Polina Posts VI: The Ethnic Stock of the US

If only you knew just how bad things really are. Welcome to part A of why I’m concerned about the Ethnic Stock of the US. Because doubt remains and we know no where near enough to just hope “everyone is the same.” Current trends say, no. Why do people in science say so then? Imagine what would happen in society otherwise. The route avoiding dealing with the issue by it not being an issue was gone long before we were born. Our work averts the greatest horrors and sufferings by aiding in maintenance while it is worked out.

Now you understand.

This is why so many of us are fine with certain powers being what they are in other parts of the world. If it changes it must be from the people. This view follows even the cultural views of societies. A people do not accept a government that shares no history with them. The USSR exported Communism, We are exporting Democracy. These views are based in the “Society defines the man. The man has no nature and thus does not create the society.” This is why they cling to these things. Because their very life view depends on it. And it has already failed horribly.

To accept the opposite also means, there will never be a world wide workers revolution. If it is not of the people, it will not be maintained by the people. The American revolution would not have been what it was if the colonists were, say, the Natives. This view you likely have. You do not even need the ethnic component here. The cultural one backs it.

The current view is that you can trigger a political break in any society to cause rapid social change that, without revolution,  would never occur. From there, they will adapt naturally. This has not happened. Only when it comes from them has it been maintained.

You know damn well why.
This is not abandonment of hope. It is an understanding of what must be done, and that it can be done but many look away. We know. So we cannot. It is an understanding of a place and a role that must be filled. It is the embracing of hope that it can be saved. The country, indeed the whole west will not survive such a total population replacement. This is fact, even by cultural admission. They lost control of the country. We have to get it back.
They lost control to the point the borders don’t even exist. For the sake of the country, a plot in the world for ours, and any future gen, this should be obvious.

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