@TheRealPolina Posts V: Resentment for the Poor

Outside flight of capital another reason a high tax rate might not be so great, nor progressive tax policies; Resentment. Said reason was covered when that woman wrote about resentment for the poor (lower class, US) in the middle class (working class, US).

I can attest this exists and it can grow deathly bitter.

Add on to that that the demographic of that class is demonized and hated in society while the people they detest are praised and taken care of, at their expense, while they see no help themselves, one wonders the point.

Why try and struggle at it on your own while the government takes from you when you could just let the government take care of you. Emergency services for illegals kids turned into a whole care system. The argument then was that the kids shouldn’t suffer because of their parents. A few decades later and you could guess what happened even if you didn’t already know. Send them back as well.

When we have hit the point that “university is a must for all” is an issue and “scholarships for illegals is an investment” becomes the idea while they won’t even invest in the people who are already here and actually their own; All while the state threatens to secede over.

FOREIGN. NATIONALS. IN THE COUNTRY ILLEGALLY. who’s lives you pay for while they bleed that pay out of the nation to their own, you begin to start thinking of who rules over you.

The moment you see your own government as foreign interested and illegitimate, you give yourself permission to do almost anything against it. When people around you you care about start to suffer but the state does not care and demands you care for people not even of you, you stop empathizing on a base level with them even as people.

Suddenly any pain removing them may cause to them seems trivial. After-all, had the laws been followed in the first place the issue wouldn’t even exist. Had thought been measured and not just pursuing ideology expecting reality to adjust, the consequences of ignoring it wouldn’t exist. A refusal to respect basic laws and mannerisms of Nations interacting does not make for much empathy.

Media can publish all the “bloo bloo bloo” stories they want. Plaster whole pages with sad little kids.

You wore me out through lies.

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