should know what this sounds like because that’s exactly what it is. Colonialism.

What claim to itself does a nation have if it’s politics, the functioning body of it’s own assertion in the world, is about everyone else?

Why do vast swaths of another nations peoples enter it without a care, take from it, and receive protection from seats of power?

Why do the educational centers of the nation scorn the history of the country and focus more and more on foreign peoples pride?

Why is the land of the country being bought and bought by foreign entities? Taken from those here.

Why are so many resources and funds dedicated to foreign nations when the nation itself is being neglected?

What else do you call this?
The United States is not a nation of immigrants it is a colony of the world. We have entirely foreign to us, political affairs playing out inside us. Different councils of nations as political blocks The same is at play in Western Europe.

Lacking the military force and monetary means it turns out didn’t matter. You just had to exploit empathy, immigration, birth rate, and time. With a little help from certain ethnicities who found themselves in power following the end of the last great war.

None of this is hidden.  You don’t have to hide something when you’ve convinced people not to look at it. Hence, why it’s racist or antisemetic for whites to do the same back. Nonwhites who break with this are given pass so long as they do the same to whites. They don’t suffer the same consequences

Look at Farrakhan. Look at what happens when people meet with him.
Nothing.They get a habitual notice and then nothing. You can even disregard most of these elements that remain distasteful to you.
You can’t disregard the effects of institutionalized dehumanization.
You can’t disregard that it’s only applied to one group.
You can disregard my words, but you can’t disregard the thing.
You can disregard the way I represent the reality. You can’t disregard that it is still the reality.

That’s not true. You can. But only for so long. The way this is all framed within it’s own terms without my representations of it remains.

“You may not be interested in the dialectic, but the dialectic is interested in you.”

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Polina Posts XVIII: Response to Andrew Sullivan


(Article that Polina is responding to)

Sullivan Economic pressure can be the backdrop to real cultural anxiety and make it much worse. And I think the trouble is that people have not fully grappled with the enormous changes that happened in this country over the last 50 years. This is going to be the first white-majority country to become the first white-minority country in the history of the world. The kind of mass immigration we’ve had a lot of it done illegally of the last 30 years, has been extraordinary. We’re now at the highest point of foreign-born population in the united states that we’ve ever been in and I’m one of them. I’m an immigrant. I came here in 1984. but I still count as an immigrant. I’m a citizen of the United states. But of course, that has changed dramatically the racial composition of this country. We’re not allowed to talk about this. But this is what people clearly are responding to. You can call it racism in a way. But you can also say that it’s simply an instinct, that they don’t want their entire society to be radically changed overnight or over a couple decades. The America that they grew up with is not the America that they see winning. And I think combined with the rather aggressive more than rather, extremely aggressive attempts by the sort of social justice crowd, to implicate anybody with this discomfort as utter racists and bigots and fascists, has only entrenched their sense of cultural isolation and siege and made the resilience of the support for Trump even greater.

There’s a problem I’m not sure he understands in this.
Because they see resistance to immigration as racist, immigrants thus bring out the racism “hiding in the shadows” that can then be attacked directly. They know it’s destabilizing, that’s why they do it. It’s not that they don’t understand this is tearing the social fabric apart, it’s that they see this as a sort of societal cleansing. For them, More Immigrants = More Tolerance and More Ousting of Racists and thus More Acceptance and Cohesion.

They think whites prevent a perfect society free of discrimination and a society of total cohesion.
But this is old. Whites are the new Jews.

Consider the Following: What did the old Neo-Nazi in Sweden think giving housing to Refugees would do?
He donated housing because he thought it would either make his country come to hate them or scare out the Jews, like elsewhere.

Fun fact: There’s a Jewish anti-zionist theory that Israel is doing all of these things to make Jews all gather in Israel.

Immigration as a weapon is not a new idea. Just one not talked much about outside these sorts of circles. A lot of people don’t seem to understand that, without clearly drawn lines in place and an assurance that there’s an order by which everyone must follow, everyone starts to feel discriminated against. No one feels anything is fair and everyone becomes worried that situations that should be basic for security and society are not under control at all. Tension begins to manifest.

We’re in a bad, bad dynamic here. And I think it’s perfectly legitimate to argue that in order for the wave of immigrants that we’ve had over the past couple of decade to be properly integrated and assimilated into this country, we could do with a pause. We could do with stronger enforcement against illegal immigration and we could do with, I think, a decline of legal immigration. That is simply a matter of digesting this kind of social change. It can’t be done overnight without a backlash, a huge backlash. That’s what we’re dealing with. And I think we have to be realistic about that, to understand that combined with that is also an enormous revolution since the 1960s in the role of women, in the rights of homosexuals, in the sexual revolution, in the way which Christianity has become essentially a minority practice in this country in a  way that was never understood or conceived of before.

