Polina Posts VIII: Voting, Democrats, and Globalism


I feel it’s kind of important to repeat something. LA county (9Mil+ Pop) in general election saw 2 mil total votes. 3 quarters dem, one quarter rep.
Out of over 9 million.

It interests me because you get a sense of just how easy it would be to totally flip places with a concentrated effort among the apathy. If nobody really participates you could easily control outcomes with enough money and influence. Participation is pretty important.
It is the entire point after all
11.45% of LA registered voters participated.
I mean, look at that. How hard would it really be? Recent vote on that.

-People here seem more political than in the past — they go to a lot of protests and town halls, and they fill their social media accounts with anti-GOP screeds. But less than 12% of eligible voters showed up.-

Bitching is a pleasurable use of time to many. Reading about this crap usually isn’t. I get pleasure from both. Articles about this note that, while it is just local elections which is always lower, not even in the highly politicized times of today can the urge to participate be stirred.

So I’m wondering is it possible this is the purpose of teaching Civics as non-participation in but agitation against the state? Instead of voting and participating, people think they’re involved by not being involved at all. They think they change things on streets.
You bleed the voter pool out into distraction and useless activity and encourage them not to participate. After that, what’s left could be easily overcome with some effort and persuasion.

Back to the articles the obvious answer of course is that local election issues here had little if anything to do with Trump. But that’s not the full case this time. They still made it all about him through media to try and stir the vote.
It failed.

 -And after millions of dollars were spent making Trump the issue on everything from land use decisions to fixing potholes, Angelenos stayed home. That could mean trouble for Democrats nationwide.-

The Dems already had a problem with this. Their attention for more local races has always been fairly low. Hence why the party is so

weak right now especially. They were clearly hoping that he would revitalize voters to get involved.
Now they don’t seem to know what to do.

A reminder:
This isn’t about a nation wide election nor some place where there’s often a balance. This is Los Angeles county. Southern California. 11.45% TOTAL registered voters. I’d be shitting my pants.

-The question for Democrats: If these core groups in L.A. didn’t show up on Tuesday, will their counterparts elsewhere show up for the 2018 midterm? Perhaps there’s a cosmetic solution to this problem — better messaging, for instance — but perhaps not.-

This is of course, symptomatic of a larger issue facing the party. It stands for nothing. It only stands in opposition. Most of what it has have been reduced to meaningless platitudes and what remains still falls flat on the juxtaposition with Globalism.
As it turns out mass immigration does not help the poor nor the environment and the issue of resource replenishment.

So far it seems that the biggest problem right now is that, democrats did not adopt Globalism as much as Globalism adopted them. What remains cares more about Globalist principles and will sacrifice Democrat ones to maintain them. Where one begins and other ends anymore is already difficult enough to discern.

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