Polina Posts XII: American Intelligence Services


Did you know that American Intelligence services held the same stance and soviet propaganda about the state of the union? Did you know that the reality was the complete opposite?

This is for two points.
Number 1:
Commie nations are like Chinese knockoffs. You can tell it’s not what it says it is if you look, but it’s also slowly killing you secretly. There’s a tiny guerilla war, raging at any point of contact between you and it.

And number 2:
American intelligence services have to be some of the fucking worst in the world. From the birth of the FBI and the CIA to today, declassified documents paint a picture of “oh god how did I get here holy shit drugs”. The ATF is even worse than this and is kept in the basement, chained to the washer/dryer combo machine. Oh no wait, that’s just where it should be.

The very first time the CIA even practiced overthrowing a foreign nation, it failed. Terribly. The operation succeeded however, through their incompetence because he [the foreign leader] found out they were trying to kill him and fled. When they had to write up a full report to the then president, they fucking lied. They wrote it was a great success and the rebels they trained were so effective they lost next to no one. The reality was more like today.
“How many trained rebels are left in Syria who aren’t ISIS?”
“About 5.”

Do you know how I know the government isn’t “mass genociding the negros to ensure white supremacy”? The government couldn’t even kill one commie nigger without fucking up what was supposed to be a “botched raid”. They set out to intentionally fuck everything up. And still fucked that up. I’m not sure why killing communists even needs to be an act done is secret, but fine. Should have been botching botched raids on teachers lounges at unis instead.

Should still be doing that.
Only without the secret.

They’re all anti-gun leftists anyway. What are they going to do? Cause it’s not fight back.

Fish in barrel.

Normalize executions of communists. I want it to be so regular, so everyday that Mr. Average Joe treats it like water cooler small talk.

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