All these things come together to make people feel really under siege. Now you can criticize that. Yo can lambaste it. But it’s very human. It may not be defensible but it’s very understandable. And I think we should not so much condemn people as try and understand it and try and adjust out policies to make sure it doesn’t have the kind of awful effects that it just had in electing this hideous buffoon to the presidency.

He’s right about how this should be handled.
“Yes, you can argue this and that moral argument, but that doesn’t change anything, does it?”

They of course, do not care because that reaction is exactly what they want drawn out. For them, society defines nature of people, not the other way around. If that wont change, they want to get rid of the people’s nature.

When everyone is everyone no one is anyone. So what are you really replacing? People with people. So what’s the difference?
Peoples become things. If it’s not doing what you want, just replace it. There’s nothing innately special about anyone.
So, you get mass immigration when you get loss of identity.

He operates on the idea that they just don’t know the reality of what’s happening and what’s coming. The problem is they don’t care.

Krasny Racism is real. And it can indeed metastasize. What should be done about it then?

Sullivan I’m not sure whether politics can shift what’s going on within people’s souls and minds. I think that what you have, more than simply permanent racism although I’m not denying that it exists, of course and that it’s widespread in many ways. but it’s a response to the sense of the otherness taking over what they believed was their America. Now I don’t have any problems with that. I think America is a multicultural, multiracial wonder in many ways. But I am worried, given what we know about human nature, given our tribal instincts, given our instinctive in-group and out-group feelings, that if we rush this process too fast, if we do not allow people some space and time to digest this and to understand it, we’re going to provoke a reaction, which is leading across the world to reactionary politics in the ascendant. You see it in Britain. You see it in France. You are seeing it in Germany as well, where mass immigration is turning otherwise rather moderate and liberal and centrist countries into countries that are polarized between the far-right and the aggressive left. And that’s not good for anybody. And I believe in arresting that, addressing that. I mean take Britain.

Krasny Was that a slip there, Andrew? A little Freudian slip, when you said “arresting”.

When you were an isolationist Anglo-Saxon nation but you let in other Europeans and a Zionist wrote a poem. So now you never were.


We should reduce it. I don’t see any reason why that isn’t a complete legitimate argument, that we should have a pause, that we should attempt to assimilate and integrate those immigrants who are already here, myself included. The last time we reached something like 14.9, 15 percent of the population foreign-born was in the 1920s. And that resulted in a very draconian anti-immigration law in 1924. That was liberalized in 1965 dramatically. And I think to avoid a kind of draconian shutdown we should make sure that the laws are enforced and that we should perhaps reduce the amount of legal immigrants we take every year, to keep the society together, to allow the possibility for this experiment in multiculturalism, an unprecedented experiment, I might add, in the history of the world — to succeed.

People don’t realize that multiracial societies and multicultural societies are very rare in history. Almost never happened before. There were cities and ports in which it happened. There were empires in which it occurred. But no actual country defined itself as a multicultural society. And it’s a very difficult thing for human beings to grapple with. And that’s what we need to understand, if not agree with.

That would probably be because empires are inherently multi-cultural and the Nation-State is inherently not.

Krasny [asking about the forces driving support for Trump] — You say that more than anything else it’s … a love of the past.

Sullivan — Yes, it is. A love of the past over the present is sort of a conservative instinct. This is a real loathing of the present and a sort of very profound belief that if we just go back to a very distant past we can somehow, to coin a phrase, make America great again. That is a pure reactionary slogan. And reactionism is very powerful in the human soul, especially when it’s combined with exactly these social, cultural, and racial changes that are happening in our society and many others.

Krasny — We’ve seen a pattern all along, as you’ve pointed out in your writing, even in places like Japan and Poland, let alone throughout Europe with Brexit and so forth. But a shift back in France, with Le Pen being defeated?

“Even in place like Japan and Poland” What the hell did they think these places were like?

Sullivan — Well, you can see it as that. You can see it as a reprieve, and I would. But the forces underlying this are not going away. And the forces of this — that the economy is separating out a lot of people into two zones: college-educated and non-college-educated. And the non-college-educated, people who rely often on physical labor for their work and their livelihood, are really in the losing end of our current economy. At the same time, those who are college-educated, who are smart, have unprecedented access to wealth and they have managed to create in certain cities, including San Francisco to some extent, as well as New York, Washington, London, a sort of multicultural vibe in which very low-paid immigrants serve this very wealthy cognitive elite. And increasingly those places become their own bubbles. They don’t even understand the people that are outside of it.

