Polina Posts XIV: Being White in America; Dying from Despair.


Being White in America; Dying from Despair.

As it turns out the “societal benefits” of being white don’t outweigh the toll a doctrine of endless self-hatred takes. Imagine you’re on that middle and lower middle that just gets by with ever shrinking opportunities that are chased out when policies make it become capital flight, which you are told is just fine because they were just greedy assholes anyway, see we help the worker.

You turn on the television after finding out today that the chain you work for is turning your full time position into a part time.
Your store is closing anyway.

On comes the crust of the socialites of entertainment, whom it seems more and more are a sort of oligarchy, and they tell you:
“Your very existence is a stain on this world of color. You have it so easy. You don’t know strife, I had to be Jewish YOU EARNED NOTHING.”

“Black power!”

*Roaring applause*

You look forward to trying to read the news tomorrow through the 30+ headliners repeating the sentiment and wishing you’d just die already.

Your college aged kid who’s visiting for the holidays walks into the room, you think, you can’t even tell they’re still male or female, and tells you that they hate you, again, and how you ruined them by trying to raise them in a way they were told turned them into an oppressor. They toss up a black power fist and yell something about white supremacy then go back to fucking their third of fourth partner of the week.

Do you:
A. shotgun a six pack?
B. pop four more analgesics?
C. both?

Data says you’ll likely choose C.
A few times before the night is done, and then die there. The only people you still know will celebrate your death as a victory for “literally everyone but Hitler”.  You leave them nothing, even if you had actually wanted to, because more and more of your ever devaluing wages is taken from you. After a life of struggle and trying to do right by even just those around you, you leave the world loved by no one. Hated by everyone in what used to be your country. No country belongs to the very people it hates the most. You leave without even that. For some people, what I’ve just said makes them angry from the “audacity” of it, though none of it is wrong. For me, when I think of my family and my friends being subjected to such a horrid and undeserved fate, I get a sort of angry too.

Theirs is the kind that caused this. Mine killed sixty million people.

-The combined effect means that mortality rates of whites with no more than a high school degree, which were around 30 percent lower than mortality rates of blacks in 1999, grew to be 30 percent higher than blacks by 2015.-

-Case and Deaton find that deaths of despair are rising in parallel for both men and women without a high school degree, and that deaths of despair have increased in all parts of the country and at every level of urbanization.-

-The states with the highest mortality rates from drugs, alcohol and suicide, among white non-Hispanics aged 45-54, are geographically scattered. In 2000, the epidemic was centered in the southwest. By the mid-2000s it had spread to Appalachia, Florida, and the west coast. Today, it’s country-wide.-

-The authors suggest that the increases in deaths of despair are accompanied by a measurable deterioration in economic and social wellbeing, which has become more pronounced for each successive birth cohort. Marriage rates and labor force participation rates fall between successive birth cohorts while reports of physical pain, and poor health and mental health rise.-

-Case and Deaton document an accumulation of pain, distress, and social dysfunction in the lives of working class whites that took hold as the blue-collar economic heyday of the early 1970s ended, and continued through the 2008 financial crisis and the subsequent slow recovery.-

What did the liberation of the women bring to them?

-White women have been dying prematurely at higher rates since the turn of this century, passing away in their 30s, 40s and 50s in a slow-motion crisis driven by decaying health in small-town America. Among African Americans, Hispanics and even the oldest white Americans, death rates have continued to fall. But for white women in what should be the prime of their lives, death rates have spiked upward. In one of the hardest-hit groups – rural white women in their late 40s – the death rate has risen by 30 percent.-

-In modern times, rising death rates are extremely rare and typically involve countries in upheaval,

//we are

such as Russia immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In affluent countries, people generally enjoy increasingly long lives, thanks to better cancer treatments; drugs that lower cholesterol and the risk of heart attacks; fewer fatal car accidents; and less violent crime.-

You know what’s a good plan for lowering crime?

Giving special privilege to people who committed a crime to get here.

But progress for middle-aged white Americans is lagging in many places – and has stopped entirely in smaller cities and towns and the vast open reaches of the country. The things that reduce the risk of death are now being overwhelmed by things that elevate it, including opioid abuse, heavy drinking, smoking and other self-destructive behaviors.

White men are also dying in midlife at unexpectedly high rates. But the most extreme changes in mortality have occurred among white women,who are far more likely than their grandmothers to be smokers, suffer from obesity or drink themselves to death.-

Are the men worse off?

-White women still outlive white men and African Americans of both sexes.- The men are always worse off.

It’s not fair to blame it on the 60s.

-But for the generations of white women who have come of age since the 1960s, that health advantage appears to be evaporating.-

The 60s were a fucking mistake.

Let’s all do tons of new, experimental drugs, fuck in the mud to druggies having a bad trip on a stage and pretend we’ll never get old.
What a strange change of pace. I wonder if that mass immigration that happened just after world war two is in any waIch sehe Dich.

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