@TheRealPolina Posts I: Borders I

Written by The TheRealPolina in response to: https://twitter.com/CNN/status/835297645589573633, compiled and copyedited for easier reading by Darkfutures/GoneNovaAU
In the age where media has taken on the mantle of the Sentinels of Facts, CNN ponders if committing a crime is a crime. The gist of it is that, since their crime is not directly harming another, law should ignore their crime.
Basically, the usual Progressive policy towards crime when they can’t find a way to deal with the fact that some people just can’t stop.
“How can we get them to stop committing a crime?”
“Fuck it, we’ll just decriminalize it.”
Special brand of fucking stupid.
Meanwhile, the consequences of this non-border have compounded for over 4 fucking decades. The indirect effect is very clearly felt by an ever growing amount of people. Except Mr. Diversity in his 99.9% white neighborhood. To him, saying Mexicans stand outside home depot and moving van rentals is shocking and insane. He doesn’t even know what those things are.
It has been around half a century. Everything you still don’t know, still don’t have and still don’t care to have, like legality, is weighed with this. Yet, here we are.

Two generations at least have born from first gens. TRIPLE GENERATIONAL TIME FRAME.


Some of those first gens even started businesses, many had families. In the most open state to all of this. Yet still decades after arrival no matter whether they had businesses or families, they still had refused to try for citizenship. Yes, only now will you be arrested for this here. Before this, Reagan, Bush and Obama provided special protections. Courts went easy on people had they shown the will.
California got sick of it in the 90s. but our gov and reps betrayed us and declared that not wanting to pay the social costs through taxes of a foreign nations citizens was unconstitutional. Representations without Taxation. And no, no one actually checks to see if they pay “land tax” as if even if they did, it would not excuse dodging everything else while also bleeding us of enough money that it formed an entire section of their countries economy.

I don’t care what commie bullshit the state taught you, you are not owed anything. Your land was not stolen. You failed to maintain control over the tribes and they began hurting people. Even after the war you were paid for the land. If we had wanted simply land, we could have easily taken it given how far into Mexico the war had to be fought.

Entitled and arrogant. You are lucky the reprisal managed to happen early enough for the punishment to just be sending you home. If this was a test to see who could and could not become a citizen, it probably would have just been better to test it beforehand.

That a country cannot even be allowed the discrimination of who may and may not enter it, must have been a dream for global enterprise here. Money flows so much easier when no borders exist.