We call it the world city and you don’t want to know what we call what comes next.

And increasingly those who are in the heartland also don’t understand these people, but they know that they’re elites. And they know that the elites in this country have been, at the very least, incompetent over the last 25 years. And they believe their country is being taken away from them. And that is a powerful recipe for reactionary politics. And we need to understand that. And I don’t see any of those trends diminishing. I see them actually accelerating. I see the decline of the non-college-educated in the economy becoming worse and worse, aided and abetted by globalization and by technology and automation. I also see the influx of mass immigration in many countries intensifying, the demographics in each of those countries becoming different. I mean, for example, the most common baby boy’s name in Britain right now is Mohammed. That’s a real shift in what England means. And there’s going to be a reaction to it.

>The next King will be a Sultan.

Sullivan [on extremes of conservative support for the free market] — What the right is beginning to understand is; the market is not the ultimate authority, that we don’t just live in an economy, we live in a country, and that politics always has to take precedence over economics. And that’s always been a sort of tension within the right over the last 30 years. On the one hand, they have traditional values. On the other hand, they’re in favor of free-market capitalism that erodes those values more quickly than any other force we’ve known in human history. They’re in favor of a more homogeneous, coherent society and yet the needs for imported cheap labor have overruled and been allowed to completely trample any sense of the notion of a country with borders or a country that’s dedicated to its own citizens more than to those abroad.

He describes the Neo-Con contradictions and also lays out the conflict on the right playing out.

-we don’t just live in an economy, we live in a country, and that politics always has to take precedence over economics.–On the one hand, they have traditional values. On the other hand, they’re in favor of free-market capitalism that erodes those values more quickly than any other force we’ve known in human history.–They’re in favor of a more homogeneous, coherent society and yet the needs for imported cheap labor have overruled and been allowed to completely trample any sense of the notion of a country with borders or  a country that’s dedicated to its own citizens more than to those abroad.-

Sullivan [lamenting the intolerant left] — The intolerance and loathing and hatred of vast numbers of people who are generalized across the country — anybody outside the cities. The way in which I hear in Manhattan or in DC or in these liberal elite centers the contempt and what I can only call bigotry toward large numbers of people throughout the country. The idea that some poor, struggling, white, working-class man has to be reminded by an upper-middle class college student that he is in fact privileged is an assault. [Sullivan expresses understanding at those who are angry at] the over-reach and smugness and self-righteousness and near bigotry of many on the left toward, for example, ordinary religious people or people that want to see their country stay roughly as it was when they grew up. … The reaction to it is incredibly powerful force here. It’s cultural. …


Studies that have come out … that look into the motives of voters in the last election are coming to the conclusion that, yes, it’s cultural anxiety that is really fueling this; a sense of beleaguerment, a sense of being held in contempt by those who are running the country. And they put Trump up. Really, he was a murder weapon. He was a way to say, “We don’t care how completely moronic this person is because we are issuing a signal of distress. … If 46 percent of the country vote for such a person, it is our duty and responsibility to understand that 46 percent and to engage, not condemn.

Not happening and never will.

Sullivan [distinguishing the hard left from the moderate left] — I’m talking about the hard left here that controls Berkeley, that controls most campuses in this country and that tends to dominate the elite. … The discourse seems to be driven increasingly by the radicals and by the extreme progressives. And so many liberals are too scared to take on the left, to say, “Hold on a minute. Why are you calling half the country bigots because they have a different point of view than you? And the intimidation factor is quite high. … I think that understanding that other people might have a different point of view is critical for our liberal democracy to survive. It’s not just Trump that’s threatening it. It is the far right and the far left who are together setting the agenda in this country in a way that the center has been completely eclipsed. And the center must hold if our democracy is going to hold. Liberals have got to be more courageous in standing up to the left. And conservatives really have to be more upright in confronting Trump extremism.

I think you’re out of your element now. Things you’ve said here would have you branded one of us by conservatives.

>Trump extremism

Nigga I wish

Where you would fall.
“National Sovereignty and racial acknowledgment”
Last feather on the wing.

The former along gets you Right-Wing now.

Bold emphasis is mine.

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Polina Posts XVII: American Left Prefers Dead Americans


(Article link)

It’s a report about findings in a moral question. Don’t worry. Wow that made it sound even worse.

-Turned out the racial identities did indeed color peoples’ judgments — but it colored them differently depending on their political bent. –

-Yet liberals proved just as prejudiced here as conservatives were, but in reverse: While self-described conservatives more readily accepted the sacrifice of Tyrone than they did killing Chip, the liberals were easier about seeing Chip sacrificed than Tyrone.-

-We wanted to find a sample of more sort of, you know, real people. So we went in Orange County-

I have a problem with that but anyway

– we got people who are actually Republicans and actually Democrats, not wishy-washy college students. -The effect just got stronger. –

-If you’re wondering whether this is just because conservatives are racist—well, it may well be that conservatives are more racist. But it appears in these studies that the effect is driven [primarily] by liberals saying that they’re more likely to agree with pushing the white man and [more likely to] disagree with pushing the black man.-

-They offered some other scenarios too, about collateral damage in military situations, for instance, and found similar differences: Conservatives accepted collateral damage more easily if the dead were Iraqis than if they were Americans, while liberals accepted civilian deaths more readily if the dead were Americans rather than Iraqis.-

You know once you toss the nationality into it he’s right, it really is driven by the liberals

>Conservative preferences that the White/American.
>Liberal preferences everybody but those two.
Combined, you should probably adopt the “around never relax” philosophy near liberals.

“But for the non-american?”
ICE them.

Hold on I want to do that again

-liberals accepted civilian deaths more readily if the dead were Americans rather than Iraqis-

So yea, seven year old old study tells you what you already knew. They’re fine with you dying so they welcome “refugees” so they don’t.

There you go.

Polina Posts XVI: George Soros and Trump


Let’s go over this.

Currency manipulator, economy wrecker, internationalist banking scheme, government subverter and all around very rich guy, George Soros. We know for a fact he enjoys “guiding” (Read:deciding) policy for western nations, we know this for a fact in the USA because of leaked coms. Quite a guy (read:jew) he backed Clinton almost every time he could including the last election, we know while she was SoS he also through her did his thing and altered policy through his various NGOs which all promote and tote left-wing politics in anywhere they aren’t banned.

The “Open Society” Orgs. He’s had a hand in just about every dirty thing that’s gone down since the latter half of the 20th century.
He gets around.

Quick segue, what flows best through open borders and isn’t people?
Cold hard cash.

What conditions create the best times to earn said cash?
Chaotic ones. Where actions won’t go as quickly noticed. Against time, in a sense.

Hey! Have you noticed just how much land across the western world is now actually owned by stateless orgs?

Hey! Did you know that in Greece land was protected by the government and owned by bloodlines, very old.
Very hard to get.

Unless it’s in total chaos, near collapse and suddenly made very very cheap.
What are you looking at? We’re just using this land to create temporary camps to house the poor and desperate refugees.

What was I talking about again? oh right, the literal incarnation of Henry Fords reprint of “the international Jew”.

“The Jew in character and business.”

Well this guy just fucking loves the US of A because it can pretty much do what ever it wants where ever it wants.
How many times have you asked yourself, “Why are we even in Syria?”
“Why did we instigate and collapse Libya?”
“Why did we hunt Sadam to the ends of the earth, but consider Saudi Arabia (a very open funder of Al-Qaeda) an ally?

So he likes to play around with the biggest guy on the planet because he’s a big guy and it ain’t for you

Well you can imagine how heart broken he was when his candidate (Read: Shabbos goyim) lost to a man who’s admin was composed of people who generally had little interest in creating those conditions anymore. Then they started to fall. One by one.
Why, between the pre/general/ and post election the entire world and it’s culture creators and icons had declared war upon this admin who had generally won on a platform of live and let live, but live most of all. Well he was crushed, broken, a defeated man, annnnnnnudda shoa

but wait. For all defenses in the arsenal of man, he rarely points them at his own family. He had a buisness partner. One who had just married the very daughter of this man. And how can a father say no to his princess? Suddenly this daughter and her husband became very very active very very quickly within the administration and suddenly, we were in a universe where Clinton won, we were back in Obama, we were at George Bush again etc etc etc

This partner also just happens to be a coreligionist.

And what did we just see? This coreligionist quite mater of factually, selling out the united states to money, internationally
How interesting.

Now this is the part where a familiar pattern comes into play, one you see every day. You saw it with the Irish, you see it with the Mexicans, you see it in an group who has taken up racial solidarity overriding national. In other words, everyone but the majority of the US population.

The white is not allowed any such solidarity unless the racial aspect of his character is subverted for another identity. Which all happen to also stand against his racial solidarity. What happens next?

The court jew calls upon his recently identity awakened and prideful peasantry. Who all already support everything he does.

How many times have I posted it on here where we see an immigration pusher, a birth rate attacker, a money interested high in power jew who suddenly does all of the opposite when it comes to anyone else as a group who is not white?

In other words King Jew had no influence in the admin this time so dismantled it through useful fucking leftists and then, through another jew who had married into the family, begun re-instituting all the same fucking policy we’ve had for longer than I have been alive.

While, at the same time as we now see, has had this secondary jew with whom he conducts buisness begun pushing visa’s to foreign money tychoons so they can come in and “invest” (read: Greece us) in land. The little that isn’t in the hands of the UN or others who are not Americans already

tl;dr International Jew incarnate fails to get puppet in office in any position so activates a jew in the family to subvert it entirely and begin selling off the nation internationally and you really expect me to not notice after such a mass upset and sudden revert.


Polina Posts XV: Diversity Immigrant Visas


Diversity Immigrant Visas

-In December 2005, the United States House of Representatives voted 273–148 to add an amendment to the border enforcement bill H.R. 4437 abolishing the DV. Opponents of the lottery said it was susceptible to fraud and was a way for terrorists to enter the country.

The Senate never passed the bill.

The terrorist Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, an immigrant from Egypt, a country not on the list of state sponsors of terrorism, was among the beneficiaries of the program-

For fucks sake.

-In March 2007, Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) introduced H.R. 1430, which would eliminate the diversity visa program. n June 2007, the U.S. House passed H.R. 2764 to eliminate funding for the program, and the Senate did likewise in September. However, the final version of this bill with amendments, signed into law on December 26, 2007, did not include the removal of funds for the program.-

-Rep. Goodlatte reintroduced his Security and Fairness Enhancement for America Act (formerly H.R. 1430, now H.R. 2305) on May 7, 2009. The bill would have amended the Immigration and Nationality Act to eliminate the diversity immigrant program completely, but did not pass. –

None of this is ever going to end

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) introduced the Save America Comprehensive Immigration Act of 2009 (H.R. 264) on January 7, 2009. The bill would have doubled the number of diversity visas available to 110,000 yearly. The bill did not pass.-

You fucking bitch.

-Those born in any territory that has sent more than 50,000 immigrants to the United States in the previous five years are not eligible to receive a diversity visa.-

Yea that’ll be enforced.

For DV-2018, natives of the following nations are ineligible: Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (mainland-born), Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories, and Vietnam.

y south america no leik south america


nigga you funny
you a funny nigga

Why in gods name is there a visa that just goes on to every country on the world and say, “You win a free life in the USA”

“Starting in 1986”

Gas the boomers

-The third program, AA-1, ran from 1992 to 1994 and was available for natives from a select group of countries that had been  “adversely affected” by earlier immigration laws.-

Oh my god its a virtue signal visa

-The Immigration Act of 1990 established the current and permanent Diversity Visa (DV) program-
-Also known as the Schumer Program.-

Yes. I just now looked at the “Schumer Program” and the sponsor it was named after.


He is.

I don’t much care for what ya call the Jewish folk these days.

Related to Amy Schumer

So help me fucking god

Schumer, along with California senator Dianne Feinstein, authored the 1994 Assault Weapo-

*heavy breathing*

-Schumer is pro-choice, and has been given a 100% rating by NARAL Pro-Choice America though he received some criticism for attending a gala in 2007 hosted by Efrat—an organization that seeks to reduce abortion among Israeli Jews.


-In April 2012, he introduced a bill that would kill Arizona’s anti-immigration law, SB 1070 and ones like it if the Supreme Court were to rule in favor of the states e backed his position, saying:
“States like Arizona and Alabama will no longer be able to get away with saying they are simply ‘helping the federal government’ to enforce the law when they are really writing their own laws and knowingly deploying untrained officers with a mission of arresting anyone and everyone who might fit the preconceived profile of an illegal immigrant.”-

Conjecture and rhetoric every fucking time.

-In 2017,-

I’m already mad

just after the Trump administration issued Executive Order 13769, two Muslim athletes from India were denied visas to compete in a world snowshoe championship at Saranac Lake, New York, Schumer made inquiries which resulted in the visas being granted. However, the embassy stated that the denial was unrelated to the recent executive order, but was merely “a standard adjudication based on the merit of the case.”-

You worthless fucking yid

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